How do you choose the best web hosting company?

Top 5 Secrets Of Finding The Best Web Hosting Company

Web hosting is important when it comes to starting a website. For me, web hosting service more than just plain important as it is my partner who I will work along for a long time and this is also one of the factors that will determine my website success rate.

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center.

Source: Wikipedia

Everyone has different opinion when it comes to the term ‘best web hosting’. In my books, the best web hosting company consists of:

  • Customer service and support
  • The truth behind server uptime
  • Control panels with very low learning curve
  • Affordable price or hosting plans
  • Security features provided

Before we proceed, what does it takes to be the best web hosting plan for you?

What attributes make a web hosting great?

What makes a web hosting company great?
Which web hosting do you think PSY uses?

#1 Down right customer service and support

A great web hosting company consist of service and support. I am no developer and I have very limited knowledge in those IT related stuffs. Therefore, my web hosting company works as a support team who will provide me with essential information and ways to solve an issue.

I don’t expect them to solve all the problems for me but at least, they need to point me to the right direction to get support or to solve the problem. I really don’t mind getting my hands dirty if I have the required information.

Give the hosting company two thumbs up if they offers support via telephone, email or live chat. This is extremely important especially when you have a website that is down as you know that support is just one click away (or phone call in that sense).

#2 Secretive cover up of the server uptime

Nearly all web hosting companies around the world claim to have 99.9% uptime and guess what? Most web hosting companies doesn’t even live close to that. Seriously.

You: My website is down! OMG!

Support: Thank you for calling or emaling us. We are checking on the matter.

30 minutes later …

Support: Thank you for waiting. It seems like one of our partners is being hit by DDoS (or maybe, our servers are experiencing sudden increase of payload which resulted in the website downtime). We are in the midst of …

Two questions that might pop up in your mind right now; “What the hell is DDoS” or “So how long do I need to wait?”

The above sounds more than just familiar to me and this happens to a few web hosting companies I worked with, literally. Whenever we try to ask where is the 99.9% uptime as promised, they would probably say ‘this’ only happens once awhile, or maybe they have another 100 more reasons to tell you.

So, what am I trying to prove here? This —–> don’t be fooled by the ‘so-called’ uptime.

#3 Control panels for the less geeky

Control panels on web hosting must be easy to navigate for users

How many of you actually know how to navigate around using the control panel of your web hosting?

I bet 7 out of 10 would only know how to install WordPress and nothing more.

A good web hosting (or maybe the best web hosting) company should provide at least easy to navigate control panels and the most basic functions required for website maintenance.

Have you image using a web hosting company that takes 24 to 48 hours just to install WordPress into your brand new and shiny domain? Happened to me and it probably will happen to you as well. Trust me, that is really annoying!

#4 Go easy on your wallet – web hosting pricing

When it comes to choosing the best web hosting plans, price is definitely an issue. The best web hosting plans (for a single website) would easily cost you below $30 monthly and if you think it is bad, you are probably wrong.

Remember that you are not only paying to secure your website but also, subscribing to a better customer support plus services.

If you are looking for a long term partnership, you can even opt to get a longer hosting plan duration. Usually, the longer you subscribe to the plan, the more discount you would get.

Important tip: Please avoid going for the cheapest web hosting company or plan you can ever find. Cheap web hosting companies could be a huge security factor for your website.

#5 Web hosting that offers SSL features and eCommerce functions

These are two core features that must be provided by your web hosting company if you are running an online site. I believe this is rather self explanatory when it comes to website security.

You definitely wouldn’t want to expose your potential customers to the thousands of online security threats just by using a cheap web hosting that doesn’t support SSL.

So, what if you don’t run an eCommerce website?

SSL feature could still important for non commerce website. Well, it might not be that useful but it is definitely going to beef up the security matters for your site.

Finding the best web hosting company

With the above methods, I hope that you would have an easier time trying to figure out which hosting plan to go with. In order to find the right web hosting company that suits you, all you need to do are:

  1. Do your research on various web hosting providers
  2. Check for user reviews
  3. Subscribe for a web hosting plan that fits your requirements
  4. Avoid rushing to get a web hosting plan if you are not prepared

I have a question for you. Do you need some guidance on choosing the best web hosting provider?

Maybe you can start with these ZERO OBLIGATION links here —> HostGator | BlueHost | WPEngine

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Recently, I also reviewed HostGator web hosting plans and you can have a look at it here; HostGator Review – Possibly The Best Low Budget Web Hosting?

