Managed Hosting vs Shared Hosting: How to choose the best web hosting service?

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Managed hosting vs Shared hosting. In this article, we will discover what managed and shared web hosting are. And, we will discuss on which is the best hosting for website.
Shared Hosting vs Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting vs Shared Hosting: Which is the best web hosting service?

Managed hosting vs shared hosting – which is the right web hosting plan for you? What are the differences between managed hosting and shared hosting? When should you move from shared hosting to managed hosting?

Those are what we will cover today and we hope that you are in for a treat!

1. What is managed hosting?

Wikipedia describes managed hosting as a dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else.

In layman terms, managed hosting is a higher tier when compared to the standard web hosting services (also known as shared hosting).

Managed hosting are often for platform specific such as managed WordPress hosting and managed Drupal hosting. When you use managed hosting, you are given bigger server resources, better security features and a much higher/better support team.However, all of the above come with a higher price tag.

Managed Hosting vs Shared Hosting

Should I be using managed hosting?

If your website generates around 800 or more visits a day, you are pretty much ready for managed hosting service. Generally, your website should be generating sufficient income for better hosting service when you have more than 500 visits a day.

Does website security concerns you?

If the answer is a straight "yes", managed hosting is an excellent web hosting choice for you. When you use managed hosting services, you are not only getting better server performance and faster website loading speed, you are also getting better website security.

Therefore, many basic and advanced security features had been activated on server end to ensure that your website is not opening doors for malicious codes and hackers.

What are the recommended managed hosting services?

One of the best managed hosting services in the world is Kinsta. Powered with Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta offers not only server performance but close to bullet proof web security.

If you are serious in using a managed hosting service, Kinsta is your best mate. You can check out my review on Kinsta Managed Hosting right here.

2. What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting or shared web hosting is a cheapest hosting service money can buy. Your website is placed among the thousands of other websites – thus, server resources are divided into the number of active co-current users. If you are unlucky and being placed in a super dense server, your website performance will be affected badly.

What Is Shared Hosting

While shared hosting is the lowest entry level web hosting service, it doesn't come with much advanced featured when compared with managed hosting services.

Should I be using shared hosting?

I see no reason why you shouldn't be using shared hosting. Shared hosting is the best when you want to create a blog or website and doesn't want to invest a whole of money into it during the early stages.

Editor's Note.

Do you know that no two shared hosting services are similar? Features that may vary include bandwidth, visits, memory space and number of websites you can host under one account.

What are the recommended shared hosting services?

The answer is very subjective and it literally boils down to your personal web hosting experience.

For me, the top shared hosting services are no other than these two; BlueHost and Exabytes.

BlueHost web hosting starts at $2.95 per month, while Exabytes web hosting starts at RM14.99 per month. As you can see, BlueHost is best for websites targeting worldwide audience and on the other hand, Exabytes is best for Malaysia web hosting.

These shared web hosting services are extremely affordable (with slightly less performance server).

Click here to see what BlueHost can offer.

Having more traffic from Asia? Try Exabytes instead.

Thoughts: Managed hosting vs shared hosting?

Both managed hosting and shared hosting have their advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, you need to decide between web hosting performance and pricing (which will be the ultimate reason for your choice).

Before I wrap up this post, do me a favor by leaving a comment below.

Which is your favorite hosting plan when it comes to managed hosting vs shared hosting?

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