How To Be Number One In Blogging?

It’s lovely Sunday here in Malaysia and I want to make this post a short one before heading off chilling with my family (wife and kid). 

As a blogger, I often wonder how to be number one in blogging. Yes, the dream is big but at the very least, being number one in my niche is a good start.

I tried a lot of things in recent years and realized that it is really easy to beat your competitors. So, here are some cool blogging tips to help you reach the top spot in your niche.

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How To Be Number One In Blogging

1. Publish posts based on what others are looking for

Don’t publish a post because you wanted to. Publish a post because your audience is looking for that.

For example, ‘how-to’ posts always strive way better (in rankings) compared to other posts because it is simple to digest and solve problems others are facing.

As a blogger, you are the person that shares information. Therefore, make sure the information is timely, accurate and above everything, actionable.

2. Create impressive content

When it comes to content creation, your content can be short but make sure it is delivered nicely. In other words, impress your website visitors and they will come back for more.

A few examples in creating impressive content are:

  • Detailed research and analytics
  • Ultra long blog posts (like this one)
  • Use bullet points to summarize the content
  • Usage of visual builders such as Thrive Architect to mesmerize your audience (click here for demo)
  • check-circle-oEmbed videos and visuals to help deliver the information

3. Website loading speed matters

An average attention span of a website visitor is between 5 to 7 seconds. If your website takes over 10 seconds to loads, no one is going to stick around long enough to read the post.

Therefore, having a fast website loading speed is critical for success. And when it comes to web hosting, avoid going for just any web hosting services.

Partnering with reputable web hosting companies such as HostGator, WP Engine and Kinsta is going to help your website loads way much faster and ultimately, helping you to be number one in blogging.

4. The importance of web design

Web design is important. Using a free WordPress template is going to save you some money at first but is going to leave a bad impression in a long run. Plus, you are NOT going to be number one anytime soon if you are using free templates.

Let’s be realistic. Do you think that you can stand out from the crowd by not having a professional website design? Absolutely not!

If you want to be number one in blogging, consider using a premium WordPress theme for your blog.

Premium themes such as Thrive Themes costs as low as $19 per month. Therefore, I see no reason why you shouldn’t be using it (if you are dead serious in becoming number one in blogging).

5. Mobile first (because Google loves it)

Again, here’s another massive problem when you use free WordPress themes. Most of them are not optimized and according to Google, mobile first is a key reason for website ranking. 

WordPress theme that you use must be optimized for mobile and responsive. Therefore, I highly recommend you to use premium WordPress themes or at least, WordPress themes that are mobile responsive (click here for sample).

Are you ready to be number one in blogging?

I know that I’m ready to be number one in the blogging niche of my choice. How about you?

Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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