The 5 Best Easy to Use Email Outreach Tools of 2022

Getting more sales is a goal that every business has…

And email outreach tools make it more attainable than ever. 

If you’re running an online business and want to bump up your revenue figures, these solutions can help you meet your targets. Instead of getting more sales on your own, email outreach tools will handle the bulk of your workload so that you can just focus on growing your business. 

By adding these solutions to your marketing strategy, you’ll get to automate a part of your sales cycle for exponentially better results. 

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about email outreach tools (and which options you should consider): 

What Is An Email Outreach Tool?

These digital solutions, simply put, aim to carry out the email outreach process as conveniently as possible. 

By using automation, email outreach tools perform vital tasks in the sales cycle that marketers usually do manually. This means that these solutions will handle processes like sending initial and follow-up emails, building email funnels, and generating analytical data for you.

When you add tools like Instantly (more on this later!) into your process, you’ll equip it to become more self-sufficient. The only part where you’ll have to step in and do work is feeding the tool with content—like email text, newsletter designs, and the like. 

Advantages Of Using Email Outreach Tools 

One aspect of email outreach tools that appeals to marketers and keeps them hooked is the range of benefits they bear. Whether you’re a small business testing the waters or a growing company with a strong user base, these solutions will always work in your favor. 

To get a clear idea of how they’ll help you boost your sales, here are a few key advantages of using these tools that are well worth looking into: 

  • They Free Up Room for Growth: When it comes to growing your sales, email outreach tools allow you to test parts of your emails better and provide pivotal data that will help you optimize your brainstorming process.
  • They’re Scalable: Whether you have to make more room in your database or add more templates for different parts of your sales funnel, an email outreach tool can scale and accommodate your needs in a few clicks. 
  • They Streamline Your Workflows: These solutions come with features like email marking and dedicated campaign groups so that you and your team can divide your workload into easy-to-manage chunks.
  • They Make It Easy to Report: Instead of manually checking email exchanges to gather information, email outreach tools simplify things by collecting and monitoring data for you. This means that you’ll have a tool that will provide analytics, generate reports, and point out opportunities for you—all in just a few clicks. 
  • They Provide Valuable Insight: Another advantage of email outreach tools is that they let you see your campaigns in-depth. Working with solutions like these takes out much of the legwork from checking which parts of your strategies work and which ones don’t so you can tweak them for better results! 

5 Easy To Use Email Outreach Tools in 2022

Now that email marketing stands as a formidable strategy, developers are trying their hands at developing solutions to make it easier. As a marketer, this means that you’re in the right place at the right time since there are dozens of email outreach tools to choose from…

But, in my humble opinion, these are the five top options that stand out: 


Out of the options on this list, Instantly stands out as the email outreach tool of choice for B2B firms, freelancers, and individual contractors. 

It makes connecting email accounts, improving delivery rates, and increasing response rates easy with AI integration. And, when it comes to user experiences, Instantly makes generating optimal results more convenient with a wide range of features—like: 

  • Unique deliverability options (This Instantly feature ensures that emails end up in your leads’ inboxes whenever you like, however you like!);
  • AI optimization (which makes Instantly one of the few—if not only—email outreach tools to use this kind of technology);
  • Campaign uploads, and;
  • Comprehensive analytics;

Sales Blink 

With SalesBlink, users have access to a full-stack automated sales tool that comes chock-full of features that make it easier to engage leads. 

Like Instantly, this option comes in handy for professionals and businesses that want to cut down a huge chunk of their email marketing tasks. And while Sales Blink doesn’t use AI, it compensates and helps users ease their loads with effective features like: 

  • Email verification;
  • Subject line and email signature generators, and;
  • Meeting scheduling


If you’re new to email marketing (or even familiar with it) and want to optimize your process, SalesHandy is here to help.

With a user-friendly interface and simple—yet effective—features, this email sales outreach tool works best for marketers, bloggers, recruiters, and sales professionals. Here’s a quick rundown of the different features SalesHandy’s users can optimize their email marketing with: 

  • Email personalization;
  • Integration with other applications (like Gmail and Outlook), and;
  • Email scheduling


Among the five options in my list of highly-recommended email outreach tools, Pitchbox is the top option for SEO professionals. 

Primarily geared to work with all things search-related, this digital solution has features that integrate SEO metrics (like its inbox system). Service providers and marketers can expect Pitchbox to make their processes more efficient with the help of these features: 

  • Email sequencing;
  • Email scheduling, and;
  • Smart Templates (which use functions like conditional logic and scales personalization)

Smart Reach 

Built for small and large businesses, Smart Reach is an email outreach tool that simplifies the email marketing process. 

This option sets itself apart from other options on the market with its intensive use of conditional statements—which cuts the need for planning by a significant margin. Despite its higher price compared to other tools, Smart Reach is still preferred by many because it has: 

  • Email sequence automation;
  • Integration with other sales funnel tools (like Zapier, Mailgun, and SalesForce), and;
  • Follow-up email automation

Key Takeaways

Carrying out an effective email marketing strategy and getting more sales no longer needs to be a time-consuming, brain-draining process. By using email outreach tools (like the five options above) you can spend less time managing your campaigns and get more results! 

Fortunately, most of the options in my top picks come with free trials…

So feel free to test them out and see how they fit into your email marketing strategy!

  • Email outreach tools are digital marketing solutions that anyone can use to optimize their email marketing strategy
  • Every available email outreach tool reduces the number of tasks marketers need to carry out when running successful campaigns
  • Some email outreach tools can help future-proof any email marketing strategy with features like AI optimization for delivery and email warmup
  • Investing in an email outreach tool can help you cut costs, streamline process, and get more leads and sales