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Dynamik Website Builder Review

I first came across Dynamik Website Builder for WordPress back in 2013. At that time, Genesis Framework and StudioPress are two big names when it comes to premium WordPress themes—one which I was very hooked up with until today. Now, things are much different with more choices including the all-time-famous Elementor, Thrive Themes Builder, Divi Builder and Beaver Builder.

Nonetheless, StudioPress themes are often seek by professional WordPress developers. And this is exactly where Dynamik Website Builder comes into play. In this article, you will learn everything about Dynamik Website Builder and how you can build a custom StudioPress child theme without coding skills.

Let's dive in with the Dynamik Website Builder review!

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What is Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis?

Dynamik website builder call themselves as the ultimate Genesis Framework web design tool. Here's what the founder has to say about what Dynamik Website Builder is all about.

"Dynamik Website Builder is technically a Genesis Child Theme, but it's so much more! It's packed with no-coding design options that essentially turn your WordPress Dashboard into a Genesis web design platform, as well as custom coding and template options that provide the up-and-coming developer with that little something extra to get the job done. From the DIY dev to the professional WordPress freelancer, Dynamik is a powerful all-in-one solution!"

Eric Hamm

Plain and simple, Dynamik Website Builder is a Genesis Theme addon that allows WordPress website owners and WordPress enthusiasts to easily create Genesis child theme without touching a single line of code.

Here's the truth.

Dynamik Website Builder isn't all about flashing and looking great on the inside (admin area) but it certainly a powerful solution especially for those who wants to quickly build WordPress child themes with either limited or no coding skills at all.

The best part? You don't need any Dynamik Website Builder tutorial because it is just so easy to use!

Video introduction: What is Dynamik Website Builder?

How to use Dynamik Website Builder?

I love to consider Dynamik Website Builder is one of the earliest WordPress visual builders in the market. Hey, technology was that great back in 2012-2013!

But hey, if you are looking for Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis review, "what is Dynamik Website Builder" or "how to use Dynamik Website Builder?", scroll down below to learn why this plugin is still one of the best WordPress builders especially for StudioPress themes.

Feature #1: Point and click controls

Building a website design from scratch isn't easy but with Genesis Framework, it gives you a nie base to start with. Now, with the combination of Dynamik Website Builder, you can change anything on the page, simply by clicking on it.

Dynamik Website Builder Design Options

Dynamik Website Builder Design Options

As you can see above, you can change the colours, type and padding (to name a few) on any elements e.g. body, header, navigation etc!

Sure, you could do so manually ... or the quicker way which is by using Dynamik Website Builder!

Feature #2: Preview mode

Sometimes, changing an element may be the best idea on theory but not in real life. That's why preview mode in Dynamik Website Builder is definitely a powerful and lovely feature.

Dynamik Website Builder Site Preview

Dynamik Website Builder Site Preview

Site Preview Mode not only allows you to see your site as your customize it, but the preview window updates everytime you save a new design change, providing you with instant front-end feedback.

Feature #3: Pre-customized Dynamik skins

I'm not going to lie to you but Dynamik Website Builder skins are time-saving and God send.

The Dynamik Skin functionality provides several notable benefits. For one, you can go from a stock design to a much more refined starting point in seconds, with the included pre-customized Dynamik Skins. But they're also perfect for saving and sharing your own work. Dynamik includes a set of "starter Skins", but you can also get Premium Dynamik Skins as well!

Dynamik Website Builder Skins

Dynamik Website Builder Skins

Feature #4: Responsive designs

In today's world, it is all about mobile-responsive and mobile-ready website designs. With Dynamik Website Builder, you can now design your Genesis Child theme (with responsive designs) thanks to a core set of responsive options that help keep your designs looking pretty & professional on any sized device.

From point-n-click controls to intuitive media query custom CSS, Dynamik offers all you need to produce modern WordPress websites!

Dynamik Website Builder Responsive Designs

Dynamik Website Builder Responsive Designs

Feature #5: Integration with Genesis Extender plugin

Genesis Extender is one of the most popular builder tools for Genesis Framework and all StudioPress child themes—and thankfully, Genesis Extender is built right into Dynamik Website Builder.

Custom coding & custom content controls? All included!

DYnamik Website Builder Custom Coding & Custom Content Controls

Dynamik Website Builder Custom Coding & Custom Content Controls

Feature #6: Front-End Custom CSS Builder

Want to build a beautiful StudioPress child theme without the help of any other addon plugins? Don't worry—Dynamik Website Builder does it perfectly well for you.

You can easily refine your design with ease and knock out that final dev phase without breaking a sweat, thanks to the powerful and all-time-favorite, Front-End CSS Builder.

Dynamik Website Builder Front End CSS Editor

Dynamik Website Builder Front End CSS Editor

Feature #7: Visual control of all Genesis hooks

For those using Genesis Framework and StudioPress, you know that hooks are important. Here's where the sweet spot is.

Dynamik Website Builder will display all the relevant hooks instead of you searching high and low, in just a few clicks.

Dynamik Website Builder Hooks

Dynamik Website Builder Hooks

Feature #8: Create and export standalone child themes

One of the best ways to make money online is to sell child themes (especially when you love website development). Thanks to Dynamik Website Builder, you can easily create, customize and export standalone child themes!

Dynamik Website Builder Exports Standalone Child Themes

Dynamik Website Builder Exports Standalone Child Themes

Now, this is true power especially for WordPress developers!

Should I use Dynamik Website Builder?

Dynamik has a tendency to be a kind of "one size fits all" design solution since it's features are so wide ranging and its appeal quite broad, but I would say there are two main groups that most benefit from this excellent Genesis Child Theme.

Either the DIY web designer who wants to be able to do more than their current skill set allows, or the up-and-coming freelance developer who needs a professional grade dev tool that will not only meet them where they are, but allow them to grow along the way. 

If you are looking for a "do it for me" option, Elementor is a better option that you should consider.

What if you are a hard-core coder? Oxygen Builder is a better option for you!

As a summary, Dynamik Website Builder is an excellent extender plugin for Genesis. Why don't you try for yourself and decide?

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Dynamik Website Builder Review
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