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Revolutionary and Affordable Content Delivery Network – KeyCDN

I can’t bear the thoughts of a slow loading website. Being in the WordPress sphere for some solid years, I’m always looking for better solutions to speed up my website. Down my blogging path, I have written about MaxCDN and content delivery networks which I used so dearly in my daily content marketing life.

Recently, I came across Jonas Krummenacher, Co-Founder of KeyCDN and it was long for me to take a look at KeyCDN. After all, I consider myself a huge WordPress geek and there is absolutely no risk when it comes to checking out a new toy.

In this article, you’ll find informations you need to know about KeyCDN and how it could literally speed up your website loading speed.


What is KeyCDN?

KeyCDN review

Taken directly from its official website, KeyCDN is a service of Proinity LLC.

We are a Swiss registered company headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland. The company is privately funded. We’re a passionate team operating a high-performance content delivery network (CDN). We make content delivery smarter and less expensive.

KeyCDN practices 4 core values which are professional, passionate, skilled and proactive. Being in the customer service industry for some years, these are definitely 4 important core features any companies would need to get more loyal customers and as well as sales.


Features offered by KeyCDN

Make no mistake; KeyCDN provides several top features of any other content delivery network providers do such as:

  • Pull and push functionality
  • Video hosting features
  • RTMP streaming features
  • Security
  • Management dashboard
  • Super affordable prices and plans

The descriptions of the features are as follow below.

1. Pull and push functionality

With KeyCDN, you can create as many zones that you require and it would only take a few minutes for the configurations to be activated globally. You can then upload your files directly using FTP, SSH or even integrating with cache plugins like W3 Total Cache and Super Cache.

2. Video hosting capabilities

Do you think tools like Wistia is just too pricey and YouTube being too risky? You easily host all your videos using KeyCDN.

Bloggers, you can even monetize your videos using the KeyCDN ads enabled video player which is really cool!

3. Easy RTMP streaming

KeyCDN offers Video on Demand (VOD) and Live Streaming based on RTMP, RTMPT and RTSP. Well, this simply means that you can easily accelerate your streaming across the globe real, real fast.

KeyCDN supports several file formats for VoD such as:

  • FLV
  • MP4
  • .ismv, .isma
  • MP3

4. Security features

In today’s world, security is a huge concern for many (including me). With KeyCDN, you can rest assured security is taken into serious consideration.

KeyCDN has several features which takes security to the next level such as:

  • Secure token
  • Shared SSL
  • Custom SSL

SSL certificate can be integrated and configured with just a few clicks, plus for those who require additional support and assistance, access tokens can be created for more advance usages (e.g. management access etc).

5. Powerful management dashboard

KeyCDN dashboard

KeyCDN dashboard provides a detailed overlook on the credit amount, zones available and used storage (to name a few).

Navigations are pretty easy and no-brainer even for an absolute newbie. The below are some features you can find on the management dashboard:

  • Close to real-time reporting
  • Account usage and statistics
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Accessible via mobile and tablets (huge plus point)
  • Available invoices for viewing
  • API’s


Reginald, what makes KeyCDN really powerful?

For me, it must be the integration with WordPress. Regardless if you are using W3 Total Cache (W3TC) or Super Cache, integration can be done under one minute.

KeyCDN users are able to access the knowledge library which has a full list of questions and answers which is really useful. And, trust me — the knowledge library is really well-equipped with information.

To show the ease of using KeyCDN, this is the only CDN service provider that I had used (and did not require any support assistance). So yes, a huge kudos to the team for that.

Need another plus point for using KeyCDN? The pricing structure of Pay Per Use if really good for those who have very limited budget.

The traffic pricing (as seen below) is really affordable even for the lowest budget and personally, I don’t believe there is any other services that can match the features and benefits provided by KeyCDN.

KeyCDN pricing structure


Getting started with KeyCDN

Are you looking for a good content delivery network service provider? You should (definitely) give KeyCDN a try and get a free trial using this link: Sign up for a free trial account with KeyCDN

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