The Ultimate List of Virtual Assistant Services For 2020

Ultimate List of Virtual Assistant Services

Ultimate List Of Virtual Assistant Services

Welcome to the new age of gig economy—where working from home is now a full-fledge opportunity to earn money. But, there lies several big questions about virtual assistant services.

  • You are curious about the type of services you can offer as a new virtual assistant?
  • You want to add a new service to your existing menu of VA services (but not sure how)
  • Or maybe, you want to pivot from specializing in a particular service to one that’s a better fit for you and the clients you want to attract?

Don’t worry. I got you covered in this article. As a matter of fact, I’m 100% sure that you’re going to love this list of virtual assistant service ideas!

Who am I … and am I qualified to share this information with you?

What Kind Of Virtual Assistant Services Do I Offer?

I first started the virtual assistant services in 2004, where I was still schooling and needed a few bucks to survive. Yes, I didn’t want to count on my mom who is a single mother. So, I got to figure out myself, you know?

I started out as a content writer (because I love writing) and later pivoted to what I’m doing now, managing a digital marketing agency in Malaysia and working on my blog.

I was specialize in writing, there are other tasks and services that I do that I don’t even advertise.

For one, I still do various tasks for a couple of clients I’ve worked with from the very beginning. For example, search engine optimization and email marketing (EDM) at very affordable rates.

The other is blogging coach and I help bloggers to understand how I launch my blog from 0 to over 6-figure in just 12 months through my masterclasses.

And apart of everything, I am also doing website development where I build beautiful tiny websites under $500!

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What Kind Of Virtual Assistant Services Can You Offer?

I get a lot of questions from readers who wonder what type of services they could provide as a VA. The truth is, there are many VA services that you can offer—both conventional (popular and high in demand ones) and unique/rare (low demand ones).

“Unique or rare talents in virtual assistant will help you craft the perfect pricing structure—one which often very lucrative.”

– Reginald Chan –

In this article I’m listing tons VA services to choose from, some you may never have thought of!

Below you’ll find a long list of services to help you get inspired to create your own VA services. I even organized them into categories so it’s easier to look through. You’ll notice that some of the services overlap into other categories.

The Ultimate List Of Virtual Assistant Services 2020:

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Ultimate List of Virtual Assistant Services

  1. Writing blog posts
  2. Writing ebooks, books, newsletters, email funnels, etc.
  3. Writing or editing audio or video transcriptions
  4. Writing social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  5. Editing & proofreading blog posts, books, websites, newsletters, recipes, etc.
  6. Email marketing
  7. Website and sales page copywriting
  8. Ghostwriting
  9. Creating product descriptions for online shops like Shopify or Etsy
  10. Grant proposals
  11. Collecting/editing testimonials
  12. Letter writing
  13. Podcast scripting

“There are many business owners who want to create blog posts, courses, and ebooks, but don’t have the time. Providing a virtual assistance service by converting their thoughts into written format (and you’ve got yourself some valuable services)!”

Reginald Chan

Admin/ Management

Admin Management Ultimate List of Virtual Assistant Services

  1. Customer service through email, chat, or phone
  2. Monitoring and responding to emails
  3. Organizing email inboxes
  4. Managing blog comments
  5. Managing social media comments
  6. Live webinar assistance
  7. Calendar maintenance
  8. Data entry
  9. Creating PowerPoint presentations
  10. Appointment setting
  11. Order fulfillment
  12. Ordering supplies
  13. Ordering, packaging, and sending gifts to clients
  14. Sending Thank You’s
  15. Writing job listings
  16. Arranging interviews
  17. Answering phone calls
  18. Re-purposing content (Example: turn a video into a written blog post or a blog post into a social media post)
  19. Taking meeting minutes
  20. Managing blog editorial calendars
  21. Client onboarding tasks like responding to emails and sending invoices and contracts
  22. Following up with leads/clients
  23. Guest post-screening
  24. Making travel arrangements
  25. Form preparation
  26. Packaging and shipping products and gifts
  27. Creating resumes
  28. Monitoring YouTube content
  29. Uploading YouTube videos
  30. Managing online communities
  31. Assisting with teleseminars
  32. Creating and updating SOPs
  33. Updating house or land listings for realtors
  34. Helping launch ebooks or programs
  35. Optimizing blog posts with images, linking to other blog posts, and adding CTAs (Call to Actions)
  36. Project management
  37. Event planning and management
  38. Giveaway management
  39. Organizing cloud files
  40. Organizing G-Drive/DropBox files
  41. Hiring and training new team members
  42. Personal shopping
  43. Translation
  44. Brainstorming ideas for blog posts, products, etc.
  45. Business strategy

“Admin tasks are some of the most sought after services. Helping business owners with these everyday to-do’s allows them to free up their time and make more money. Very valuable!”

