5 Insights You Should Know About Make Money Blogging

According to one source, there are about 60 million blogs out there and the number is increasing every day.

You might be asking why there are so many bloggers out there and the answer is simple; They believe that they can make money blogging.

Your mind might be playing tricks on you right now, wondering if it is really possible to make a living out of blogging.

And the truth is yes, it is very possible to make a living out of several blogs ... which leads to my second question.

So, why there are so many bloggers who failed to make money?

Here are a few reasons. Yes, dive in and enjoy 🙂

Could it be caused by:

Honestly, I could list down a dozen more but does the above seems obvious to you?

Most bloggers are too obsessed with making money blogging. Seriously.

Before we proceed further, here's a quick video I had done in regards to make money through blogging.

Is it possible to really make money blogging?

The answer is yes. There's no doubt you can make money through your blog or website but the biggest question is "How?"

Question of the day: How do you make money through blogging?

Let's see what other successful bloggers say about this:

So to recap, yes it darn possible to make money through your blogs.

I too make money but I am no where close to them ... honestly 🙂

Okay. This brings to the next part of our discussion; How to make money through your blogs?

How to monetize a blog?

1. The relationship between traffic and blog earnings

Fact 101 - Traffic and blog earnings are inter-related

A blog is nothing without traffic and a low traffic blog doesn't really make a lot of money.

Now, how much do you agree with this?




Debate all you want but the truth is, you can make money through your blog with both high and low traffic. It all boils down to your own 'blogging game plan'.

Don't worry. I know you are pretty confused now but let's head over to the next part to make things ... clearer.

High traffic but low blog earnings?

Let's assume you have a blog and it is doing very well. You are getting like 1,000 visitors a day but you are not able to convert them into successful sales.

So, what's wrong?

The problem could probably lies in you and your plan.

Conversion rate has a long history with bloggers and even myself. I could get 500 traffic a day but at times, zero sales or very less sales.

And what did I learn from this?

High traffic doesn't guarantees a good blog earnings but ... good amount of traffic does increase the chances of you landing a sale, click etc on your blog.

Make sense to you?

I am not saying that high amount of traffic doesn't help in blog earning and I am saying it absolutely does!

However, if you are not focusing on the right visitor or traffic, you are wasting your effort.

My recommendation: Have a read what Steve Scott wrote in his eBook, 8 Simple Steps to Get 100,000 Blog Visitors without Working 8 Days a Week.

Low traffic but high earnings?

Now, let's say you want to go the Mexican style (okay I made that up) and aim for low traffic instead.

Why not? Chances is that you may earn more money with low traffic compared to a high traffic blog.

This is extremely useful when it comes to building a niche website. The trick here is to focus on specific traffic and not general traffic.

Personally, I would rather have just 50 traffic a day (who are very determine to buy something) instead of 500 traffic who are here for shopping.

Ever heard about targeted traffic? There you go.

To wrap this up, imagine you have 50 traffic a day which is highly optimized and targeted. This means that you would have an idea on what they are looking for.

Here, you need to provide them with the right solutions and you would have a high chance of closing the sale.

2. Monetizing a blog

I could discuss about this the whole night long when it comes to monetizing. When we talk about make money through blogging or monetizing a blog, there are several ways you can go with such as using advertisement banners, affiliate sales and providing a service.

There's no trick on this! Really.

You just got to know what is your goal, who are your potential customers and of course, not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Google Adsense and other advertising companies

In early stages of a blog development, Google Adsense and these advertising banners really help when it comes to generating income.

This is a good way to start to earn few dollars a day but nothing more unless you are doing a very specific niche blog.

For example, blogging niche has a superb low payout of less than $0.50 per click while some other niches could fetch up to $25 per click and maybe even more.

You could monetize a blog using Google Adsense or ad banners but unless you are having a high traffic blog, you won't be earning a lot.

Remember that you cannot control what advertisements are shown on your site and all you can do is to specify the categories of the advertisements shown.

Tip: Don't place too many banners on one page but instead, focus on placing them on hot spots to increase click rates.

