The internet is the perfect place for you to make money. Even if you are interested in only side hustles, there is no better way than to start with an online venture.

As far as profits go, nothing comes close to e-commerce. Especially if you go with dropshipping. 

Some individuals might be discouraged due to the sheer volume of competition, but instead of thinking of it as a negative thing, they should look from another perspective. Having someone to compete with is motivating and interesting.

A print on demand business is a good way to familiarise yourself with e-commerce. More so now because a lot of people like to stand out from the crowd by wearing custom-made merchandise.

If you want to learn how to start something like that yourself and excel at what you do, but have no idea where to begin, this article is a perfect read.

Get Rid of Inventory Problems

One of the biggest advantages of working with platforms like Printify is that you do not have to deal with problems which occur when dealing with your own inventory.

If you leave everything in the hands of others, then you can forget about losses from unsold merchandise, packing and fulfilling orders, damaged goods, etc. It relieves quite a lot of pressure and leaves more time to focus on other things.

It should be a no-brainer why one would be interested to learn how to start an online store without inventory and once started, continue using this business model.

Look for Design Ideas

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The internet is wonderful because it has so much to offer. You can find plenty of great ideas for your next t-shirt on websites like Pinterest, Reddit, Quora. Instagram is also full of artists who like to showcase their work. 

Allow Customers to Customize Themselves

Most stores out there have pre-designed t-shirts and do not allow customers to make changes themselves. This is a bit of a problem because if you can offer t-shirts of high-quality material, then it is natural to expect a lot of sales. And that number would increase even more so if people could add whatever they want.

Involving a customer also incentivizes him to spend more time in the store. The ability to upload your own photos and engrave them is a great example of a positive approach. 

Invest More in Social Media

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are more important than ever, and this trend will continue to run rampant, all the new people joining and actively participating.

Social media is one of those places where you can find every type of individual. No matter how specific the niche of your t-shirts are, you can sell them if you invest in this marketing plan and continue to grow your presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on.

Hire a Professional Designer

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When you start to run out of ideas or begin to feel like things are stagnating, introduce something new, something from another perspective. A professional designer is a safe bet because customers always appreciate quality work. And if you are willing to pay a pretty penny, then your ROI should be even better than expected.

Research Competition

Knowing what others do in the industry helps a lot, especially if you find yourself struggling or unsure about your next step. 

Browsing through other stores, their social media channels, looking at how high they are ranked with certain keywords. These are the things you should be doing. If not constantly, then at least occasionally.

Go Beyond the Internet

When you feel like your brand is becoming more recognized, it would be worth investing in more than just the internet. While opening a physical store might be too much, you could still make yourself more popular.

Consider giving out free t-shirt samples in live events, try to partner up with semi-famous celebrities and ask them for promotion on their social media profiles, look at other marketplaces, etc.

Continue to Learn

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The industry of print on demand is no different from the rest in terms of how it can change at any time. When you automate the whole process and have to dedicate only a few hours a week, it is common to become complacent and not have any worries.

However, if you start to underestimate the market and not keep up with the most recent changes, your competitors will overtake you and make the whole situation very difficult. You should avoid this at all costs.

In a word, print on demand is a wonderful way to get into e-commerce and learn all the neat details that go into making money from it. If you ever get tired of it, you can always move on to the next idea and apply what you have learned. Experience of working on such a venture will never go to waste.