5 Winning Blogging Tips For Beginners

Looking for the best blogging tips for beginners? You’ve come to the right place. Carry on reading and you will find the top 6 winning blogging tips for beginners.

1. Which is the best blogging platform?

WordPress. Make no mistake. WordPress is the best blogging platform money can buy.

It is easy to use, flexible and extremely beginner-friendly. More importantly, it is free for life.

WordPress.com versus WordPress.org

WordPress.com. It is a good blogging platform that you can start a blog with. It offers all-in-one solution for beginners such as domain hosting and security under one roof, with very affordable pricing. You can also easily scale your website when there is more traffic.

WordPress.org. Commonly known as self-hosted WordPress, this is the most popular blogging content management system (CMS) for bloggers. The core difference of WordPress.org is that you are required to have your own domain (like www.www.reginaldchan.net) and in return, you have absolute control of your blog (from monetization to the way it works).

2. Which is the best web hosting for bloggers?

What is the best web hosting for bloggers? Personally, HostGator is the first web hosting company I used — and I have no regret recommending this to any blogger who wants it.

A web hosting must be able to provide you with features such as security, one-click installation for major CMS and even backups.

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3. What is the best blogging frequency?

The answer is simple. As much as possible.

The blogging industry is competitive and only the strong ones will sustain. When you are able to constantly produce content, your readers will be kept updated with the latest content — and this will make them come back for more.

One of the best blogging tips for success is to publish as many content as possible to beat your competitors.

4. How to create interactive content on your blog?

Wall of text doesn’t work and it is really boring. On the other hand, interactive content is attractive and will turn heads — indirectly keeping your visitors longer on the side.

The trick to creating interactive content on your blog is by using visual builders. For the record, there are dozens of WordPress visual builders that you can use. My personal favorite is definitely Thrive Architect (click here for the demo or read the review).

Using Thrive Architect, I’m able to create content based on my needs and designing them to make my visitors go “WOW!” This is what I mean.

thrive architect customize widththrive architect attention grabbing elementsthrive architect column layoutcustomize buttons using thrive architect

5. How to make money from blogging fast?

Your blogging success is often measured through the amount of money you make on a daily basis. Well, it makes sense in many ways.

The fastest way to make money is through affiliate marketing as you are able to sell high ticket affiliate products.

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At the same time, always remember that selling/promoting Amazon products is also a great way to generate passive income. Of course, this works best if your website audience are primarily from United States or United Kingdom.

Last but not least, do not forget that Google Adsense is a nice substitute when it comes to making money from your blog. The only way to make a lot of money through Google Adsense is through optimized banner location and a large number of website traffic.

Summary: 5 winning blogging tips for beginners

I got to admit that there are many other blogging tips you can find but these are the top 5 winning blogging tips for beginners (which I personally use all the time).

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