If you are looking for a web hosting plan that allows you to host multiple domains at a very cheap rate, BlueHost could be your best bet.

I certainly hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I do. If you like this article, feel free to share with your friends and signup for my newsletter using the link below!

32 thoughts on “Top 5 Secrets Of Finding The Best Web Hosting Company”

  1. Hi Reginald!

    This is a great post for anyone who is just starting or ready for a change in their hosting provider. The qualities your look for in a hosting provider is what I looked for too. Unfortunately I didn’t start with my current provider.

    I’ve been with Hostgator since December. It’s funny that Lisa, who lives in Rhode Island referred me to them who is based in Houston like me LOL.

    I haven’t had any issues and they are ready to help anytime I call. I’m like you in that I’m too techie but if you give me the info I need and point me in the right direction and I’ll try to learn on my own. 🙂

    Those discount codes will certainly come in handy too! Hope you’re having a great day Reg! 🙂

    1. Hi Corina,

      Thank you for your kind words. For me, I can’t call them as I am not living in the states. International line isn’t good for the wallet 🙂 Therefore, live chat feature is definitely a must! I like the point where they always try to help out as much as possible and helping me getting my hands dirty.

      Discount codes? Haha just trying to share the best deal with everyone around especially with DreamHost.

      Take care and have a great week!


    1. Hi Sumanth,

      Personally, I would go for HostGator. I mean, it is a much better choice in terms of pricing plans and support. A few questions you can ask yourself are:
      1. How much traffic are you talking about?
      2. What is your budget?
      3. How far do you want to grow your site?

      I don’t suggest you getting a big hosting plan unless you are absolutely sure you will do it or die with it 🙂

      You can also read my HostGator review too.

      Drop me a line here if you need any help.


  2. Hi Reginald,

    I am seeking for your professional advice. I currently use bluehost to host my site, at a price of around USD8 per month. I am thinking whether this is the cause why I am not doing well in Google SERP.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Olukunle,

      Google SERP is all affected by SEO, link building, social shares etc. Website loading speed has some effect on ranking too. Therefore, Google SERP doesn’t really relate to web hosting. Of course, unless your website is always slow or down then that is a whole different story.

      Google ranking is hard to determine as you need to understand how much competitions you are having. Domain age, freshness of the article etc play a huge role in SERP nowadays.

      Hope this answer your question and drop me a line if you need help.


  3. Hi Reginald,

    Thanks for the response. I think the speed is okay. I used Google page speed to determine this; and while my homepage shows btw 89-93%, post pages generally varies between 90-94%. I think the issue is my linking strategy that is not strong enough.

    1. Hi mate,

      It really depends. On pingdom, your site is about 6 sec from US servers. I think you can do some more on that 🙂

      Anyway, it is easier to rank for some specific and long tail keywords. I believe you are writing about tech right? It is a very competitive niche! I wrote a few ways of SEO here and you can feel free to have a look.

      Hope that helps.

      Good luck!


  4. Hi Reginald!

    I agree with your first point completely! The most important aspect when choosing the right hosting company is definitely customer service and support. While I know price is an important factor for a lot of bloggers and website owners, knowing that your web hosting company is both competent and available can relieve a lot of stress and worry. Enjoy your day!

    1. Hey mate,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Last time, price was always an issue but as time passes by, I realized that I need more service and support especially when I have very limited knowledge in IT. Glad I figured that out even though it took a few years. Haha!

      Take care and enjoy your week! Weekend coming soon, so yay~


  5. Hi Reginald,

    I just read Rob Cubbon’s post:
    On there he mentioned two of the best hosting service and they are: Hostgator and Dreamhost. Lately, I have been thinking about getting a Reseller Hosting Service when my contract with Hostgator is finished this year. Yeah, I have Hostgator right now and loved them!!!!

    I never have experience downtime with Hostgator. They keep my site up 99.9% of the time. And…

    Talk about a hosting service, I was just with Hostgator this morning. This morning I accidentally deleted one of my post and it’s nowhere to be found in my WordPress trash bin. Aaaacccckkkk!!!! *panic* But Hostgator are just SUPERB hosting service, they always help me and I got my deleted post back in less than 5 minutes!!! They are just AWESOME!!! Pretty happy with them.

    When it comes to hosting WordPress, I’d say one should pick a hosting service that has Fantastico, MySQL, and PHP access. And of course customer support is number one with me. I don’t care how easy their cPanel’¦if they didn’t have an excellent customer service, I won’t be with them for a very long time!

