Best 10 SEO Tips for Beginners

The rapid advancement of technology has led to numerous changes in the world of search engine optimization. However, certain principles have not changed over the years. For instance, using certain keywords with the intent of improving organic rankings doesn’t work with search engines today.

However, choosing the right keywords has always worked. Your keywords should reveal more about your users and what they’re problems are. Most beginners take keywords for face value. Keywords may have several different meanings. The intent behind any search is critical to your ranking.

Therefore, you need to be cautious when interpreting the keywords that you are targeting. The best way to understand the user intends to enter your keywords into a search engine and see the kind of results that come up.

With lots of SEO techniques being paraded in front of you every day, it’s quite difficult to determine which ones to follow and ignore. What SEO tips lead to results?

Eliminate anything that slows down your site’s speed

In SEO, page speed is an important factor that you should prioritize. In the past, anyone could get away with a site that loaded slowly. People could wait for more than five minutes to access their favorite sites. Today, a slow site will destroy you. A slow page not only frustrates the users but also discourages them from buying your products or services.

Link to websites with relevant high-quality content

According to Brian Clark, linking out to other websites is essential for your growth. Most people think that linking out to relevant high-quality content is bad because it takes people away from their site. But this is not the case. Remember, your goal is to help your readers solve their problems.

Avoid writing for search engines

Most bloggers and content creators are so focused on improving their rankings that they ignore the power of engaging and valuable content. If you’ve been doing this, it’s time to stop. Search engines won’t buy research papers like students or the products on your site. Write for your content users and forget about search engines.

Encourage relevant sites to link to you

Inbound links do play an important role in search engine rankings. By combining dofollow and nofollow links, you’ll have a natural link profile and Google will reward you. The key to getting relevant sites to link to you is creating high-quality content.

Stay up to date with the latest changes in SEO

To master SEO, you need to follow the trends and algorithm updates that may affect your site. Staying informed about any new changes will greatly increase your chances of winning. This applies to the beginner and the experienced professional equally.

Use meaningful URLs

If users have a hard time reading and understanding your URL, then search engines will be confused. It’s better to have a long and easy URL than a short and complex URL. Remember, search spiders are programs. Therefore, they need to be guided accordingly.

Understand the link between SEO and social media

Social signals may not affect your rankings. But it’s important to understand how social media can affect your search results. Since social media platforms play an important role in our lives, it can define a big section of our online authority and presence.

Use appropriate keywords in your images

Images are critical in search engine optimization. Google has an entire section dedicated to images. This should communicate the importance of pictures. Users use keywords to search for a particular image.

Publish unique content

Unique content improves your fresh score and search engine rankings. Never sacrifice high-quality and engaging content for anything.

Know your numbers

In the SEO world, results are everything. You can track your performance using Google Analytics. This service provides graphs, stats, and charts.


With these ten tips, improving your performance and rankings shouldn’t be a difficult thing. It’s important to spend some time doing your research on search engines before trying out anything. Search Engine Optimization is a complex process and it takes time for results to show.

Therefore, do not become discouraged if things don’t work out as quickly as you expected. One of the keys that will help you become good with SEO is to be a lifelong learner. The moment you stop learning; you start falling behind. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, you can easily access, sites, blogs, and tutorials that will help you learn and improve your performance.

Finally, never sacrifice high-quality content for anything. Your goal is to help users solve their problems. When you help users get what they want, they’ll help you get what you want in the long run. Start using these tips today!