Opps! I Accidentally Increased Google+ Traffic By Over 700% … But How?

Increase Google Plus traffic

If you think the title was a mistake, no it is not and I am not joking either. I managed to increase Google Plus traffic multiple times in just a very short period of time. To be exact, close to 1000% increase in Google+ referral traffic in just 3 days. Yes, no black hat SEO and … Read more

7,977 Blog Traffic And 60 Days Later – My Blogging Journey

My blogging experience in terms of blog traffic and website monetization

Today is 13th August 2013 and this marks exactly 2 months since the day this website is created. This blogging journey had taught me a lot especially when it comes to building authority, increasing traffic to blogs and foster relationships with other bloggers. Before that, I had created a simple video (yes, my second YouTube … Read more

5 Facts About Make Money Blogging You Must Know

Blogging is a challenging industry where only a few will succeed in making money online

I recently read an article published on Yahoo Finance that blogging is definitely not dead. From the way I see it, most people people think blogging is dead simply because they might not be able to make money blogging or even generating enough traffic to keep the website running. So yes, let me tell you … Read more

Best Way To Increase Blog Ranking Using SEO Keywords

SEO keywords plays a huge role in terms of blog ranking

SEO keywords and traffic are like bolts and nuts in the blogging industry. It is a fact that we are obsessed with methods to increase blog traffic and use the right keywords. I don’t think there is a serious blogger who doesn’t give a damn about the almighty blog traffic and keywords. People say and talk … Read more