How To Make 50 Dollars A Day Online? [The ULTIMATE Guide 2020]

Discover 13+ ways to make 50 dollars a day online and for free. Here are the best work from home opportunities to earn $50 a day for free.
How To Make 50 Dollars A Day Online

How To Earn 50 Dollars A Day Online Without A Day Job?

Let me guess. You want to earn 50 dollars a day online but you have no idea where to start. I’m going to share with you the quickest list to making money. This list is really short and only has 5 ways on how to make 50 dollars a day and you don’t need a job.

If you’re wondering how to make 50 dollars a day online, you’ve come to the right place. In the list below, I’ve compiled 14 ideas that definitely work. 

I want you to know that there are many blog posts and roundup posts with dozens and hundreds of tips in making 50 dollars a day. I have three full length posts for you to discover them in more detail:

Without further delaying, here’s how to make 50 dollars a day online legitimately. You will definitely have to invest time and effort in the process but I promise you that the opportunities can be monetized.

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Table of Contents

Write an Ebook (or a Few)

Writing and publishing eBook is one of the most powerful ways to make $50 a day online in 2020. With the constant growth in technology and mobile usage, people are going towards eBooks because it is easier to read and ‘carry’ anywhere.

Here are some crazy facts for you.

The number of self-published books in the US grew from 85,468 in 2008 to over one million in 2017. In 2017 alone, self-publishing grew at a rate of 28 percent and according to an estimate, a title will generate approximately 11,200 dollars of revenue in its lifetime.

That’s a pretty impressive figure and a confirmation of the fact you can make 50 dollars per day or even more with ebook writing.

Write An eBook And Make 50 Dollars A Day Online

The trick here is to create multiple titles and to utilize these for cross-promotion. Having the different titles within the same field is a good idea because you’ll be putting together an entire portfolio a targeted audience would want to read.

It’s also very important to rely on multiple distribution channels. While Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the biggest one, it’s not the only option out there. I really like and use Draft2Digital because the conditions are really good and they’re constantly increasing the portfolio of online stores that your ebooks, print publications and audio books will be submitted to.

Get Paid to Take Surveys

Want to know a quick way to make 50 dollars a day online without working hard? Yes, taking part in survey can help you earn 50 dollars a day from home without working hard and making a sweat.

The answer is simple! Do paid surveys online to make a quick 50 dollars.

Make 50 Dollars A Day With Surveys

Survey Junkie is 100% free to join and the signup literally takes less than 1 minute. Survey Junkie is available in selected countries (mainly US and Europe). 

If you want to earn 50 dollars per day with survey, I recommend you to join AS MANY AS YOU CAN to maximize your earning potential.

People as young as 13 years old are legitimately doing surveys and making money.

If a 13 year old can do it, so can you!

Sell Cool Slogan Shirts Online

Printing and selling shirts online is a growing trend especially when it comes to making money online. Selling cool slogan shirts online (with the help of technology) can easily earn you hundreds of dollars a day with the strategy.

How To Sell Slogan Shirt Online And Make 50 Dollars A Day

The mechanism to sell shirts online is to ensure that you have a website and eCommerce store. 

And if you have no experience in any of these, don’t worry. Shopify is the best eCommerce store (and the most affordable ones too) to help you get started on the right track.

Build a Blog and Start Affiliate Marketing

How much money can you make from blogging?

This is one of the common questions asked by many. To be honest, building a blog is cheap (almost free) and you can easily turn it into a super awesome business opportunity to make $100 a day from the Internet.

How To Start A Blog And Earn 50 Dollars A Day Online

Professional bloggers make at least a few thousands from blogging and it just proves that blogging is a great work from home opportunity.

How to make 50 dollars a day online with blogging?

Follow these steps to start a blog and earn money today.

  1. Choose a domain name.
  2. Get a web hosting (I recommend starting a WordPress blog on Bluehost as it will allow you to have full ownership of what you promote).
  3. Install free WordPress theme.
  4. Install recommended WordPress plugins.
  5. Choose a few affiliate programs to join (to promote products and earn commission). I use ShareASale and you should too.

