Do you want to make professional animated videos?

I'm not talking about the $5 Fiverr gig or those low quality animation. I'm talking about high quality ones and I'm sure you want that as well.

When Lilach from CommsAxis reached out to me about GoAnimate, I knew it was something I seriously need to dig into. Trust me, I was so involved with GoAnimate that I have recommended this to a few of my colleagues and clients.

For starters, GoAnimate made a super, duper bold statement that anyone can make an animation under 5 minutes. Of course, I was like "you must be joking me!"

A quick check on GoAnimate on Youtube and they have more than 14,500 fans! Obviously, they should be creating some sort of excellent videos to attract the fans.

In this 2 minutes video, take a look at how GoAnimate can work for you:

Now, let's see how GoAnimate works and if it is able to live up to the statement.


GoAnimate - Creating high quality animations videos

For those who are wondering, GoAnimate is a web based tool to create animations and it was founded by Alvin back in 2007.

Their mission (which can be found here) is to help businesses, schools, and individuals to make good videos quickly and easily.

Oh yes, I really love their slide on their About Us page because they feature their colleagues on both fun and working times -- Smart move!

For those do their own videos, you know how hard it is to create one. Without GoAnimate, it takes me over 6 hours just to create a video.

Yes, it takes a lot of time!

Personally, GoAnimate is probably the first video making tool I ever use that has the drag and drop feature. Seriously? A-W-E-S-O-M-E!


GoAnimate features

I got to admit, there are tons of features on GoAnimate and probably I can't cover them all in this post. So, I'll give a brief explanation about them.

According to GoAnimate official website, the tool helps to:

  • Providing flexibility for video making
  • Simple video making process (use any background or choose a pre-made scene, drag and drop other features including voice)
  • Generate spoken words (ideas) into animation
  • Advanced features in video making (moving characters around and adding props for example)


The process of creating GoAnimate animation videos

The process of making (animation) videos is not that easy if you doesn't have a creative mindset. Yes, I am not creative and creating a normal video is already challenging for me.

The workflow should be something like this:

  • Plan a story line
  • Voice recording for your characters
  • Finding the right characters for your videos
  • Adding background music
  • Publishing the animation

The final results?

Here are two animations using GoAnimate:

Pretty sleek right?


GoAnimate Dashboard

GoAnimate Dashboard

The dashboard is very clean and simple.

Upon login in or sign up (grab a free account here), you'll be able to:

  • See all your videos (published and drafts)
  • Activity feed
  • Weekly statistics
  • General statistics

In short, you get everything all the important stats and settings on one page which is a HUGE time saver.


Creating a video

The process is really easy using GoAnimate.

1. Click on the 'Make A Video' button on the top right.

How to make a video with GoAnimate


2. Two options to choose from; making a video from scratch or pre-made templates. You can also use the 'character creator' to create your own characters.

Building a video from scratch


3. Finding the right setting (background effects / scenarios)

Using the pre-made templates, just click left or right to choose the right scenario.

A few of my favorite scenarios are:

  • Office meeting
  • Interview
  • In the break room

Choosing a video scene


4. Selecting the appearance of your characters

You can choose ready made templates (again) for characters which is great and easy.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can even create your own characters.

Choosing a character


5.  Recording voice

With GoAnimate, you can easily select voice for your characters with filters such as:

  • Different languages
  • Different genders
  • Adding emotions

GoAnimate comes to lip-sync feature and this means that you can see the characters actually taking to look even more realistic.

Dialog features on GoAnimate


6. Preview before publishing

The last step is to preview the animation video. Click on the preview button to view (as below).

GoAnimate review


Creating your own animated videos from scratch using GoAnimate

For those who want to be different or would love to have an unique animated video, you can use GoAnimate drag and drop feature.

Simply click on 'Start From Scratch' as seen in number 2 above to proceed. Here's a view of GoAnimate video maker platform.

Full GoAnimate review


How much does GoAnimate costs?

GoAnimate comes with several plans you can choose from:

  • Personal plan - $58 per year
  • GoPublish - $39 per month
  • GoPremium - $79 per month
  • GoTeam - $250 per month

Looking for GoAnimate discount? Sign up for yearly plans and get a huge discount!

GoAnimate has taken the whole process of creating an animated video as easy as 1, 2 and 3 for me. How about you?

See GoAnimate in action here.


What do you think about GoAnimate?

I certainly hope you enjoy this review as much as I do. Tell me what you think in the comment form below.