SMS Marketing

Say the Magic Word – The Most Effective Words to Use for SMS Marketing

As technology takes over pretty much every aspect of our lives, it’s no secret that when it comes to marketing, we need to keep a close eye on the latest trends and platforms. The competition among businesses is likely to be very tough. This is due to the presence of competitors who are also striving to stay afloat. That being said, it is crucial to promote your business by means of marketing. Furthermore, this clever, multifaceted medium may come in many forms, and one of these is SMS marketing. Designed to reach a specific audience, SMS marketing is a prominent part of any business that hopes to flourish even if it is on a shoestring budget. This is simply because people can no longer live without their smartphones. According to research, 80% of millennials have admitted that their phones are the first thing they reach for the moment they wake up. Nevertheless, in order for a business to reap the fruits of SMS marketing, they must first say the magic word, and it is not ‘please". 

The Most Effective Words to Use

When a business is looking to raise awareness over its brand and the products or services they are offering, one tool they will often resort to is SMS marketing. However, for an SMS to hold value and communicate well with its recipients, it must contain a keyword that will lure in the audience. A sort of bait, if you will. Always remember to keep the tone of the message agreeable and suitable to the recipient. 

One thing you will want to consider before engaging in this marketing tool is to check the SMS API. It is basically a gateway between your platform and the rest of the world, which helps in sending automated messages. The people behind Messente explains the importance of a calculator for SMS API’s, seeing as how SMS’s have a character limit. They will properly inform you of the sum you should expect to pay, which eliminates the element of surprise of having you pay more than you had planned. Words that should always be used for the recipient SMS are as follows:

  1. You

You must always include the pronoun ‘you.’ This is because SMS marketing is used in a very personal way, where you communicate with your target audience via SMS, and it does not get any more personal than that. As such, you will want to be addressing each individual in a more intimate manner rather than a generic one, as if it were for everyone. By including ‘you’ in the message, the audience will instantly become aware that this message is exclusive and is intended for them, and only them. 

  1. Save

Who in the world would not like to save a few dollars? The truth is, there are very few things in this world that may appeal to the human mind as much as saving some bucks, and that applies to everyone from all walks of life. However, if you are not offering your audience an opportunity to save some money, have them save something else, perhaps something that is more valuable than money. Maybe time?

  1. Act Now

Telling someone to ‘act now’ incites a feeling of urgency, which then triggers action and movement. This is partially due to the effect this word may have on a person’s mind, making it seem as if what you are offering is only temporary. Naturally, we all suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) disease, and we do not want to miss out, seeing as how this word has people believe that the product or service has an expiration date and it is time-bound.

  1. New

The word ‘new’ has a distinctive and very much unique smell to it that is just calming, just like the smell of a new car. Then again, it brings with it a shine that you will only find in new products. Basically, no one in the world is attracted to ‘old’ news (an oxymoron), so make sure it is new.

  1. Free

Remember when we said that very few things in this world may appeal to humans as much as saving money? Well, this is one of the very few things. No one, and I mean no one, in this world will ever pass the chance of getting a freebie. Including this little word in your SMS will surely have you get your audience’s attention. This can be by offering them a free month of membership to your club if they purchase one of your packages, for instance. Or, you could be offering a free meal on Sundays with their membership. Play around with it. Ideas are limitless.

  1. Be the First

Everyone wants to be the first, and they usually do not care about the details much after. It also emphasizes that the feeling that the SMS is personal to the recipient, especially if they do actually have the chance of being the first. When combined with words such as ‘experience’ or ‘own’, the phrase becomes ten times more powerful.

  1. Guaranteed

When you are looking to sell a product to a customer, you must look to guarantee that they will benefit, and invite that powerful trait of certainty into their lives. This is because that feeling they will get of “I have got nothing to lose" will empower them and even encourage them to move towards purchasing your product. Remove the risk with this effective magic word. 

  1. More

The thing is, with people, fullness is temporary, whereas the hunger is permanent. That said, people will always look for more, crave it even with some people absolutely needing it. This will usually be done by offering more of your product for less money. Implementing this word into your SMS will have crowds lured in, because the rule of saving some bucks apply. 

SMS marketing is a very fascinating and effective tool. It can attract potential customers and retain existing ones at a relatively cheaper cost, but, first things first, look to use an SMS API to know exactly the cost. Make sure to divert away from a generic tone and be personal to get the most out of it.