Written by Reginald Chan on May 28, 2020

6 Ideas To Improve The User Experience Of Your Website

Your website visitors expect a seamless and engaging experience. To hold attention and convert leads, there are many different things you’ll need to focus on. It’s advisable to use conversion rate optimization tools to assess the performance of your site. Besides this, try the following six steps.

1 . Simple Navigation

One of the simplest ways to improve user experience is to ensure that the navigation is simple. Users should be able to move through the various features and sections of your website without guidance. Ensure that your visitors can find the answers to all of their queries easily on your site. It’s also advisable to use chatbots, to cover any extra queries and improve customer service.

2. Personalized Experiences

In 2020, personalized marketing is right on-trend. This style of marketing attempts to appeal to consumers on an individual level. One brand using personalized experiences on its website is ‘Shutterfly.’ First, they ask users for access to their photo library. From here, Shutterfly displays that person’s photos on the various items in the store (photo mugs, photo calendars, etc.). Using AI and social media preferences, you may be able to offer your customers a personalized experience.

3. Social Buttons

When consumers read an intriguing article or watch an exciting video, they want to share it on social media. This is good news for brands, so make sure that you provide social sharing buttons on your website. Remember that your consumers may use a range of different platforms, so it’s best to incorporate all social sites, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

4. Engaging Calls To Actions

Guide your visitors through your site by using engaging and distinct calls to actions. The trick is that you don’t want to be too ‘salesy’ about it. This year an increasing number of brands are using conversational copywriting. A conversational tone isn’t just useful for a call to action; it’s useful for your overall content. Consumers respond well to a casual tone of voice, and these tones are also handy to optimize for voice searches.

5. Authentic Photos & Videos

Most brands know that using attractive photos and videos is vital. The best thing to do is to use authentic images of your employees, as opposed to stock photos. Authentic photos can help your company seem more professional and personable. When it comes to your videos, employee-generated content can help to widen your reach and save you money on marketing. High quality video content will also help to boost your SEO.

6. Fully Responsive

It’s essential to make sure your site is fully optimized for mobile. The vast majority of searches are conducted via mobile phones, so your layout should look just as perfect on a phone screen. Free tools such as Google Page Speed Insights can help you check your page speeds on different devices.

With lots of competition online, it’s advisable to invest in custom website design. Using a professional design company, you’ll achieve the perfect site to represent your brand and generate leads.

6 Ideas To Improve The User Experience Of Your Website
Article written by Reginald Chan
A meticulous entrepreneur by nature, Reginald is a sought-after success coach, digital marketing consultant and TEDx speaker from Asia. Currently, he teaches others how to make money online for free.

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