How To Market On Facebook As A Small Business

You have definitely heard about Facebook and the number of people who spend their time there every single day. Well, it means that it is a perfect place to get your marketing done.

However, things are not that simple.

As you have probably expected, even something like social media requires a lot of understanding, especially once you start to put some money into it. Of course, the more time you spend on it and learn, it becomes clearer. And since everybody has to start from somewhere, this article is a perfect place to begin your journey.

Start with the Profile

Every Facebook page needs to have an optimized profile. This becomes even more important when you are running a business. Everyone usually starts with a profile picture and the cover.

After that, be sure to fill in all the blank information on the business page, such as the website, location, working hours, and so on. The more effort you put into it, the more professional everything looks.

Content with Intent

When you start posting, make sure that it is not some random text that makes no sense or serves no purpose. Every single message that you share with your followers needs to have a meaning behind it.

Moreover, there will come a time when you will have to boost these posts with money to reach more people. The sooner you become accustomed to such content, the better.

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Understanding the demographics and whether your fans are truly the ones that would be interested in the business is important.

Luckily, Facebook has its own version of insights, and it provides all the information that the page owner would like.

Taking notes every day is probably overdoing it, but you should at least keep up with what is happening at least every week or so.

Schedule the Posts

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Depending on what time you post, you can expect more or less engagement. These things take time to test.

Do not expect to make a conclusion in a week’s time since the difference between posting on weekdays and weekends is also there.

Automation tools are perfect if you want to try a timeframe that would be impossible to check otherwise.

Facebook Stories

Facebook has recently introduced a new feature of stories. It serves as a way to diversify the content and share more trivial things with your followers. Of course, it serves more if you are trying to run a marketing campaign.

It is worth checking out the Facebook Stories: The Complete Guide for Businesses in 2019 on Oberlo’s website. It has all the information every business owner needs.

Encourage Your Audience to Join

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This serves two purposes. One is to get a stronger relationship with your followers, and the second one is having a different type of content to post.

The whole thing is pretty simple. Announce that you will share a picture that they take, an article that they will write, a video that they will make, and so on. Such incentives do wonders if you want to stand out from the competition and look more appealing.


No post will have as much engagement and reach as the one which offers something for free. You have probably seen plenty of contests on Facebook where the page asks to share, like, comment, tag, etc.

Some individuals like to exploit it and run fake giveaways, not giving the prize to the winner after the whole thing is over. However, these things tend to reach daylight, and you can forget about having any positive reputation afterward.

Facebook Groups

Another method to diversify your business and expect user-generated content is by creating a Facebook group. It is a place where everyone can share the information, invite others to join, and so on.

The biggest advantage of a group is that organizing a discussion is much easier. Similarly, you should consider creating a subreddit. Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet, and while it is not considered social media, it is still a good place to advertise yourself.

Continue to Learn

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Just like any other thing on the internet, Facebook will continue to evolve and change. In order to not fall behind the competition, you need to be at the top of the game. Therefore, make sure that you are up to date with any changes or new features that get implemented.

As things stand right now, Facebook is without a doubt one of the best websites on the internet when it comes to running a marketing campaign. Even if a page might not seem like a direct business technique to regular users, you, who is behind it, should understand the pros and cons of it.

And following these tips makes everything much easier!

How Can You Use Facebook to Market Your Business?

Gone are the days that you had to channel a lot of cash to marketing campaigns. The most unfortunate part is that the return on investment was usually not worth the while. New forms of marketing, more so, digital marketing have saved the day. Businesses are not stuck to the ancient marketing techniques that were not only financially draining, but also did not have good tidings.

Business owners are encouraged to have a presence on at least one social media platform. Facebook being one that hosts most people, provides you the perfect opportunity to market your brand. Here are tips on how you can use it to promote your business.

1. Have a business page

Most people get lazy and rule out the idea of creating a page specifically for their business. Your personal page will not cut it. 

A business page has features designed to make your marketing easy. Also, you will have a section where you can share your detailed business information. That is your location, contacts, website, and other relevant information.

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2. Promote your page

Creating a Facebook business page is not enough. You need to start working. You will be working so hard to create content.

However, you need to note that it will only pay off if people get to see it, and that will not happen until you start promoting your Facebook page.

There are so many ways through which you can approach this. You can invite people to like or follow your page. You can also use Facebook advertising through Facebook Pages.

Also, it will not hurt if you used traditional forms of marketing like business cards to create awareness of your page. Include your Facebook page in your business card alongside your website and email address.

3. Post regularly

 The agenda of marketing your business is making it the first thing that crosses the minds of the customers when they come across a product similar to the one that you offer. The trick is to stick in the minds of your audience.

Posting regularly will do the trick. Do it as frequently as you can. At least once in a day. The moment you stop posting, the customers will forget that you exist. 

You should, nevertheless, not compromise quality for frequency. Ensure that your posts meet the needs of your audience. In so doing, it won’t be long before they start identifying with your brand.

4. Work with influencers

How To Work With Influencers On Facebook

Influencers are yet another powerful tool that you can use on Facebook to market your business. All you need to do is find an influencer in your niche and create a relationship with them.

This will help you reach bigger audiences and grow your customer base from the influencer’s loyal following.

5. Engage your audience

For successful marketing on any social media platform, you need to humanize your brand. There is no better way to go about it than through engaging your audience. Engaging and interacting with your audience will make understand that your focus is not only on making profits but ensuring that their needs are being met too. 

Engaging your audience will give you the opportunity to understand the challenges that your customers are facing. Also, you will find suggestions that will help you better your brand. Do not ignore private messages. Set aside some time to respond to them.

6. Track your performance 

Track Facebook Page Performance

There are tools that have been designed to help you monitor the progress of your social media marketing campaigns. A good example is rank tracker tools, which can help you establish how your content ranks against the competition. Is it essential? Well, it is the only way to know if your efforts are paying off or you need to go back to the drawing board.

If done right, marketing your business on Facebook can be rewarding. Employ the tips listed above, and you will have a lot to smile about.

How Can I Boost My Facebook Page?

Since 2005, I've been helping business owners with digital marketing matters. Last week, I was thrown into a question that sound just too familiar.

'How can I boost my Facebook page?'

The more I help companies with their digital marketing, the more worried I got because with the enormous resources out there on the Internet, businesses are still wondering how to boost their Facebook page.

Today, I'm going to spill the beans on how businesses can get back to Facebook fast and hard. Below are the tips on how to break through the crowd and boost your Facebook page like a professional.

But first, how not to use Facebook page.