Graphic Design

Graphic Designer Ultimate List of Virtual Assistant Services

  1. Creating graphics for blog posts
  2. Photo editing
  3. Creating slides for webinars or workshops
  4. Designing business cards, flyers, logos, menus, signage, etc.
  5. Sourcing photos for blog posts, books, social media, etc.
  6. Creating social media graphics or pins
  7. Photography for websites and promotional materials
  8. Branding services
  9. Creating brand style guides
  10. Designing ebooks
  11. Designing printables for people to sell or promote their businesses
  12. Product design for on-demand shipping

TIP: Canva has tons of templates and it is easy to learn if you’re looking to make graphics. The Pro version is very affordable and has tons of great features like easy image resizing, transparent backgrounds, and millions of stock photos.

Technology Related

Technology Ultimate List of Virtual Assistant Services

  1. Formatting blog posts
  2. Updating websites and plugins
  3. Website security and backups
  4. Website SEO
  5. Video editing
  6. Podcast editing
  7. Webinar setup
  8. Analytics reporting (Google Analytics, email, social media, etc)
  9. Setting up goals in Google Analytics
  10. Setting up UTM goals to track website traffic
  11. Setting up or migrating email lists to a new email service provider
  12. Setting up newsletter opt-in forms and sequences
  13. Setting up secure websites (https)
  14. Database creation and management
  15. Shopping cart installation/maintenance
  16. Podcast submission
  17. Web design/maintenance
  18. Creating surveys and online forms
  19. Troubleshooting, IT support
  20. Creating and managing affiliate programs
  21. Creating landing pages and squeeze pages
  22. Streamlining and automating systems
  23. Creating digital magazines
  24. File conversion
  25. Setting up spreadsheets
  26. Tracking and fixing broken links
  27. Ecourse creation
  28. Setting up membership sites
  29. Website coding
  30. Ad management
  31. Setting up digital product delivery
  32. Formatting ebooks
  33. Creating online quizzes
  34. Managing eCommerce sites
  35. Managing customer databases
  36. Creating and self-publishing books for authors

Social Media Marketing And Management

Social Media Ultimate List of Virtual Assistant Services

  1. Scheduling social media updates
  2. Designing social media graphics
  3. Creating and managing Pinterest accounts
  4. Creating and managing Promoted Pins
  5. Scheduling pins via Tailwind
  6. Creating and managing Facebook accounts
  7. Creating Facebook ads
  8. Managing Facebook groups
  9. Setting up and managing LinkedIn accounts
  10. Setting up and managing LinkedIn groups
  11. Creating social media polls
  12. Creating and managing Instagram posts
  13. Responding to social media messages
  14. Scheduling messages in ManyChat 


Research Freelance Ultimate List of Virtual Assistant Services

  1. Researching speaking opportunities
  2. Researching guest post opportunities
  3. Researching and applying to affiliate marketing programs
  4. Researching programs and resources
  5. Travel research
  6. Event research
  7. Keyword research for Etsy, Pinterest, Google, etc.
  8. Vendor/printer research
  9. Joint venture research and follow up
  10. Product research
  11. Market research
  12. Software and program research
  13. Researching and condensing information
  14. Hashtag research
  15. Sponsorship research
  16. Researching and summarizing industry news
  17. Education research
  18. Researching LinkedIn groups
  19. Product price comparison
  20. Licensing research
  21. Patent research
  22. Researching publishers
  23. Running promotions
  24. Competition research
  25. Creating SWOT analysis
  26. Researching podcast guests
  27. Software research
  28. Solution research


Bookkeeping Ultimate List of Virtual Assistant Services

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Managing payments and invoicing
  3. Processing orders and refunds
  4. Making collections calls
  5. Handling payroll
  6. Billing and invoices


Marketing Freelancer Ultimate List of Virtual Assistant Services

  1. Pitching brands
  2. Setting up sales funnels
  3. Lead generation
  4. Creating press releases
  5. Marketing strategy
  6. Blog post promotion
  7. Ebook, course, and membership promotion
  8. Ad management
  9. Promoting live events
  10. Product launches 

How To Use This List Of Virtual Assistant Services?

As you can see, there are tons of services you can offer as a VA. Doing one virtual assistant job may not be sufficient to earn a living. You can combine a bunch of related ones together and sell as a package of services, charge per project, or provide as an on-going monthly service.

If you find something that piques your interest, look into it more. If after your research you’re still interested, find out how you can learn the skills needed if you don’t have them already. You can learn from YouTube videos, Skillshare, books on Amazon, or courses you find online.

Don’t forget, Udemy and Facebook Groups are excellent resources for you to learn something new every day!

Once you feel confident about offering these new skills as a service, consider beta testing it first to see if you still like it or if it needs to be tweaked a bit before sharing it with others.

Finally, it is important to understand that because you start out with one service as a VA, it doesn’t mean that you are stuck with that service. You can change, amend or start over with more services at any time.

What do you think? If love you this ultimate list of virtual assistant services, please share this with your friends using the social media button below!

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