Are you having problems trying to create more traffic from social media? Or maybe, you do not have enough time to maintain all those social media platforms?

Don't fuss. I'm here to help and I am offering social media services just for you.

Description of Social Media services

Basically, I will be sharing your article links to social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

And unlike other services, you need to provide me the estimated time to share the links. I do not share all links at one time as it looks spammy. Instead, my advise is dividing those shares into several times daily or days.

There will be taglines which you can do yourself or ... I will do it for you free.

Duration of service: Depends on the packages taken

How do we communicate: Email

Payment method: PayPal

In the case where you do not have PayPal, feel free to contact me and maybe we could work out another payment method.

Discount availability:

Discount is on ad-hoc and is on a case to case basis. I wouldn't want to make you spend your money for nothing.

Package 1

Basically, each links will be shared 10 times across 5 social media platforms. Monthly plans are as below:

Starter plan [$10 each] - 10 links per month (total 500 social shares)

Beginner plan [$20 each] - 25 links per month (total 1,250 social shares)

Custom plan [Upon request] - Everything is totally customized for you. Price will be quoted accordingly. All you need to do is to fill up the form below.

Package 2

This package is all about helping you to build a strong social presence on the Internet. You will be guided and receive assistance in terms of:

  1. Leveraging social media platforms to grow traffic
  2. Bring the best out of every social media share
  3. How to make social media a partner in crime with you in terms of building traffic and reputation building

Cost: $25

Duration: 7 days

Method of teaching: Emails (tutorials) and Skype (questions and answers)


Important notes:

  1. This services is limit to 5 customers per month to maintain excellent level of services.
  2. I do not guarantee any confirmed traffic but rest assured is that you are doing to get additional traffic to your website.
  3. Links shared must be non gambling, non illegal, not affiliate links and not sales pages.
  4. I only accept links to articles, blog posts or videos (Youtube for example).

If you have any further inquiry, you can contact me on your blogging woes using the form below:

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