What To Do During Government Shutdown? 5 Money Making Activities You Need Right Now

5 Guaranteed Money-Making Activities You Can Do During Government Shutdown

Government shutdown sucks. 

Limited income, frozen pay from the government and everyone is a super bad mood.

Yes, I feel you and I totally understand.

That’s why I created this article for you. Here, you will find the top 10 money-making activities you can do during government shutdown.

Let’s get started.

Organize Garage Sales During Government Shutdown

Garage Sale During Government Shutdown

All of us keep junks in our garage. Seriously.

During government shutdown, clearing your garage (and organizing garage sale) is the best activity that you can do.

Garage sale is able to help you earn some income by selling things you no longer require.

Do Dropshipping During Government Shutdowns

Dropshipping During Government Shutdown

Want to make some money during government shutdown?

Dropshipping is your best way to make some money especially when you are not working (and in need of money).

Why is dropshipping an awesome business idea?

  • Easy to setup (using eCommerce tools like Shopify)
  • Don’t cost a bomb (free and paid versions available)
  • No inventory or buying the stocks
  • You get paid only when you manage to sell a product

And if you are not fond of starting your own eCommerce store, you can do it manually using Instagram or Facebook. The downside, you need to do the order processing manually (which can be time consuming).

Organize Experiences Using Airbnb During Government Shutdown

Organize Experience Using Airbnb during Government Shutdown

Government shutdown doesn’t affect tourism — and you can certainly leverage this.

Take a look at some the experiences on Airbnb as below (I did a test search using “Washington” as the keyword).

AirBnb Experience Opportunities To Make Money

You can become an Airbnb host (homes or experiences) using this this link: Become an Airbnb host for free!

Start A Blog During Government Shutdown

How To Start A Blog During Government Shutdown

Starting a blog is not a magic wand that allows you to make money overnight. But if done correctly, blogging can help you build a smooth and passive income.

Launching a blog takes some effort (and time), and since you have a lot of time during the government shutdown — there is absolutely no harm on that!

How to start a blog during government shutdown?

  • Find a topic you are interested in (gardening, financing, stock market etc.)
  • Get a domain free domain name when you sign up for BlueHost hosting (click here to grab this deal and save money)
  • Use WordPress (using the 1-click WordPress installer on BlueHost)
  • With your new blog, it is time to publish some articles
  • Place in Google Adsense code (for ads banner) and some Amazon links to it for affiliate sales

There you go! That’s how you can start a blog during government shutdown.

Start Vlogging During Government Shutdown

Start Vlogging During Government Shutdown

What is vlogging?

Vlogging is a term for video-blogging — instead of publishing contents on your blog, you use YouTube and upload videos.

With an average adult spends at least 82 minutes on YouTube daily, there is no denial that vlogging is a great thing to do during government shutdown (that helps you make money).

How to start vlogging during government shutdown?

  • No fancy camera (just your iPhone or any smart devices would do)
  • Get a tripod (I use this and costs only $21 on Amazon)
  • Editing a video is a good bonus but not required for beginners

Pretty easy, right?

Don’t go broke during government shutdown!

We hate government shutdowns and we always hope they don’t last (if they happen).

And when times of need, get started with some of these money-making tips during government shutdown to get your financials right!

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