With millions of blog posts and blog writers now flooding online, it is really important for you to be great instead of good, and be different to stand out. A lot of genres and subjects are being covered by bloggers, with everyone having their own style and language. Although this can be a bit of a struggle, there are actually a few ways of improving your blog writing and transforming it from good to great. We’ll share a few tips to help you with that.

Engaging titles and headlines

A title is the first sentence of your blog post that people are going to read and so it should be the most engaging one. However trivial it might sound, your writing would not be read or shared or engaged with unless you have a preoccupying headline that will intrigue your readers to go through it, even if your writing is really great. There are a lot of analyzers online which can read and review your headlines and assist you in improvement. Some analyzers also tell you the scale of emotional marketing value and whether it will be a success or not.

Use images to make it an interesting read

As kids, we were more drawn to illustrated books and comics, and some of us would insist only on reading books that had pictures. Well, some adults still follow the same principle subconsciously, and we, as blog writers, need to look out for every member of our audience. 

When you write and submit a blog post, make sure that you add a few images to support the text. This will not only make it more engaging, but it will provide the readers with additional information to thoroughly understand your content. There are a number of websites where you can purchase high-quality images for a very low price. You can also add infographics instead of pictures, or ask your artist friend to put up an illustration for you, which can also help to promote their work. 

Write first drafts in longhand

If you have an idea or a topic to write about, start by writing either on your computer or on a notepad by hand. Do not edit it while writing this first draft. Let the words flow automatically without getting tensed about sentence formation or grammar. This will lead to an escalation of the idea and you will have better words put forward than you imagined. You might have even better ideas the next day. So just let it flow and edit the content at the very end when you have finished forming the first draft.

Review the grammar

While some of the writers are gifted with impeccable grammar, some are more skilled when it comes to creativity and the emotional value of the content. For those writers who have issues with grammatical errors every now and then, one important tip from Self Development Secrets is to install extensions or apps that check the grammar of your writing and instantly suggest edits. Because if you want to engage the grammar Nazis, it is important that you don’t piss them off with silly mistakes.

Be sure to check the facts

If your latest blog post consists of some facts from history or a proven theory, you need to check and recheck to confirm whether it is 100 percent accurate or not. Adding a fact that is not accurate or untrue can be highly alienating for some and you could lose a bunch of followers this way. It is all about reputation, after all. 

Entertainment is key

Nobody would like to read a Shakespeare script when all they are looking for is simple, friendly, conversational writing. You need to make your writing entertaining for your readers by adding in simple sentence structures, some humor here and there, and a smooth, flowing conversation that can keep them captured and make them feel familiar. Simpler words instead of heavy vocabulary are more understandable by many. Basically, try to entertain them!

Keep it short along with the lead paragraph

If you are going to write one big essay, no one has the time and patience to read it. Either keep it short, or add bullet points to highlight the main ideas that you want to convey to your readers. If the text concise and to the point yet informative, your reader is bound to come back to read the next post without you having to promote it more. Also, you can include a lead paragraph that will speak of the main body of the entire subject or the topic, which you will have to smartly plunge in to grab the readers’ attention. This will be the most important paragraph and you’ll need to decide on the most efficient position to place it.

A call-to-action feature

This is an important feature to add to your blog posts and if you do not have it until now, get it right away. This is the best form of engaging with your readers and audience, where you ask them to leave a comment, like a post, and share it amongst their friends. You can also expect them to leave suggestions or tips, which you can take in positively to improve your next work. After all, these are the people who are going to come back for more.

Put it together

After you have finished your final draft, make sure you proofread it multiple times, edit and revise. Also, remember to include all the tips such as the interesting headline, maybe a lead paragraph, bullet points or highlighted text, the call-to-action feature and finally the publishing.

Basically, all it requires is experimenting. Read others’ work, try new things, experiment and invent. There is no way to know whether you have finally reached your style or not. You’ll only know when you are satisfied with one, improve it, publish it and wait for the reviews. It is possible that you might fail, but if your audience likes it and can relate to it, you are good to go and are making progress. Do not stop there, though; you can always make it better and better! You got this.