Exabytes Email Hosting Malaysia: Should I Get Exabytes Email Hosting Plans?

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How good is Exabytes email hosting Malaysia? In this article, I'll share the advantages and disadvantages of using Exabytes email hosting Malaysia.
Exabytes Premium Business Email Hosting Malaysia

Email Hosting Malaysia

Choosing the best email hosting Malaysia is tough. There are many considerations you that you need to consider including email up time, email delivery and email hosting packages (prices). In today's article, we will discuss further on Exabytes email hosting (you can read our Exabytes web hosting review here) and to determine if Exabytes is the best email hosting solution in Malaysia.

What is Exabytes?

Exabytes Premium Business Email Hosting Malaysia

Exabytes is a popular web hosting solution in Malaysia and it is one of the most comprehensive solutions in the market. It serves a wide range of clients not only in Malaysia but across the globe. 

While Exabytes excels heavily in Malaysia web hosting space, it is also a highly sought-after email hosting provider in Malaysia.

Now, you are reading this article because you want to know more about Exabytes email hosting solution—and that's exactly what you will get. Carry on reading to learn more.

Exabytes Email Hosting Review

Premium Business Email Hosting Malaysia

Exabytes email hosting solution is a premium business email solution that helps you to save cost.

Wait, wait? It doesn't makes sense.

How can I get a business email solution and save cost?

The answer is this (the problems you will face if you use a bad email hosting solution).

  • Your email don't get delivered on time
  • Your email don't get delivered at all
  • Your email is delivered but enter the spam box

I don't know you but the above really looks bad. If you running a business, that's cost and opportunities wasted.

Based on the recent survey, business owners in Malaysia lose around RM500 to RM2,000 for every unopened email.

Imagine you are able to get 20 additional email deliveries and 5 more sales every month. That's an easy RM10,000 at the very least!

This is exactly where Exabytes email hosting comes into play. 

Take a look at the advantages using Exabytes email hosting Malaysia.

  • Works perfectly in all devices
  • Webmail accessibility
  • 1-click team collaboration and data sharing
  • Two way sync (desktop/mobile)
  • Individual email storage space (20GB per user)
  • SmarterMail 15x Webmail
  • Enhanced Anti Spam
  • Exchange ActiveSync
  • Shared Calendars, Tasks, Contacts
  • ActiveSync for Mobile Devices included

The most important reason for using Exabyte email hosting Malaysia?

There is only one pricing and you only pay based on the number of email users you have in your organization.

You are expected to pay a low fee for email hosting with Exabytes—as low as RM3.51 per user, per month!

Is Exabytes Email Hosting The Best In Malaysia?

Exabytes Email Hosting

It is the best and I'd included Exabytes into the best email hosting Malaysia (post)!

For me, the answer is a straightforward "yes."

Firstly, the pricing is considerably cheap for business owners and startups. Secondly, you are getting world class up time, email delivery performance and excellent customer support 24/7.

Lastly, emails delivered through Exabytes email hosting solution is very secure and safe. Rest assured your privacy is intact (along with your clients' ones). As far as I'm concerned, Exabytes does a lot of things to make their email hosting safe and secure for all their clients.

Summary: Exabytes Email Hosting Malaysia Review

If you are searching for the best email hosting in Malaysia, I will definitely recommend Exabytes. 

Want to know more about Exabytes email hosting Malaysia? Click on the button below to learn more!

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan

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