How To Promote Your Blog In 2020

​​5 Most Effective Ways To Promote Blogs In 2020 (Beginner Friendly)

Anyone can start a blog but it takes effort to generate blog traffic. In this article, we will discuss the most effective ways to promote blogs in 2020.

​Social Media Platforms

​There is no denial that social media plays an important role when it comes to promote blogs in 2020. There are two important parts when it comes to using social media to promote blogs:

  • ​Non-paid social media marketing
  • ​Paid social media marketing
Social Media Marketing Most Effective Ways To Promote Blog

​1. Non-paid social media marketing

​This strategy involves using Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages to promote your blog post. In order to have this strategy work well, you need to ensure that you are constantly providing value to the community.

​The more value you provide, the better the opportunity for you to create a following/trust.

2. ​Paid social media marketing

On the​ other hand, paid social media marketing involves using paid advertisements such as Facebook ads and Twitter ads to promote your new blog post.

​In order to have this done right, you need to ensure that the blog post offers significant information and knowledge that will help the readers.

​When you are generating traffic to your blog, you need to use the right lead generation tools to build an email list. This allows you to reach out to the audience through follow up funnels and emails.

​Round Up Posts

​Round up posts is a powerful strategy to promote your blog in 2020. This is because most round up posts are participated by many participants. Upon publishing the round up posts, these participants will share the content over with their own audience, allowing you to get ahead in front of the their audience.

Round Up Posts Most Effective Ways To Promote Blog

​When done correctly, you are able to promote your blog and you will see a bump in blog traffic under 14 days.

​How to manage a round up post like a professional?

  • ​Define the topic or interest (find something really intriguing)
  • ​Set a target of how many influencers you are planning to reach out (​I suggest anything below 100 would be a nice one)
  • ​Set up auto follow ups to ensure that you are reaching out to them at the right time
  • ​Use spreadsheet to jot down notes, emails and response
  • Set datelines (which is crucial)
  • ​Inform the participants once the post is live

​Repurpose Content

Repurposing content is a great way to promote your blog post. Let's say you have written a great content. Don't just stop there!

Repurpose Content Most Effective Ways To Promote Blog

Repurpose the content into slides, infographic, videos, podcasts and any other different forms of media to get the needed attention.

Plus, you are also going to reach out to a wider range of audience.

Guest Post

Yes, you read this right. Guest posting is a great way to promote your blog. In today's market, it is getting tougher to get opportunity for free guest posting—but when you do, I want you to give your 200% best.

Guest Post Most Effective Ways To Promote Blog

​Powerful tips to become a great guest blogger

  • ​Create content that the blog readers love (not what you like)
  • ​Don't submit a 1,000 words content (go beyond 2,000 or 3,000 words)
  • ​Never promote your blog post(s)
  • Don't focus on building backlinks because you will get a link back in your author profile (most of the time)
  • ​Help the website to build internal links by linking to older articles

​Blog Outreach

If you have a great piece of content, one of the most effective ways to promote your blog is by doing outreach. 

​What is blog outreach?

​Blogger outreach (sometimes called influencer marketing) is when businesses and bloggers combine to create kick-ass promotional content. The business usually provides samples of its products in return for a review or as prizes in a giveaway — sometimes both.

​You see, most website owners will not just promote your awesome content simply because you say so (or even if they love the content).

​There must be a reason and you need to give them a reason to accept your offer. There are many different types of rewards you can offer to them including:

  • ​Paying a small fee
  • ​Link exchange
  • ​Sharing their posts on social media
  • Sharing their posts on email newsletter

Answering Questions On ​Quora

​Do you know that a huge majority of the influencers and successful Internet marketers (and bloggers) use Quora to promote blogs and generate traffic for free?

Quora Most Effective Ways To Promote Blog

​Quora might be a boring/lame website. However, this is also one of the best place to display your knowledge and build an audience.

​Quora Best Practices

  • ​Be helpful
  • ​Courteous is vital
  • ​Answer the question (directly)
  • ​Longer answers always outperform the shorter ones
  • ​Share links to your blogs (but don't over do it)

Wrapping Up The Most Effective Ways To Promote Blogs

The process of promoting a blog or blogs require constant effort. In most cases, you will not see a sudden improvement in traffic generation (usually after 3 to 6 months of hard work).

​However, you need to stay put and keep hustling on promoting your blog. That's the only way to beat your competitors and generate more traffic to your blog.

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