How To Create A Web Blog [A Guide for Asians]

I love being an Asian — from the street food to great hospitality, I’m proud to be an Asian. And if you are reading this (and an Asian), you know exactly what I mean. There is another advantage being an Asian — our exchange rate towards foreign currencies especially US Dollars makes entrepreneurship and creating passive income online an extremely lucrative industry.

For you reading this right now, you must either be a student or young adult who already have a day job but seeking for additional income on the side. The good news, you are going to find a lot of valuable information here especially with creating passive income online.

To be exact, I’m going to show you how you can create a web blog and make money within a few weeks.

What is a web blog?

A web blog is known as a website/blog where you publish information pertaining to your interest — and in return, you earn side income through monetizing the web blog using affiliate links and advertising banners.

That’s good, Reginald. So, what should I do now? How should I create a web blog?

How to create a web blog?

Create a Web Blog

I’m glad you asked. Follow these steps and you will be able to create a web blog under an hour. Of course, here are some pre-requisite to get started:

1. Choose a topic that interests you

It can be sports, health or anything else in between. The topic of choice must be able to make you stay awake at night and keeping you motivated to ‘do more.’

For example, I love talking about WordPress and building passive income. So, this blog is dedicated heavily on WordPress, side hustle and online marketing.

Avoid going for topics that pay you well because if you have no interest in it, you are going to be demotivated within months. When this happens, your web blog is be a disaster.

2. Create interactive content

Too many bloggers are creating content that are boring and if you want to stand out from the crowd, then start crafting content that attracts your visitors.

The process of creating interactive content including not just your blog posts, as well as creating irresistible landing pages.

An interactive content includes the following:

  • Short-paragraphed content
  • Interesting images
  • Videos within the blog post

While you don’t have to have all the above in every post, integrating as many as possible in a post will help your content be more interactive and interesting.

BONUS: Use this tool to make your content interactive and interesting.

3. Start an email list

Creating an email list goes a long way — even if you are just starting a web blog.

An email list allows you to reach out to a wide range of audience in a very personal level. From promoting your online courses to selling an affiliate product, an email list will help you build passive income stream fast and effectively.

Here’s a quick video for you (if you need help getting started with email marketing).

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4. Promoting your web blog

If you want to create a successful web blog, you shouldn’t be shy in promoting it. The best way to promote a web blog is to go all out such as sharing on social media and using email marketing if you have an existing email list.

Promoting your web blog allows you to generate more traffic and indirectly, improving the search engine result pages (ranking).

Power up your social media marketing strategy

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Are you ready to create a web blog?

Are you from Asia and looking to create a web blog?

Tell me all about it and looking forward to connect with you in the comments.

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