Are There Any Good (And Affordable) Meet Edgar Alternatives? #60DaysBloggingChallenge Day 3

You might be finding for one or more Meet Edgar alternatives. That’s the reason why you found this blog.

I totally understand that as I was in the same situation as you days before. The price tag for Meet Edgar is just too pricey for me and I decided to look for some great alternatives to my social media automation.

Before we go into the Meet Edgar alternatives (or Edgar alternatives), let’s see what Meet Edgar is all about, shall we?

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Meet Edgar Alternatives

Introducing Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a lovely octopus, whose job is to help us with our social media woes. It does have a lot of impressive features to make your social media life much easier.

meet edgar review

A few godly features are:

  • Building unlimited content library
  • Scheduling by category
  • Automatic recycle posts (so you will never run out of social media posts)
  • Automated queue system

When Meet Edgar first launched, it instantly went into the hype. Competitors such as Buffer and Hootsuite felt the pinch almost immediately.

But, what is so special about Meet Edgar? More importantly, is Meet Edgar that compelling?

[clickToTweet tweet=”Make no mistake. Meet Edgar is really compelling, and I was ‘wow-ed’ by it. I was hooked.” quote=”Make no mistake. Meet Edgar is really compelling, and I was ‘wow-ed’ by it. I was hooked.”]

The simple fact is this. I tested dozens of social media tools before this, but not many of them provide an automatic queuing system and replenishment. This means that you have the ability to choose the type of social media posts that will be recycled in the future.

In other words, Meet Edgar ensures that you will NEVER run out of content. Never!

If you are a social media marketer like me, you would understand that time is the essence. You can never have enough time to do anything. A simple task on social media would end up taking hours of your time.

And often we struggle to find more time.

With Meet Edgar, your problem is solved. You have nothing to worry and your social media marketing will on automation, all the way (until you press the ‘˜Stop’ button).

Here the bummer. The godly features of Meet Edgar come at a hefty price. A whopping $49 per month for ten social media accounts.

I am sure that any mid-range social media marketers will almost instantly take a step back and find for other Meet Edgar alternatives. Yes, so do I!

The fact remains the same. I am not condemning Meet Edgar in any way. Make no mistake that it is an awesome tool and it is powerful. However, the big price tag is a total turn down for me.

Note: There is also news update that Meet Edgar will have a price jump in mid-September 2016; from $49 to $79 per month.

However, on the side, I think it is only fair to recommend Meet Edgar especially with its feature that allows adding content into libraries (for future usage). In short, Meet Edgar content library allows you to mix and match pieces of content into one roof, and use them in just a few clicks of the button.

Let’s Talk About Meet Edgar Alternatives

Thankfully, there are many Meet Edgar alternatives (or Edgar alternatives) that you can find in today’s world.

Here are some of the alternatives which I’ll be discussing in this post.

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • PostPlanner


Buffer – A simple Meet Edgar alternative

I love Buffer, and I’ve been using it for years. The buffer is by far the easiest to use social media automation one can ever find.

buffer meet edgar alternative

Buffer comes with both free and paid plans. With a free account, you can schedule up to 10 posts on one social media platform. A paid account (starts at $10 per month) would give you access to 10 social media platforms and schedule up to 100 social media posts per account.

I’ll choose Buffer anytime over Meet Edgar simply because Buffer is powerful (if you know how to use it). You can:

  • Bulk upload to Buffer using BulkBuffer
  • It is very simple to schedule posts in advance
  • Drag and drop to readjust your scheduling
  • Creating unlimited schedules for different profiles
  • Analyze your social media stats using easy to read reports

And you get everything above with just $10 a month.

For me, it certainly felt like it’s Black Friday!

If $10 is too much for you, you can signup here for a free Buffer account.


Hootsuite – One of the popular Meet Edgar alternatives

Another effective Meet Edgar alternative is Hootsuite. For starters, my point of view might be a little bias because I’m the ambassador for Hootsuite Asia Pacific. I’ll try to be as neutral as I could, alright?

hootsuite meet edgar alternative

I love Hootsuite because it has the auto scheduling feature. This means that I can just upload tons of social media updates and with just a click of the button, it will go into my schedule.

What makes auto scheduling so cool is that it will automatically publish the post at optimal times where you will most probably have the biggest attraction and engagement.

What do you get from this? Tons of love from your followers and you will see a huge spike in your social media activity. On a daily basis, you can schedule up to 10 automatic scheduling. Additional posts will be scheduled for the next day (if you are wondering).

Hootsuite is better than Meet Edgar in many ways, and one of them is the number of social accounts you can connect. On a paid Hootsuite account (which costs $10 per month), you can integrate up to 50 social media accounts.

Now, that’s five times MORE than what Meet Edgar can offer. And when you add in the automatic scheduling feature into the equation, you’ll find that Hootsuite is one of the best Meet Edgar alternatives.

Give Hootsuite a try today and as a bonus, a free 30-days upgrade to Hootsuite Pro for free!

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Post Planner – Powerful Meet Edgar alternative if you use it right

At this point of writing, I have absolutely no idea why Post Planner is not considered a good Meet Edgar alternative by many. For me, it’s otherwise.

PostPlanner Meet Edgar Alternative

Post Planner is a social media automation tool that helps you to achieve virality in a very short period. Unlike other Meet Edgar alternatives such as Buffer and Hootsuite, Post Planner is best used when you want to focus on visual marketing.

So, why did I say Post Planner is a good Meet Edgar alternative?

Post Planner does pretty much similar jobs to Buffer and Hootsuite. However, there’s an option to ‘˜recycle posts‘ which makes all the difference!

Simply by enabling the option, Post Planner will reuse the same post over and over again. Now, this feature is excellent as your social media accounts will ALWAYS look active.

Post Planner is very much affordable (even more than Buffer and Hootsuite). The smallest paid plan is Love which cost $5 per month and there is also a free plan you can signup for to try it out (using this link).


Meet Edgar Alternatives – Can they compete with Meet Edgar?

The answer is ‘yes’ but it depends highly on the individual. For example, I decided not to use Meet Edgar because of the price. As for Meet Edgar alternatives, I use Buffer + Hootsuite + Post Planner with very specific roles.

  • Buffer – Sharing articles and posts
  • Hootsuite – Interaction and some automatic scheduling
  • Post Planner – Sharing visual images to boost engagement

As you can see, it boils down to what you have in mind and what you want to accomplish in your social media marketing.

Using all three above is cheaper than using Meet Edgar but at the expense of time. If you have the time, you are free to follow my pathway to use Meet Edgar alternatives. On the other hand, if time is something that you need, you should be using Meet Edgar instead of its alternatives.

It is important to note that all of these social media tools are excellent for small business, business owners and bloggers because these tools allow you to manage your social media accounts (such as Twitter accounts) under one roof.

More importantly, the ability to manage multiple social networks with one software is definitely saving time and you can schedule social media posts on specific time in just a few clicks.

Here’s a question for you. Have you tried Meet Edgar yet?

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