BlueHost Cloud Hosting Review 2019

I love doing web hosting reviews and BlueHost is still one of my favorite web hosting companies in the world.

Today's post is all about BlueHost Cloud hosting.

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What is BlueHost Cloud hosting?

BlueHost Cloud hosting or BlueHost Cloud sites is a cloud hosting service by BlueHost.

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Wait, what are the differences between cloud hosting vs shared hosting?

Cloud Hosting

The main differentiating factor between these two options is that cloud hosting incorporates the use of multiple servers, while shared hosting uses only one. Having access to multiple servers can be advantageous, because if one server has an issue, your site can simply be migrated to another one, eliminating downtime.  

Cloud hosting is must for high traffic sites or for businesses for which any downtime would be a major detriment to operations.

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting option works just as its name implies: your site is hosted along with other websites on a single server.

With a shared hosting plan, you’ll share resources such as bandwidth, storage and disk space with other sites. Shared hosting is one of the most common types of hosting you’ll encounter online. Nearly all providers offer some version of this type of hosting – Bluehost included.

What are the benefits of BlueHost Cloud hosting?

There are three key advantages to cloud hosting: reliability, performance, and security.

Because multiple servers are used simultaneously in a cloud hosting arrangement, your site enjoys optimal functionality at all times. If there’s a hardware issue or other type of glitch, your site is simply switched to another server. This type of virtualization ensures maximum reliability, which is especially important for businesses that rely on consistent uptime for sales, productivity and reputation. 

This is especially important to be conscious of, as one in three businesses has suffered some type of disaster in the past five years, including power outages, network failure, human error, hurricanes and flooding. It’s impossible to predict when disaster will strike. The ability to plan ahead for business continuity is one of cloud hosting’s major selling points. 

Further, in terms of performance, it’s hard to beat cloud hosting. As long as you’re working with a reputable provider, you can expect elite-level performance with consistently fast load times, where dynamic requests are processed with lightning speed. This makes it ideal for websites that receive a high volume of traffic.

Finally, when it comes to security, you can run your site with confidence on a cloud hosting plan. Most providers have stepped up their security protocols to protect databases and applications against common threats such as malware, denial of service and cross-scripting. Preventative measures such as encryption are used to protect data and prevent attackers from infiltrating a network. Although you’re never completely immune to an attack, you can run your site with peace of mind that it’s safe and secure on a cloud hosting plan.

To sum this all up, here are the advantages of cloud hosting.

  • High availability
  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Upgrades directly from control panel
  • Automatic fallover
  • Fully managed web hosting services
  • The number of websites you can host under one cloud hosting plan
  • Total bandwidth available
  • The number of park domains
  • The number of subdomains
  • Availability of massive email storage space

What happen to BlueHost cloud hosting?

If you take a look at BlueHost website, you will realize that that there is no BlueHost cloud hosting service available. This is because most of the web hosting services had been integrated along with its core services.

Did you know?

Most web hosting services today are offering cloud hosting because as the demand for speed, reliability and performance, cloud hosting is the right way to go.

If you sign up for BlueHost hosting today, what you will get is BlueHost cloud hosting.

Is BlueHost cloud really worth it?

The answer is "yes" and here's why.

For starters, BlueHost web hosting pricing is freaking awesome. Take a look below.

As you can see, there are three different types of web hosting that you can choose from, namely Basic, Plus and Choice Plus.

  • Basic: Best for beginners and single domain web hosting
  • Plus: Best for multiple domains for web hosting
  • Choice Plus: Best value for security features and protection

Read more about the different BlueHost plans here: BlueHost Hosting Review (BlueHost Basic vs BlueHost Plus vs BlueHost Choice Plus)

Is BlueHost the best cloud hosting 2019?

Let's be honest here.

BlueHost is having tons of pressure from other web hosting services such as SiteGround and GoDaddy, especiallt when cloud hosting is getting more popular by the day.

To wrap up this review, I would say that BlueHost is definitely the best cloud hosting based on my personal experience.

But make no mistake ...

BlueHost is just like any other web hosting company. There will be some unexpected down times (here and there). 

And there will also be some good and great customer support.

Finally, at times, you might even be placed in a bad neighbourhood in the server where you get tons of spammers and website owners who abuse the server resources. 

This happens everywhere and it is also important to note that many web hosting companies have taken steps to ensure this doesn't happen and every paying customer is getting the best service possible.

If you are wondering if you should sign up for BlueHost cloud hosting plans, then "yes" you certainly should!

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Best BlueHost hosting deals 2019

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