How Can I Boost My Facebook Page?

Since 2005, I’ve been helping business owners with digital marketing matters. Last week, I was thrown into a question that sound just too familiar.

‘How can I boost my Facebook page?’

The more I help companies with their digital marketing, the more worried I got because with the enormous resources out there on the Internet, businesses are still wondering how to boost their Facebook page.

Today, I’m going to spill the beans on how businesses can get back to Facebook fast and hard. Below are the tips on how to break through the crowd and boost your Facebook page like a professional.

But first, how not to use Facebook page.


How Not To Use Facebook Page

Do not’¦

1. Use Facebook page as your only means of digital marketing. Digital marketing is enormous. Your Facebook page isn’t the only method to achieve success. However, it is an important step to building visibility and sales if the marketing strategy is correct.

2. Make it about you. People follow you because of reason. In this case, you might be providing solutions to their problems. Your Facebook page will circle your business and brand, but not focusing on sales, and yourself.

3. Tell me that your product is awesome. Again, no one is going to listen or even appreciate the ‘me, me and me’ type of thing. It should be focusing on your customers.

[feature_box style=”14″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]NINJA SECRET: My ninja secret to ‘How Can I Boost My Facebook Page’ is using Post Planner.



how can i boost my facebook page?


1. Why use Post Planner?

Sure, there are other social media tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Meet Edgar. So, why should you use Post Planner?

The answer is because Post Planner is easy to use, efficient and get the job done fast.

And if you would require a plus point, the cost of Post Planner is a big turn on for any business owners; from free accounts to paid ones under $50.


2. The one feature in Post Planner that makes all the differences (help boost Facebook Page)

Post Planner comes in three different parts; sharing viral photos, articles, and statuses. Instead of going hours and hours of thinking of the best social media posts, you can find what works using Post Planner.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Trust me; I save up over 3 hours a day just by spending 3 hours with Post Planner.” quote=”Trust me; I save up over 3 hours a day just by spending 3 hours with Post Planner.”]

If you are looking for ways to boost Facebook Page, you should consider using Post Planner viral photos.

Each of these posts comes with a star rating which tells you the popularity of the specific post.

post planner review

The star rating is judged each time the photo is shared across social media. Therefore, the higher the star rating is, the more popular the image is.

So, what happens when you share that post on Facebook?

The chances of getting it shared by your Facebook followers increase dramatically.


The results?

I tested using Post Planner on my Facebook page (@reginaldchan) and the results is far more than astonishing.

I was able to gain 51,754 impressions within a week and engaged with 94 people last week.

Now, imagine using Facebook advertising. It would cost me a bomb!


How can you boost your Facebook page?

Post Planner.

That’s the key to boosting your Facebook page without using Facebook advertising. It is highly affordable and more importantly, get the job done well.

I don’t always write great stuff about a social media tool (unless I really, really love them). So, here you go, my short answer to ‘How can I boost my Facebook Page?‘.

Try Post Planner today using this link!

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