Link Whisper Review: Automatic Internal Link Building Plugin For WordPress

Link Whisper


Automated and manual internal link building system


Zero learning curve (best for beginners)


1-click report for all internal and outbound links


Build internal links without going through each post manually


Automatic keyword suggestion for link building



  • Automated and manual internal link building system
  • Zero learning curve (best for beginners)
  • 1-click report for all internal and outbound links
  • Build internal links without going through each post manually
  • Automatic keyword suggestion for link building


  • There is no free plan available
  • Yearly payment (there's no life time deal at this moment)

“Internal link building is one of the most underused strategies in SEO and Link Whisper takes the hard work out of it by making intelligent suggestions that are easy to manage.”

Matthew Woodward

I’m not going to sugar coat this. Internet link building is a powerful method to rank your blog faster on Google results. If you had been doing SEO for a long time, you know that internal link building process is crazily painful and time consuming.

I can’t agree more, until I came across Link Whisper plugin. Before we dive right into the Link Whisper review, I used to build internal links manually. With this plugin, I am able to create hundreds of internal links in just a few minutes. 

Carry on to learn more.

What is internal link building and why it matters?

Internal links are links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. They are commonly used in main navigation. These type of links are useful for three reasons:

  • They allow users to navigate a website.
  • They help establish information hierarchy for the given website.
  • They send the right signals to Google for rank juice and ranking.

This is how an internal link building structure looks like:

Internal Link Building with Link Whisper

Link Whisper Review: The Summary That Matters

I had used Link Whisper for over a week now and I got to say, it is rather awesome to say the very least. Here’s the summary of Link Whisper which I feel you will find them useful.

Advantages and disadvantages of Link Whisper

Link Whisper is a powerful SEO plugin that helps you to build internal link, in just a few clicks.


  • Automated and manual internal link building system
  • Zero learning curve (best for beginners)
  • 1-click report for all internal and outbound links
  • Build internal links without going through each post manually
  • Disabling or deleting the plugin does not break the link
  • Automatic keyword suggestion for link building
  • Inbuild broken link checker
  • Easily build hundreds or thousands of internal links in just minutes, not hours or days
  • Compatible with nearly all editors and themes: Classic, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Thrive, Architect, Elementor, WooCommerce, Kadence Blocks, and most other editors and themes
  • Doesn’t slow down WordPress site


  • There is no free plan available
  • Yearly payment (there’s no life time deal at this moment)


Link Whisper is an excellent SEO plugin for website owners who want better search engine results and rankings through building internal links. What makes this plugin extremely unique is the ability to add internal link building without breaking your site, no coding skills required and more importantly, automatic link building (a plug in and play plugin).

What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is the newest WordPress plugin that helps you build internal links faster and smarter. This tool gives you the control to do internal building on one dashboard instead of going to multiple posts and editing them.

There are several advantages using Link Whisper plugin to build internal links. Here are some of them.

Automated Link Building

Automatic link suggestions as you write your blog

Links Whisper is smart. Powered by artificial intelligence, Link Whisper starts suggesting relevant internal links when you start writing your article right within the WordPress editor.Depending on how many articles you have on your site and the relevance of your existing content, Link Whisper will suggest dozens or more internal links from the content you are editing.

Just check the box and hit save. Internal links are done in just a few clicks.

Build internal links with old blogs quickly

Ever wondered if you have any “orphan” content out there that doesn’t have a single internal link built to it?With Link Whisper you can quickly see which pages have very little or no internal links pointing to them.But it doesn’t stop there! You can just as quickly click “add” new internal links TO those articles with very few internal links pointing to them.

Internal Links With Old Blog PostsAutomatic Keyword Suggestion

Automatic links from keywords of your choice

Want to build internal links faster? Try Link Whisper’s “Auto-Linking” feature!Simply input the keyword you want to build links from and then specify the URL you want those links to go to. Just like that and Link Whisper will automatically build links from all past and future mentions of those targeted keywords to the page of your choice.

Internal links reporting dashboard

With the in-depth link reporting, you can take control of your site structure and get the data you need to truly optimize your site.Not only can you get a great overview of your entire site, but you can also see how many outbound internal links and external links are coming from each article. The links stats dashboard gives you a complete understanding of internal and external links as well as any broken links, errors, or posts that could use some additional internal links.

Internal Links Report DashboardBroken Links Report

Broken links report

Wonder if you have an 404 pages or broken links on your site? Link Whisper makes it extremely easy to see all your broken internal and external links.You can also quickly edit or remove any broken links within Link Whisper.

Link Whisper Review: How to use Link Whisper correctly?

Link Whisper is an easy to use SEO plugin for WordPress that helps you build internal links on automation.

Here’s how to use Link Whisper correctly to build internal links for SEO faster.

Step 1. Link Whisper is a paid plugin. Lucky for you, you can try it for 30 days and get a full money back refund. If you want to build internal links without spending money, I recommend you to try Link Whisper and ask for a refund on day 29. Click here to get Link Whisper (and get yourself $20 discount).

Step 2. Install Link Whisper plugin to your WordPress site. Upon installing the site, the plugin will do a full site scan. To see the dashboard, head over to wp-admin » Link Whisper (left side column) » Report.

The Link Whisper dashboard looks like this.

Link Whisper Dashboard

Step 3. Click on Links Report on the top toolbar to start doing internal link building. This is what you will see after clicking on it.

Internal Link Building Using Link Whisper

As you can see, there’s one post which was published that has no inbound internal links. Let’s build some internal links by clicking on the Add button.

Step 4. Next, you will get a list of blog posts that you can easily add internal links directly to the given blog post. See below.

Automatic Link Building With Link Whisper

  • Phrase represents the hyperlink and anchor text that you will be doing the internal building with.
  • Post represents the internal link building source.

The Edit Sentence allows you to customize the hyperlink text to fit your blog or goals. It is important to note that Link Whisper will do automatic suggestions and replacement (if you enable it).

Step 5. Tick the boxes you want to build internal links with and click Add Links. It takes around 2 seconds to complete and you will see the confirmation popup.

Successfully Add Internal Links

Link Whisper Review: Should I be getting Link Whisper to build internal links?

I’m not going to sugar-coat this for you. Link Whisper is an excellent SEO plugin to build internal links quickly and effectively. 

If you have a high traffic blog like I do with over 600+ articles, internal link building can be a crazy task to do. As a matter of fact, I hire VA (virtual assistant) for $20 per hour to fix my internal link building strategy.

With Link Whisper plugin, my VA can do more work faster and more efficiently. Plus, I could possible reduce my VA spending too!

Link Whisper Review: How much does Link Whisper costs?

We came to the most important part of all—how much is Link Whisper?

Currently, Link Whisper is running a promotion that offers a straight, $25 discount for every purchase.

Link Whisper Review Link Whisper Pricing

Summary: Link Whisper Review 2020

Link Whisper is definitely my new go-to SEO tool to help with internal link building process. There’s no doubt that it is super useful and makes internal link building easy and effective. Overall, I can’t recommend Link Whisper enough and I encourage you to try it yourself.

The limited Link Whisper promo code lasts for the next few days only! So hurry up!