Hootsuite Supports Personal Google+ Profile

I wished that one day, Hootsuite will integrate personal Google+ profiles into its social media automation platform.

The above was three years back when I first started using Hootsuite. If you are one of those social media marketers like me who loves Hootsuite and waiting for integration with personal Google+ profile, the wait is over.

If you missed it, Hootsuite supports personal Google+ profile!

I first read about Hootsuite adding support to personal Google+ profile on The Social Media Hat.

I was shocked.

I was surprised.

I was 101% pumped!

After a long time waiting for Google+ integration, it certainly felt like it’s a dream come true!

If you are wondering, Hootsuite has long been my go-to tool when it comes to social media automation tools. Sure, I use Buffer, Socialoomph, and a few more social media tools, but Hootsuite is one of the best for automation.

With the latest update on Hootsuite, I believe that it will be a game changer which will affect how social media marketing on Google+ will work.

Furthermore, we (social media marketers) have long been complaining about lacking social media tools for Google+.

So, now it is the time for us to start taking Google+ marketing to a whole new level, don’t you think so?

hootsuite supports personal google+ profile integration

Why is Hootsuite integration with personal Google+ profile important?

There are two important things you can accomplish with this integration:

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  • You can now publish posts to a new social media platform using Hootsuite
  • You can schedule posts to personal Google+ profile



1. Publishing new social media posts (on personal Google+ profile) using Hootsuite

This is pretty clear cut. With the new integration, you can now add your personal Google+ profile to your Hootsuite.

For serious marketers, this is an awesome way to grow your audience and boost your visibility.

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Don’t forget that being active on Google+ will also increase your search ranking.

Apart from search ranking, being active on Google+ is proven to boost website traffic (read my case study by clicking on the bonus above).


2. Automatic scheduling posts to personal Google+ profile

Guys, this is the most important part. I use Hootsuite to publish posts at optimal times using automatic scheduling.

Until date, the only Google+ posting automation tool requires you to keep your computer or laptop turned on. In a long run, you know that it is not a good social media strategy. Obviously.

Now, what happens when you can schedule posts using Hootsuite for your personal Google+ profile?

You can leverage the automatic posting to ensure that posts are shared at the optimal timing. This is going to increase:

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  • Visibility
  • Growth
  • Clicks
  • Traffic
  • Revenue


Pretty awesome, right?


How to start automatic posting to personal Google+ profile?

Firstly, you need to register for a Hootsuite account. Then, add your Google+ account as seen below:

how to add personal google+ profile to hootsuite

Once the account is integrated to your Hootsuite account, all you need is to start scheduling the social media posts and Hootsuite is going to take care of the rest.

What do you think? Sign up for a free Hootsuite account today and you can even try Hootsuite Pro for 30-days free!

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