Top 8 Lead Generation Tools for WordPress 2019

This year is all about lead generation.

Yes, lead generation is not dead and as a matter of fact, lead generation is extremely important for bloggers and website owners.

Did you know?

As an affiliate marketer, proper lead generation process can help you generate more conversion and sales. Based on stats, the right lead generation strategy and tool will help you convert as high as 10% of your overall traffic, and turning them from website visitors into potential customers.

And without further a due, let's start with the list of the top 8 lead generation tools for WordPress in 2019.

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster Top Lead Generation Tool 2019

OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin that converts website visitors into subscribers and customers. It offers great features that makes it easy for marketers to acquire new leads and customers.

Features that make OptinMonster powerful include: a drag and drop form builder, exit intent technology, A/B split testing, the ability to show specific messages for different campaigns, and built-in analytics.

OptinMonster allows you to quickly build high converting lead generation campaigns, in minutes. It’s simple to use and we definitely recommend trying it.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about OptinMonster lead generation tool.

OptinMonster is not a free lead generation tool (sadly). Pricing starts at $9 per month and this is one of the best lead generation plugin that money can buy.

2. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads Review

If OptinMonster ins't your cup of tea, you are going to love Thrive Leads.

Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress.

First and foremost, Thrive Leads is the list building solution that's created by a team of people who are obsessed with conversion optimization.

And this means that every opt-in form and lead generation feature is focused heavily in conversion.

After all, what's the point of having a great opt in form but zero conversion, right?

Wondering if Thrive Leads is right for you?

John Lee Dumas

WOW, a 238% increase in conversions when I switched to Thrive Leads. This is the most powerful list building plugin I’ve used and the team behind it is ON FIRE!

Absolutely gets a recommendation from me.

- Founder, Entrepreneur On Fire

Thrive Leads lead generation tool allows you to create opt in forms without using any software and directly on your WordPress site using it's intuitive drag and drop builder.

3. Sumo (previously known as SumoMe)

Sumo Lead Generation Tool and Plugin

Sumo seems to be growing faster than ever in popularity, and for a good reason. Sumo is more than just a lead generation tool, but a full suite of products designed to grow your website traffic.

Tools like the Sumo welcome mat, smart bar, scroll box, and more will help you grow your traffic while collecting valuable leads. Over 300,000 websites are currently using Sumo, including some notable ones such as: Airbnb, Complex, Canva, The Art of Manliness, and BarkPost.

It is important to note that Sumo had been much of a lead generation tool for WordPress (past few years). With the growth of eCommerce, the company started to diverse deeper into this platform and now, it is a lead generation tool for major eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and WordPress at the same time.

4. Hello Bar

Hello Bar Lead Generation Tool for WordPress 2019

What does Neil Patel and Hello Bar have in common? Go figure!

Hello Bar makes it extremely easy to convert more of your visitors into customers. It makes it so that when people visit your website, they’ll see a subtle bar at the top of the page that encourages them to join your email list (or start a trial of your product). 

Hello Bar is a simple to install WordPress plugin that is a valuable tool to have in your lead generation arsenal. It doesn’t only work, but it works very well. 

Apart from that, Hello Bar is absolutely free to use (plus point). You are only required to pay for Hello Bar subscription if you are generating way more leads than the norm.

5. Hustle – Pop-Ups, Slide-ins and Email Opt-ins

Hustle – Pop-Ups, Slide-ins and Email Opt-ins Lead Generation Tool 2019

Developed by the popular, WPMU DEV, this is definitely one of the best free lead generation tool for WordPress in 2019.

Hustle is the ultimate marketing plugin for building a mailing list, targeted marketing, lead generation, building a social following, improving conversions, and growing your business.

Hustle let’s you easily grow your mailing list or display targeted ads across your site with pop-ups, slide-ins, widgets, and shortcodes.

Want to know how it works? Hit the play button now!

Summary: Hustle Pop Ups, Slide-ins and email opt-ins for WordPress is definitely an awesome lead generation tool that you should try today.

6. Email Subscribers & Newsletters by Icegram

Email Subscribers & Newsletters by Icegram

Email Subscribers is a complete newsletter plugin which lets you collect leads, send automated new blog post notification emails, create & send newsletters and also manage them all in one single place.

If you are looking for a simple but highly effective lead generation tool for 2019, this is one plugin to try on your WordPress website.

7. LeadPages

Cheap Landing Page Builder Using LeadPages

If you are thinking of having a lead generation tool that doesn't require coding skills, LeadPages is another great option to consider.

With over 45,000 business using LeadPages and over 1,000 available integration with third party apps, LeadPages is definitely one of the heavy hitters in the market. 

Unlike other WordPress plugin, LeadPages converts website visitors to customers through landing pages — instead of the traditional pop up or slide ins forms.

The pricing for LeadPages starts at $17 per month (more discount when you go for annual payment).

Want to give LeadPages a run? Hit the button below now!

8. WP Chatbot by MobileMonkey

WP Chatbot by MobileMonkey

Chatbot is taking the world by storm — and if you are looking for a good one to included in your website arsenal, WP Chatbot by Mobile Mobile is definitely a great option.

Instead of having all the hassle in setting up a working Messenger on your website, this tol by MobileMonkey ensures that you can have a working lead generation tool working on your site within minutes (and not hours).

The best part about MobileMonkey?

There are both free and paid options that you can go with. Of course, the free version is a great tool to have your toes dipped into the water and experience it for yourself!

Want to know more about MobileMonkey and how it can help you with lead generation?

Check out the demo version below!

Which is the best lead generation tool for WordPress?

I want to be honest with you — all the above are great options to go with.

If you are looking for a simple and easy lead generation tool (and you don't require much features), Sumo is a great option.

If you are looking for a full-fledged lead generation tool, both OptinMonster and Thrive Leads are excellent choices to go with.

Safe bet? OptinMonster and Thrive Leads are two of the best lead generation tools that don't suck (seriously).

Plus, these are the exact tools I use for all my WordPress websites!