Affiliate sales

This is actually my major contributor when it comes to monetizing my blog. When it comes to affiliate sales, providing a solution will potentially lead to a sale.

Affiliate sales offer huge monetizing chances for blogger but the reason behind so many failed bloggers is because they focus too much on closing the sales or making money out of their blogs.

C'mon guys. Let's face it.

It is always great to see the extra money in your account from affiliate sales right?

Yup, I know how that feels like ~ Felt like jumping around especially when you are getting $100 or more per successful sales.

Here's the 'not-so-good' part about affiliate sales. You could probably go weeks long without earning a single cent.

When I wrote my blogging journey in the first 60 days, I shared my earnings and many readers (some emailed me) said that it was great to see that I am able to earn like well over $200 thanks to ShareASale (which you can sign up for free) in just 60 days on a fresh blog.

Some said it was good planning but for me, affiliate sales is all about luck. You could probably write a damn good article but without luck, you might not even close a sale.

Of course, unless you are a very successful blogger with thousands of followers, we are on the same boat 🙂

How do you make money from blogging?

Make money providing a service

You could probably earn money by serving ads and doing affiliate sales but those earning (in my honest opinion) are mainly due to luck.

When you are popular or having the right type of blog traffic, you might decide that "Hey, it's time to venture out to the open sea". You know ... stepping out of your comfort zone.

That's when you can start deciding if you want to provide a service instead.

Providing a service could actually turn out to be a very lucrative profession if you have the skills.

Okay guys, before you grab a piece of paper and pen to write down your brilliant idea, this 'service' is harder than you think.

Let me ask you these:

  1. Do you think you have the expertise to provide such service?
  2. Are you experienced enough to provide one hell of a service?
  3. How many times have you done that before? (providing that service of your choice)

Now, you are not ready if your you have these terms in your answer: "I think", "probably", "may be" etc.

Yes. If you are going to provide a service, do not have the plan that sounds like this; "If A doesn't work, I will think of B."

You need to tell your potential clients like "Hey, I know what I am talking about and this is my advise" sort of thing.

Sound harsh? Not really.

Here's another example which I received from Facebook two days ago. This dude was asking if I need any SEO service for my website (duh). 

Doesn't sound like a problem? It was disastrous ... for him and here's why.

The problem is he didn't have a tiny piece of clue what SEO is! He just wanted to sell his 'how to SEO' to me. 

Do you think he made the sale? Obviously not.

Making money through blogging depends on you

Do you have any tricks when it comes to make money blogging?

I am always very interested to learn new ways to make money online or more specifically through my blogs. The truth is, 9 out of 10 times of trying would leave us nothing but disappointment.

When you find the momentum you are looking for, you need to learn how to 'plug' that into your blogging business and grow it from there.

Do you have any tips and tricks when it comes to monetizing your blog? Let's discuss it using the comment form below.

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8 Explosive Blogging Tips Other Clever Bloggers Won't Share

This blog post could probably the 10th, 100th or 1,000th that you had read about blogging tips and starting a blog. I am going to tell you that this blog (and this website) is different from any other and here's why.

Do you really think that most successful bloggers will share their secrets, tips and tricks with you? Take a moment to think about it and I will wait.


Moments of silent...


Welcome back! Guess you figured it out right? Oh wait! If not, don't worry, let me tell you why instead. Sharing vital information, tips and tricks in blogging with the other bloggers would probably means:

  1. More competitions
  2. Lesser traffic
  3. Less earnings
Most bloggers are successful because they have their own blogging tips and tricks

What are the top secret, high confidential and mind blowing blogging tips for bloggers? 

Makes any sense? Glad it does! We are on the right track here.

So, what makes me (and this blog), tell you the REAL answers on blogging tips? I am tired of seeing bloggers and potential writers going into this industry with the hope of making money blogging but ended disappointed!

I can't teach you all the blogging tips (and tricks) I know and learned but if you follow my writings here, you will probably figure out all my tricks in blogging and start making a decent living through your blogs or websites.

