Which Is The Best Autoresponder For Clickfunnels?

What is the best best autoresponder for ClickFunnels?

I’m sure you have heard about ClickFunnels and how awesome it is. 

Funnels, funnels and more funnels. The never ending sales funnels and testing.

But there’s a little challenge.

Not all leads will convert into sales and you want to convince these leads to become your paying customers by sending them timely emails.

I’m sure you know what I mean …

And this leads us to the main question today: Which is the best auto responder for ClickFunnels?

Lucky for you, ClickFunnels is fully integrate-able with numerous email autoresponders.

Let’s dive in right now to find the best email email autoresponder for ClickFunnels 2019 (and beyond).

Best Email Autoresponder for ClickFunnels 2019

1. AWeber

I know.

If you have seen Peng Joon’s video on YouTube on ClickFunnels, you know that he don’t recommend AWeber at all.

But, why do I recommend AWeber at the first place?

The answer is simple. I use AWeber and have been using it since 2006. AWeber is by far, the best email marketing automation that I had used.

And I don’t get shutdown at all … not even once.

This is not by chance. Not even close.

Why I recommend AWeber?

AWeber is just like any other email marketing solutions in the market. They care for their IP’s and if users are constantly sending out too many ‘spam’ emails, their IP’s are going to be blocked by major ISP. As a result, everyone else who is using the IP will experience some level of penalty.

AWeber is affordable. I mean, c’mon! It only costs $9 per month and comes with a full 30 days free trial.

If you want to use AWeber like I do, I recommend you to check out their terms of service here

Is AWeber the best email marketing solution for ClickFunnels?

It is a huge “YES” for me!

>> Click here to try AWeber for 30 days free (and no credit card required). <<

2. ConvertKit

If you are a blogger, solopreneur or a small business trying to sell something online, then ConvertKit is the best email autoresponder for ClickFunnels.

ConvertKit comes with a very intuitive drag and drop builder for email automation. For beginners, the interface is very easy to use and don’t require much learning curve.

If you are looking for a simple email marketing solution to work with ClickFunnels, ConvertKit is definitely a great option to work with!

>> Click here to see ConvertKit in action right now. <<

3. Actionetics

Last but not least, Actionetics by ClickFunnels is one of the most used email automation software to work with ClickFunnels.

Firstly, it is developed by ClickFunnels and secondly, it plays well with most niches. Regardless the industry you are in, you can rest assured that you will never be shut down for whatever violation you accidentally did (i mean casino industry, soft spamming, over sending emails etc.).

According to Peng Joon, Actionetics is God send and when I tested Actionetics myself, I was impressed on how easy to integrate it with ClickFunnels.

Actionetics is ClickFunnels’ marketing automation platform that seamlessly integrates with your sales funnel to give them dynamic automation actions on the fly.

If you are serious in turning leads into customers through email marketing and hate the messy integration with third part email marketing automation system, you don’t have to look any further.

Actionectics by ClickFunnels is definitely the best option for you and is something you should try especially when you are using ClickFunnels.

>> Click here to try Actionetics for 14 days free. <<

Summary: Which is the best email autoresponder for ClickFunnels?

I wish there is a much easier answer to this — but sadly, there’s none. Each email autoresponder comes with its own advantages.

However, if you are looking for a simple, hassle-free email marketing solution that works well with ClickFunnels, Actionetics is the best option because there is absolutely zero integration required and comes ready to use right out of the box.

Plus, there is no extra feesrequired shall you have a massive, massive email list!