    Like they said on CHEAP’¦you get what you paid for!

    So far I have the Baby Plan with Hostgator and this allows me to have “unlimited domains” and that’s why I choose it to start. But eventually I need to graduate from Baby Plan and get my own dedicated server or VPS. Planning on hosting my clients on these. Anyway’¦Thanks for sharing these informations. Great for newbies!! Have a great weekend, buddy!! 🙂


    1. Hi Angela,

      How have you been? You really had a blast with HostGator huh? I do experience downtime with them but mostly due to server overload. You know, during peak times, holidays and stuffs.

      I an using Baby Plan as well and that is good! Lovely indeed and the price is definitely something to consider! Easy on the wallet is always an advantage 😉

      Thanks for dropping by and take care!


    1. Hi Abhilash,

      Thanks for dropping by and you are most welcome. Their service is good and no issues until lately with the few down times. Nonetheless, still recommend them to everyone 😀

  6. Interesting tips Reginald.
    I have gone through bitter experiences before coming to settle on HostGator. My first host was an Indian host. I got attracting to them just because of the price tag of $1/month. This looks interesting but other services were down right below acceptable limit. I ran off without a second thought 😉

    I have not had any major issues with HostGator since 2008. It is still my recommended host 😉

    1. Hi Enstine,

      Hey mate, how are you?

      My first host was GoDaddy and I wasn’t lucky with them. I asked for refund twice! I settled then with HostGator and several more down the road. Service is vital and recently, my site is having issue of 4 sec loading speed.

      That isn’t good and I really wondering what else I should do 🙁 Let’s hope I get things figured out soon if not I’ll be pulling my hair!

        1. Hi Enstine,

          Thanks mate for the reply. Actually I am running on premium WordPress hosting. It was okay 2 weeks back. I was like loading less than 1 second back then but this few days, I am loading like a whopping 4 seconds or more per page. That is weird.

          Even my hosting company is checking on this as we speak. Oh man..dizzy!

  7. I have to say that you are right on with finding a provider with great customer service!
    I find that many of the more popular shared services are pretty similar. They all have good up time, customer service etc.

    This just made me want to share that there is a little spike in Hacks with shared hosting services. After you find the right hosting service the next step is to find some really good security solutions.

    I couldn’t imagine going to my blog and it has been wiped out!

    1. Hi Steven,

      Well said. For starters, there are tools and plugins (both paid and free) that you can use for security reasons. The biggest issue I have seen is bloggers try to download those cracked or hack paid plugins. That is bad for security and should never do that!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and appreciate that mate.

  8. Ryan Biddulph

    1 is HUGE Regi! I stayed with hostmonster for so many years because they have been helpful to me. Customer support is kind, timely and quite knowledgeable, so when things go South I have support in place.

    1. Hey Ryan,

      How are you my dear friend? Sorry I am late! 🙂 Too much work recently plus a long holiday at Taiwan.

      HostMonster … heard about it but yet to try. Will try it out soon since I have a massive project coming. Haha!

    2. Phillip Dews

      Yep buddy I totally agree with you there Ryan! So glad I could Help and I am sure you are happy with them now! Still early days and all that!
      Since my hostgator day’s I have had very few problems and what probs I did have they were always happy to help! After all they are known for their Legendary Support!

      1. One thing I can’t stand about HostGator is when you try to contact them during the ‘off hours’. Insane wait for 30 minutes and at times, 45 minutes.

        I usually leave it on and on a ‘brb’ mode. Haha!

  9. Phillip Dews

    Have to agree with Ryan on this one #1 is HUGE luckly my host is known for their ‘Legendary Support’
    I would say that people should check out their Social Signals and if they have a blog!

    A webhosting company without a Facebook Page or a Twitter account I would be worried about!
    Mine are also on Skype and i can talk to my friend Emma on there all the time!
    If interested check out ‘My Toolbox’!

    Have a great day dude!
    – PD

    1. Great addon on the FB and Twitter. In today’s world, you really need to have those. if a company doesn’t have that, it is a huge signal to say “no-no”. At least, consider the options back 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

  10. Nice tutorial but users really don’t care about these facts… We enabled lots of features in our cPanel for our clients and only 1/150 client check SERVER STATUS in control panel… But for me clients are like plant they leave (dead) us If we can not take care of them..

    1. Hi Rajesh,

      Hmm, this is pretty opposite from my own experience. Peeps who I get connected with usually check their status more than me. Haha!

      But again, we could been working on different niche and types of people.

      Thanks for commenting man.

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