I am not saying that other bloggers are lying to you but the fact is that not many are telling you the whole truth about blogging and life of a blogger. So, hear me out at least (even though how much you disagree with but do tell me why using the comment form below).

And before that, I would like to share with you some slides which I recently created:


Here are 8 blogging tips all bloggers must know

One of the best blogging tips is pouring enough time into blogging

Blogging takes time, devotion and persistent to be successful 

1. Blogging is more than a job. It's a lifestyle.

If you have decided to step into the blogging industry, then allow me to give you a warm welcome. Now, let's get into business...serious business.

If you want to be successful in blogging, then you need to be mentally and physically prepared to spend time into this challenging industry. For those who read the blog articles I posted few days back, I said that Sunday is my time off from blogging. Reality is...yes but partially. I promised myself that I will wake up earlier than usual on Sundays and do some backlinks for at least 2 hours a day. Half day work? You can call that anytime, buddy.

What I am trying to say is that if you want to make money blogging, then prepare to devote your time and effort into it. Don't devote everything you got but at least, give it a 60% of everything you have first for starters.

Blogging tips #1: Everyone want to be making money through blogging but not many want to contribute time into serious blogging. So, which side of the fence are you on?

2. The reality between free blog sites and self hosted domains

It is no secret that there are bloggers who make money through their blogs on Blogspot. Oh yes they do and even one of my blogs on Blogger that is making $10 a day just through Google Adsense.

Differences between free and paid blog sites

Choose your blogging platform carefully when it comes to building a brand for your blog

You are here because you want to make money as a blogger right? How many bloggers out there who are extremely successful using their Blogspot account?

That's what I am saying, yo!

Let's see, Darren Rowse from ProBlogger, Jane from ProBloggingSuccess and Ana Hoffman from TrafficGenerationCafe doesn't use these free blogging sites. Instead, they are using self hosted domains.

Basically, free blogging sites aren't really free. Bloggers using these sites will be tied down not only to their terms and conditions but as well as the contents ownerships (for some sites).

On the other hand, self hosted domains allows bloggers to be the '˜King and Citizen' of the site. This means that bloggers are free to do any changes they like and they wished for as long as they want to.

Blogging tips #2: Small time bloggers build blogs. Serious bloggers who want to make money blogging have their own identity, brand and of course, self hosted website.

3. Money is needed to start a blog...at least a little

Investing into blogging industry

Prepare to invest at least a little when it comes to blogging 

C'mon guys! Do you really think that you can earn money without investing a single cent? You probably could and I ain't joking. However, trust me when I say that without investing some money, you are going to close many doors of opportunities. Clear example is in point #2 (above).

I started blogging years back and I was stingy (even now). I didn't want to spend a single cent on blogging! I realized that my earning capabilities are very well confined in a small, 4-walls bedroom.

What I mean was I knew I couldn't compete with the big guns without the help of paid blogging tools. That's the fact. Bloggers who says that they don't use paid blogging tools are lying. Okay, maybe they are not lying but check on their page rank, traffic etc. You get the point.

There will be times where you think you need to get a better WordPress theme, SEO content optimization or maybe a premium comment plugin to name a few. That's when you need to spend money into blogging.

Blogging tips #3: Serious bloggers invest into blogging to ensure they grow and beat the rest...even when their competitors are sleeping.

4. Successful bloggers don't spend a lot of time on their blogs and websites

One of the best blogging tips is to contribute to guest posts

Want to build good traffic blogs? Brush up on your Public Relations skills! 

Yup you hear me loud and clear (okay, you read what I wrote - my apologies). Most successful bloggers doesn't spend their whole day on their blog. So, what are they doing? Being a couch potato or lazing in their jacuzzi pool?

The fact is that they are spending at least 50% of their daily effort writing for other blogs and doing internet marketing. Hear any bells ringing when I say guest posting?

Good guest posting will generate enough traffic boost back to their own blogs simply because the sites they are writing for are having good traffic of their own. Don't forget that this is not a good way but is a great way to increase blog traffic.

Starting a blog doesn't sound to be that easy at this point right?

