​RankerX Review. What is RankerX and is it worth it? Before that, you can call this black hat, grey hat or white hat SEO. But the SEO world is always changing. Those days, black hat SEO was simply black hat SEO. Nowadays, it often considered grey hat SEO.

​It has been sometime since I wrote about black hat SEO tool. The last was pretty much ScrapeBox which was like written ​five years ago. You can even take a look at post here (it's really outdated by the way).

IMPORTANT: RankerX is only useful if proper keyword research is conducted. Read more about LSI keywords and keyword research here. When team up with tools such as KWFinder, you will be able to rank on the first page of Google fast.

​What is RankerX?

RankerX Review

​RankerX is an SEO tool that helps you to build backlinks fast. In today's competitive SEO world, the more backlinks pointing to you means that you have more credibility, which you will also rank much higher on Google search engine result pages (SERPs).

​I've used many SEO tools including GSA SER, ScrapeBox, FCR Networker, SENuke and Ultimate Demon (which is no longer available). On the surface, RankerX solves the biggest problem in the SEO industry, allowing SEO agency and freelancers to build backlinks fast with ​extremely high success rate.

RankerX attracted my attention because it has one of the highest success rates in the market. Yes, not even with GSA SER with private proxies, scraped URLs and custom email servers.

​Personal opinion: I really wish RankerX had changed their logo. Their logo looks 'odd!' No offense 🙂

​How To Use RankerX?

​You can get your hands on RankerX with their free 7 days trial. It's pretty cool since you don't have to pay a single cent for it and yet having full access to the SEO tool. You can register for a free account here.

Love video instead? Hit the play button for a quick overview on RankerX.

​Unlike other SEO tools in the market, RankerX operates in the cloud. This means that you don't need a VPS to create backlinks and help your website rank higher on Google.

This is what the homepage looks like:

rankerx free trial

​Once you have registered, you have immediate access to the back-end which can be some sort confusing. 

rankerx trial

​On the left panel, you have 12 options to configure RankerX. If you are not using any manual or tutorials, navigating these will be a little tough.

​RankerX Tutorial: Turbo Wizard Module

This ​RankerX review is not complete without discussing about RankerX Turbo Wizard feature.


​RankerX Turbo Wizard allows you to create highly success SEO campaigns without hassle. It's pretty much like a one-click setup option for beginners. 

On the left panel, click on Turbo Wizard to open up the option. This SEO software will prompt you to create a name for the campaign. In this case, I use Demo Turbo Wizard.

RankerX Tutorial Turbo Wizard Setup

​Now, this is where RankerX is one of the best SEO software in the market today. Turbo Wizard allows you to create very specific SEO campaigns in just a few clicks.

​You are required to fill up all the columns/boxes above (except for the ones tagged 'optional') and pay extra attention to the bottom part, Schedule and Project Linking (Select Template).

RankerX Tutorial Premade SEO Templates

​Turbo Wizard allows you to create SEO mapping and strategy using the pre-defined SEO strategies (as seen above). Of course, you are free to select and use your own ones.

Having a pre-made SEO template allows beginners to get started using RankerX without any challenges and unwanted delays.

Click here to see RankerX SEO templates.

​RankerX Review: Wizard Module

​RankerX Wizard allows SEO-ers to have more control over their SEO and backlinking strategy. Here are a few samples for you to take a look at:

Simple SEO Campaign Using RankerX

Simple SEO Campaign Using RankerX

Advanced SEO Campaign Using RankerX

Advanced SEO Campaign Using RankerX

Complicated SEO Campaign Using RankerX

Complicated SEO Campaign Using RankerX

​As you can see, the Wizard module on RankerX allows you to create both simpleand super complicated modules to help your website to rank well on Google.

RankerX Review: Drip Feed Module

Another great feature on RankerX is the drip feed module. Instead of blasting out 1,000 links in just one day, you can now schedule the drip feed based on days. Therefore, you can easily set 7, 14, 30 or even 120 days (you can go crazy with the numbers) for drip feeding the SEO campaign.

Do you know?

Drip feed allows you to create a very deep and complicated SEO campaign to help you rank higher. In other words, you can create an evergreen SEO campaign using RankerX drip feed. 

RankerX Review: Tiered Link Building Software

As a recap, RankerX is a powerful link building software which is easier to used (not to mention more effective) compared to GSA SER. Don't get me wrong as I love GSA SER but its extremely complex for beginners. Therefore, RankerX allows beginners to get started with safe link building method with many inbuilt features in it.

​Question: Can RankerX helps me to rank on Google?

​The answer is yes. RankerX, along with other SEO tools require time and planning. Spamming your way with backlinks is not going to help you in your rankings.

But if done correctly, you can increase your ranking rather fast on Google. Here's a snapshot taken from SEMrush.

Increase Visibility Using RankerX

​I created several RankerX SEO campaigns on 6th October and after 6 days of working around the clock, take a look at the visibility trend now.

From a 2.5% to 10% in just 6 days.

​Does RankerX works? The answer is yes, with the right SEO strategy!

How Much Does RankerX Costs?

RankerX comes in two pricing structures. The first one is monthly subscription of $49.99 per month or $899 (one-time payment) for a lifetime license.

Looking for RankerX discount? Click on this link and enter "BHW25" for an instant 25% discount on RankerX!

Summary: Is RankerX worth it?

As of my usage with RankerX for the past 6 months, RankerX had served me well in many cases. I'm very happy with the results and I can't help but to recommend everyone (yes, including you) to give it a try with the 7 days trial usage.







Ease of use


Customer Support





  • Easily create simple or advanced link building campaigns
  • Automatic email creation
  • Runs on cloud
  • Easily accessible via mobile, desktop or laptop
  • No VPS required


  • Pricing can be a little steep for beginners