Top 5 Content Restriction Plugins for Your WordPress

A high-quality content plays a crucial role in the success of any website. It not only brings a large number of visitors to your website but also helps your site to get high ranking on search engines.

There is no doubt that a web design is important in making a good first impression on your audience, but the high-quality content is what will keep users coming back to your site.

However, it is essential to figure out how much access your users should have on your content because the content is the most important of your site. There are a number of content restriction plugins available that allow users to access the certain parts of the content available on your site.

By using these plugins, you can organize your users and restrict content differently for every user.

Let’s have a look at 5 popular content restriction plugins for WordPress Site.


1. PrivateContent

PrivateContent is a popular and high-rated WordPress plugin that offers various user management features all in one place.

The plugin is built by Aldo Latino having more than 9,000 active installations at present. It uses a shortcode to showcase a portion of a post content only to users of a certain roles. For instance, you get an option to display the hidden text to editors and authors only. However, an administrator can read editor’s private content.

The best part is, the plugin is quite user-friendly, you don’t need to be proficient in scripting knowledge to use this.

Speaking of its features, it comes with various advanced features like you can lock down your site entirely with a single click including the menus. Let’s check out its other features.


-It is a complete solution to restrict any site content.

-It comes with an advanced user management system along with complete tracking.

-The plugin also supports a custom skin builder. If you want to know how you can use custom post types in WordPress, read out the complete guide on

-It supports developer friendly API and hooks.


2. Restrict Content

Developed by Pippin Williamson, Restrict Content is a well-known content restriction plugin for WordPress that lets you restrict access to your content to logged-in users. The plugin is highly rated, which is specially designed for web developers and more advanced users. From free to $ 499, the plugin comes with a variety of pricing options. Moreover, the plugin comes with an extensive documentation and numerous add-ons.

Plugin Features

-It allows you limit access to content with a simple shortcode. For instance, [restrict] This.

-You can limit access to full content through a simple interface.

-You can display a registration form on any page of your site for new accounts.

-For existing users, you can display a login form on any page of your site.


3. MemberPress

MemberPress is all in one WordPress plugin which lets you build a professional WP membership site and accept credit cards without any fear.

With this plugin, you can charge your users for accessing your content and digital products like e-books and software.

Using this plugin, you can confidently manage and examine all your digital content and membership subscriptions. Besides this, MemberPress lets you grant and reverse access to pages, posts, feeds, digital files, tags, and communities on the basis of what services your users have purchased.


-It is quite user-friendly, you can immediately start charging your audience for accessing your digital content.

-It leverages various great features of WordPress and other 3rd party services such as forums, social communities, content management, etc.

-It supports easy integration for running affiliate programs, processing payments, etc.

4. WP Customer Area

It is another renowned all-in-one WordPress plugin that helps you manage private content on WordPress. Using this plugin, you can share private content such as pages, tasks, conversations, and files with one or multiple users.

WP Customer Area plugin was developed by MarvinLabs and at present, it has more than 10,000 active installations.

The plugin ensures that your member-only area is accessible to authorized users only. With this plugin, you need not worry about the security of the shared content. All the content which is shared in the space is fully secured. Even search engines don’t index this content.

Its basic version allows you to share pages and files privately for absolutely free.


-It helps you secure customer area.

-You can easily assign private pages and files to a particular user.

-You can customize the appearance of the plugin by using your own templates and themes.


5. User Access Manager

If you are looking for a solution to manage the access to your posts, pages or file, User Access Manager should be an ideal option for you.

The plugin lets you create a user group, add registered users to this group and set up the rights for them. User Access Manager plugin is going to be quite useful for you if you want to add a member area or a private section on your blog. You may use this plugin to allow users to write on your blog as well.

-You can build user groups.

-You can set individual access for editors and readers.

-It lets you add time-based access.

-You can set default user groups.

-You can hide elements in the navigation

-It supports multilingual.

-It protects your RSS feeds.

-It gives access by IP-address


Wrapping Up-

Have you ever used any of these WordPress plugins to restrict your content? If yes, do share your experience with us. If we have missed any of your favorites let us know in the following comment section, we will be glad to add that to this list.

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