Even Darren Rowse (and wrote an eBook about it as well) agreed when he posted this:

Importance of guest posting

One of Darren's most popular articles published on ProBlogger 

Blogging tips #4: A good blogger plans and strategize. Good blogging strategy will not only drive traffic but also creating good readership.

5. Successful bloggers uses content optimization tools in their blogs

Proper content optimization tools will increase the blog visibility in the eyes of search engines

Onsite content optimization is important to rank well on search engines 

I am not sure about you but I certainly realized this. Do you notice that famous bloggers and websites usually have excellent content?

Okay try this when you have the time.

  1. Pick an article you liked which was written by your favorite blogger
  2. Try to figure out what are the keywords which he or she is using or focusing
  3. Count the density of the keyword(s)

Obviously, this is clear. Out of 10 blog posts I counted, 7 of them have a very good density of keywords and they are very precise. Coincidence? I don't think so.

I know once or twice could be okay but having like 7 to 8 articles out of 10 with the same '˜modus operandi' aka M.O.? This is way too good to be called coincidence I would say.

I know there are a few bloggers who are really good and doing all this manually. However, a huge part of them doesn't. Instead, they turn their heads into content optimization tools or blogging tools that helps them to enrich the article content.

Like it or not, many serious bloggers invested thousands if not hundreds on SEO tools to ensure their blogs and websites survive the cut.

Think maybe that your blog don't need any SEO optimization? Here's a free report that you can use to check on your blog's SEO status.

If you are looking for content optimization techniques, I believe this article will keep you on the right track, The Best SEO Tool For Optimizing Your Website.

Blogging tips #5: Blogging industry is very competitive nowadays. Only those who are really serious in this business will actually grow and be successful.

6. The reality of monetizing a blog or website

I don't mean to disappoint you but if you think Google Adsense can drive your earning like crazy, then you are wrong. Sorry.

Smaller blogs make money through Google Adsense. Bigger blogs make money through affiliate sales.

I believe I do not need to share with you which blogger is making money through affiliate sales and I certainly know quite a few bloggers who are making not three, not four but at least five digits of affiliate revenue monthly.

You see, I would consider this as the approach of making money blogging followed by different bloggers. Refer below to see on my earnings using one of the affiliate programs I joined:

eBay Affiliate Program is a good way for bloggers to earn money through affiliate sales

An example of my affiliate earning using eBay Affiliate Program 

From the image above, I could easily be earning more using affiliate sales compared to Google Adsense clicks. Makes sense? Go figure!

Blogging tips #6: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Don't focus making money with Google Adsense. Instead, focus making money blogging with Google Adsense and affiliate programs as well!

7. Traffic above earnings

Most bloggers focus on monetizing blog instead of increasing blog traffic

Traffic is the source of any blog monetization methods. Boost traffic and blog earnings will follow 

Why most bloggers fail and give up within the first 3 months of blogging? This is because most of them have the money sign on their forehead even before getting a stable traffic!

If you have plans on starting a blog to make money, then start thinking how to generate enough traffic first!

Traffic is the core factor which will affect your blog earning. The more traffic you are getting, the better chance of creating a money blog or at least, generating a nice and small income through blogging.

Blogging tip #7: Money blogs are generating money because of traffic and not the other way around. 

8. Control the number of advertisement on your blog

Most bloggers does this same mistake over and over again. As a blogger, you want your blog to be content rich and not advertisement rich. If you have in starting a blog, then make sure you control the limits on advertisements on your blog.

The number of advertisements which Google Adsense allow is only 3 per page. This clearly shows that not only Google Adsense acknowledge the importance of the banners, they also value the importance of content quality.

Blogging tips #8: Too many advertisement and banners aren't good for blogging business. Reduce them and see traffic grow within the next few weeks if not months!

Increase your blog earnings by placing banners on hotspots only

Placing the right advertisement at the right location will increase click rates

Over to you

So, what do you think of these 8 blogging tips?

Like it or hate it?

Tell me all about it and if you have anything under your sleeves that you want to share. Who knows, you maybe be featured in my post as well!

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