Do a Bit of Freelance Writing

If eBook writing isn’t the thing for you and you’re still wondering how to make 50 dollars a day online, you may want to give freelance writing a try.

Freelance writing gigs come in all shapes and sizes.

The best part?

You can start with minimum experience (or no experience at all).

There will be clients looking for articles, social media publications, marketing copy, ebooks, whitepapers, website content, magazine and newspaper articles, press releases, editorials, poetry – you name it, someone’s willing to pay for it.

Many simple assignments and if you have some love for the written word, you’ll discover one or more gigs to fall in love with.

Become A Freelance Writer And Earn $50 A Day From Home

To earn 50 dollars a day online through freelance writing, you’ll need to join multiple websites that feature such projects. Some of the best options out there include:

  • Upwork: the variety of Upwork jobs is great and definitely worth a try. To score a project, however, you’ll need to have a portfolio and some experience.
  • Textbroker: defined as a content mill, Textbroker is a good choice because the tasks are simple and it’s relatively easy to get accepted and start writing.
  • Content mills: joining multiple content mills will give you access to an array of projects. The problem with content mills is that the rates aren’t the best ones out there. If you just want to earn a bit of additional income, these websites will be a good choice. Those who want to build a freelance writing career, however, may want to look for an alternative.

There are numerous other ways to look for writing jobs, as well. Doing a bit of online research will reveal those possibilities.

Looking for the right gigs, however, isn’t the only key thing to make money writing. It’s very, very, important to work on building your portfolio and your writing style.

Copyscape is one of these tools and Grammarly is the other. In my experience, many clients rely on Grammarly to check the work of the freelancers that they partner up with. Thus, getting in the habit of using the tool before submitting your work is going to be an excellent idea.

You will need a couple of tools to invest in for best results.

Learn Persuasive Writing

This is the ONLY copywriting course you ever need.

Host Ads on Your Blog, Generate Passive Income

There is more than one way to make $50 a day from blogging and serving advertisements on your blog is one of those.

Google Adsense, for example, is one of the best advertisers in the market that pays decently well. If you have traffic well over 50,000 a day, you can earn quite decently from Google.

The best paying Google Ads often comes from finance and health related niches.

Make $50 A Day Using Ads On Blogs

There are also many other 3rd party advertisers who might be interested in having their ads on your blog. For example, Ezoic and PurpleAds are two great platforms that help you monetize your blog—and ultimately helping you to make 50 dollars a day on autopilot.

Personally, I integrate all my blogs with Ezoic. This automated system allows me to optimize all the ads on my sites and until date, had helped me to generate more than 5x of my standard Google Adsense earnings. Ezoic is free. Register here.

Draft a Course and Sell It

Just like you can write eBooks to earn 50 dollars a day online, you can also rely on alternative opportunities like course creation.

Courses are always in demand—take a look at Udemy for example. It has courses from as low as $9.99 to over $499!

The best aspect here is that a course can be created on any topic that you have knowledge in. Whether you like making jewelry from beads or you believe you can teach newbies how to start their own business idea, your knowledge can be monetized.

Teach Online Courses And Make Money Online

Multiple platforms out there enable course creators to sell their lessons and reach a very large, interested audience.

Teachable and Udemy are two very popular choices. To decide between them or to determine if an alternative is better, you should definitely go through the terms and conditions.

There are many stories of people becoming millionaires through course creation. Even if you don’t manage to replicate their success, you can still earn some nice income.

Once again, the sum itself depends on the number of courses you’ve created and on how valuable your knowledge is considered. If you have niche experience in a relatively popular field, you can quickly begin earning 50, 100 or even more dollars per day.

Start Selling Your Own Digital Product

Selling digital products is pretty similar to selling courses. This category basically covers a wider range including membership sites to make 50 dollars a day from home.

Yes, you hear that right. 

Digital products can be created from the comfort of your home and you can easily launch the product online by selling it through various platforms, including Facebook.

