The Ultimate Guide In Using Quora To Generate Free Website Traffic

How To Use Quora To Generate Free Website Traffic

​The Ultimate Guide In Using Quora To Generate Free Website Traffic

Quora is one of the most popular websites in the world and it is also one of the best to generate free website traffic. In this article, you will find answers on how to generate free traffic to your site using Quora.

​Here’s what you will discover today with Quora and free website traffic.

What Is Quora?

According to Wikipedia, Quora is an American question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, and edited by Internet users, either factually or in the form of opinions.

​Here are some fun facts about Quora and why it matters when it comes to generating free website traffic:

  • ​Quora is part of worldwide 100 most visited websites club
  • ​Quora gets 620+ million visits every month
  • O​n average User browse 2 pages per visit and it has a bounce rate of 69%

“​Quora is one of the best places to ask questions. You will get many quality answers and just a handful of trolls.”

​Reginald Chan

How To Use Quora To Generate Free Website Traffic?

​There are several steps you need to do in order to generate free ​traffic using Quora. Here’s how it is done.

​1. Build An Interesting Quora Profile

​Let’s start the guide using Quora by getting the basics right—build a profile on Quora that sounds like human.

​Quora works like a social media platform where you can create your own profiles. The best way to do is by building an interesting profile.

​For example, having a simple and clear profile will give visitors an idea on who you really are (along with your expertise).

Reginald Chan How To Use Quora To Generate Website Traffic

The above is my Quora profile. When a visitor clicks on my profile, this is exactly what they will see.

  • A professional photoshot
  • ​My name
  • ​Experience
  • ​Short description

Instead of some spammy or crappy content, they know that this person is real because I had took the time to update my profile.

​2. ​Display Your Expertise

Quora is all about influencer. If you are starting new, I recommend you to display your expertise. For me, I decided to go with:

  • ​TEDx Speaker
  • ​6-Figure Online Coach
  • ​Consultant
  • Podcaster

Display Expertise Ultimate Quora Guide To Generate Free Traffic

Make no mistake in this part because​ it is important.

​The expertise you had input in your Quora profile will be helpful especially when you are publishing answers in the given niche topic.

​3. The RIGHT Way To Answer Questions On Quora (And Generate Traffic)

There are many ways to answer questions on Quora. The best way that I had personally found is by using a fixed format or template.

​Here’s how my template looks like (from top to bottom of the answer):

  • ​Intro (short paragraph, around 50 to 100 words)
  • ​Summary or TL;DR (best when your answer is like 1,000 words long)
  • ​Video, image or any form of media (you can input several of these if your answer is long)
  • Detailed answer
  • Closing or summary (100 to 200 words with Call-To-Action)

​How can this template help me to generate free traffic from Quora?

​Quora readers are just like you and me. There are information overload from the Internet and if you are going to go all the way with wall of text, you are going to lose the views.

​Great Quora influencers answer questions with long form answers while embedding media to make the answer less boring.

“​Focus in creating engaging Quora answers, and you will get more views.”

– ​Reginald Chan –

4. Pinned Answers On Quora

One of the biggest mistakes done by rookie Quora members is not leveraging Quora Pinned Answers. You can pin one answer to your profile page and this will be visible to everyone who visits your profile page.

​This is my favorite Pinned Answer.

Pinned Answers How To Use Quora To Generate Website Traffic

The answer that I had provided above has nothing to do with selling any courses or products. Instead, I was merely answering one question that had been lingering in my mind for ages.

​And I input the entire journey into the answer. On average, this post gets around ​4,500 views per week. That’s a lot to be very honest!

5. Don’t Write Boring Quora Answers

Answering questions with facts can be boring most of the time. If you want to generate free traffic to your site using Quora, avoid those boring answers.

Avoid Boring Answers Ultimate Quora Guide To Generate Free Traffic

​Instead, spend the time to make the post useful and interesting.

​I love sharing links within the post (not my links but authority links such as other guides) and using visuals to make the readers carry on reading.

6. Don’t Forget About Call-To-Action (CTA)

​Looking for the best guide using Quora? Want to generate free traffic with Quora?

​End the answer strong with a powerful call-to-action (CTA). ​Generally, a CTA can be classified as a click to a website, click to call, click to subscribe etc. For me, I love to link back to my blog posts, email newsletter, free courses and even my other Quora answers.

Call To Action Ultimate Quora Guide To Generate Free Traffic

​Do you know that the best CTA is always the one that gives more context to the perks, instead of backlink purposes?

​Here are two samples, one which is good and another is bad for CTA.

  • ​Click this link to learn how to lose 10 pounds in 30 days without taking any medication
  • ​Click this link to learn more about my fitness courses

​”How to lose 10 pounds in 30 days” gives the readers a specific perk and goal while “learn more about my fitness courses” doesn’t give any form of assurance.

Thus, the chance of clicking on the first option is higher than the second one.

​Summary: How To Generate Free Traffic To My Site Using Quora?

​Quora is one of the best sites in the world to generate free website traffic. The above strategies will help you generate more traffic without spending a single dollar on paid advertisement.

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