Blogger’s Choice: Thrive Architect vs Divi Theme for WordPress Website Building

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When it comes to Thrive Architect and Divi Theme, which is the best WordPress drag and drop builder for bloggers?

The answer varies depending on individuals — but for me, I still prefer Thrive Architect. But hey, let’s give both the fine WordPress tools a chance to showcase their worth, shall we?

Back to Basics: What is Thrive Architect and Divi theme?

Drag and Drop Website Builders for Bloggers

Thrive Architect and Divi theme are two WordPress tools that are used by bloggers around the world in building beautiful landing pages, WordPress homepages and blog posts.

While WordPress is the most popular CMS in the market, it requires heavy coding (HTML and CSS skills) to create beautiful websites.

And if anyone talks about Gutenberg, I was having a freaking hard time with it when I was using it two days ago to design my new homepage (check it out here).

Believe me, I was feeling like this (no joke!):


Okay, I got to admit that I am like a spoilt brad thanks to both Thrive Architect and Divi theme.

– Reginald Chan –

Again, I have no issue with Gutenberg but I will NOT recommend it to anyone who are serious in building WordPress pages or content … because it’s freaking confusing!

The Summary: Thrive Architect vs Divi Theme

So, you might be rushing and you are not planning to stay more than 10 minutes in this post (even though I hope you will), scroll below to get the summarized comparison between Thrive Architect and Divi theme.

Thrive Architect

WordPress Page Builder Designed for Online Business Creators


  • Instant drag and drop editor
  • Front-end editing (what you see is what you get)
  • 274 beautifully designed and 100% conversion focused landing page templates
  • Pre-built conversion elements to replace dozens of plugins
  • Customizable buttons, testimonials, countdown timers and lead generation forms
  • Easily create high converting landing pages
  • Build effective sales pages without coding knowledge
  • Integration with major third party software and programs
  • 100% mobile responsive and AMP ready


  • Slight learning curve
  • Slightly expensive if you are managing multiple websites
  • No live chat support (just forum support)

Conclusion for Thrive Architect:

Thrive Architect is a simple to use, WordPress page builder that allows you to build customized WordPress designs without coding skills. The single biggest advantage using Thrive Architect is that your website will not turn out gibberish when you uninstall or delete Thrive Architect. 

Divi Theme

Is this the ultimate WordPress theme and visual page builder?


  • Real time design
  • Easily customize anything and everything on the page
  • No coding skills required
  • 48 different content elements to choose from
  • Responsive editing and mobile ready
  • Over 30 pre-made demo and elements ready to download
  • Yealy and lifetime plans available


  • Uninstalling or deleting the theme/plugin will break your WordPress website
  • Impact website loading speed
  • Not recommended if you are using shared or cheap web hosting (resource heavy)

Conclusion on Divi Theme:

Divi Theme is an interesting WordPress page builder especially for developers. The lifetime plan is great for cost saving, and which is a great choice for agency level and WordPress freelancers. The only downside using Divi Theme compared to Thrive Architect is your website will break if you uninstall or delete Divi Theme.

Question: Why should I use a WordPress builder instead of Gutenberg?

The answer is simple. Gutenberg is buggy and the learning curve is crazily high!

Don’t just take my words for it. I recommend you to try either one of these drag and drop WordPress builders, and then compare with Gutenberg.

I’m sure you will see the differences.

Take a look at the infographic below by that discusses on the advantages using website builders:

Advantages Using Drag and Drop Website Builders

There is no denial that there are many advantages using website builders for your website (or for your client’s).

Discover the top 10 drag and drop WordPress builders for 2019

While I see enormous advantages using Gutenberg in the near future, it is still far from perfect and if you are looking to create the best WordPress design, there are more options compared to Gutenberg.

Thrive Architect vs Divi Theme: Which is the cheaper option?

Thrive Architect vs Divi Theme Best Website Builder for Bloggers

Pricing is always the most sensitive part for everyone. Let’s dive down and see what they have in store for us, shall we?


Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is an intuitive drag and drop website builder that is not only easy to use, but highly compatible with bloggers.

  • $67 per website
  • Lifetime updates
  • Unlimited features and usage


Divi Theme

Simple pricing structure that is right for both bloggers and website developers. Slight learning curve but it is still one of the most popular plugins around.

  • $89 per year or $249 for lifetime access (one time payment)
  • Unlimited usages

Now, with that being said, Thrive Architect is much cheaper if you are going for year on year basis.

However, if you are using for multiple websites, Divi theme is a much better option due to unlimited usage and lifetime plan.

Which is the best drag and drop builder for bloggers?

Which is the best WordPress builder for bloggers?

The answer varies—and if you are looking for my answers, here’s what I think.

“Thrive Architect and Divi theme are two of the best website builder tools for bloggers. However, I still prefer Thrive Architect (hands down) as it is super intuitive and don’t affect website loading speed!”

– Reginald Chan –

This is the exact reason why I choose Thrive Architect over Divi theme any time of the day:

Thrive Architect vs Divi Front End Editing

Here’s a bunch of things I can do with Thrive Architect:

  • Fluid drag and drop editing feature
  • Zero coding skills in developing a website design
  • Massive design library for elements (over 274 designs)
  • Super fast loading speed

If you are having a tough time trying to decide …

Then this question is going to help you. Period.

How much are slow, lazy editors costing you? (if you value your time)

Thrive Architect is build for bloggers and website owners who cherish the importance of website loading speed.

In this competitive world, there is absolutely the needs of having quick implementation (Thrive Themes calls it “Rapid Implementation”) especially in building website designs, landing pages and blog posts.

At the end of the day, bloggers should focus on using a WordPress builder that allows them to create the most effective website design with the least work and time required.

Thus, the turn over time can be speed up and you can focus on creating more valuable content instead!

If you want to learn more about Thrive Architect, click here to see it in action (and to get the best Thrive Architect discount 2019).

Are you a blogger? Leave a comment below if you are using either the Thrive Architect or Divi theme!