Sell Digital Products And Make Money From Home

Here are some ideas in selling digital products to earn $50 a day online:

  1. Sell educational products like eBooks or courses.
  2. Sell licenses to use your digital assets.
  3. Sell a membership for access to exclusive digital products.
  4. Sell digital templates and tools.
  5. Sell your music or art as digital products.
  6. Sell your services through digital products.

Did you know?

Selling digital products has one of the highest ROI (return of investment) and is able to help you make more than 50 dollars a day online.

Sell Your Stuff Online

To earn 50 dollars a day online, you should also definitely check out the platforms enabling you to sell various things. For example, Esty is one of the popular platforms for women (especially) to sell and promote their products.

Just about everything can be sold online – from items you no longer need to those you create as a part of your hobby.

You can sell old electronics, vintage clothes, antiques, art and handcrafted jewelry, among others.

Sell Stuffs Online And Make $50 A Day Easy

If you want to generate consistent income on eBay, for example, you will have to determine a source of items. These could be the things you make yourself. These could also be items you’ve managed to buy cheaply and you’ve sold at a higher price.

Some people have turned selling stuff online into a full-time occupation. They specialize in an area and look for bargains. Because of their knowledge, such people can easily identify valuable items that are being offered for a fraction of their actual value. In addition, they often know how to renovate collectible and antique items, which adds to their value.

It’s certainly a good idea to begin with the items you already own or make and take it from there. If the business turns out to be profitable enough, you can easily develop your own ecommerce website so that you no longer have to meet the eBay terms and conditions.

Make Money With Your Social Media Expertise

Are you good in social media? If yes, this is another great opportunity to make 50 dollars a day from the Internet.

With today’s gig economy, there are many companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for freelance social media marketers. They pay by the hour and on average, the fees is around $25 to $40 per hour.

Freelance Social Media Marketer To Earn $50 A Day

At one given time, you can manage multiple social media pages and ads campaigns with various tools. This allows you to maximize your earnings by multiple folds.

The best part about freelance social media marketers is that you are able to generate passive income in just a few hours of work each day.

Virtual Assistant

Again, the gig economy! The rise of the gig economy is helping business owners to reduce overhead costs and helping you (and me) with getting more jobs and money without having a day job.

Virtual assistant is one of the most popular gig economy in the world that allows us to earn 50 dollars a day online.

Earn $50 A Day With Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant job scope covers a wide range of services, including administration, filling, data entry, social media marketing, community manager and content writer.

Virtual assistants are paid by the hour or by project basis, one that can range from around $20 to over $100 an hour, depending on the complexity of the task given.

Not sure where to start virtual assistant services? UpWork and Freelancer are two platforms you should consider!

Rent Out Property or a Room You’re Not Using

Do you have an extra space? If the answer is yes, Airbnb is your calling. 

Airbnb allows you to rent out property or room that you are not using, and earn a significant earnings from it without breaking the law.

How To Earn Money With Airbnb

If you want to use Airbnb and earn 50 dollars a day without much work, you need to have:

  1. A decent space or experience (like sight-seeing knowledge)
  2. Good photography skills (photos sell better)
  3. Be an excellent host (getting 5-stars constantly helps a lot)

Learn more about Airbnb here.

Become an Online Coach

Coaching is popular and in 2020, coaching is a billion dollar industry. Traditional coaching is related to face to face and technology such as Zoom had allowed us to coach beyond borders.

Coaching is a good side hustle business because with the right coaching skills, you can charge anywhere between $100 to $5,000 per session.

Online Coaching To Earn $50 A Day

Coaching is not your average work from home gig. You need to have the patience, knowledge and charisma to be an excellent coach.

The best coaches earns hundreds of thousands each year and before you think that you can’t, think again.

There are MANY coaches who started from nothing and went on being one of the best coaches in the world.

How To Make $50 A Day Using The Internet?

The process of making $50 a day or $100 a day from the Internet is possible if you have the right strategy.

Always remember that the best way to maximize your earnings is to leverage several side hustle businesses or business models. This way, you will not be caught when one of the income streams is not doing that well.

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