Best mailing list plugins 2014

The 10 Best Of The Best Mailing List Tools And Plugins For 2014

In this post, I am going to share with you 12 of the best mailing list plugins that will supercharge your list building campaign and increase your conversion rate.

I could not emphasize enough the importance of starting a mailing list. As a self-claimed plugin junkie, I find it very difficult to work with the just your average plugin. Instead, I wanted to work with the best plugin available to ensure that I am grabbing all the chances available to me.

As a blogger, you might be wondering which is probably the best plugin for your money and just like me, you want to make sure every visitor is converted into loyal subscribers.

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The best of the best mailing list plugins for 2014

Best mailing list plugins 2014
10 of the best mailing list plugins for bloggers in 2014

In this article, I will cover 10 of the most popular, recommended and best mailing list tools that is guaranteed to skyrocket your mailing list building for the upcoming 2014.

Best mailing list plugins with advance features – Hybrid Connect

Hybrid Connect is one of the best mailing plugin builder for WordPress
Hybrid Connect or HC is a tool that offers feature rich mailing list options for bloggers

When it comes to the best mailing list plugin, Hybrid Connect is certainly one of my arsenal when it comes to list building. It offers a vast variety of ready-made templates which fits perfectly into:

  • Pop up
  • In-text (content area)
  • Slide in
  • Widget areas
  • Squeeze page
  • Integration with videos and webinars

Setting up Hybrid Connect is easy and probably one of the easiest among all the plugins I have tested. Besides that Hybrid Connect also makes it easier to create multiple sign up forms with the form builder feature, video opt-in and split testing.

Your visitors can also sign up using their Facebook account using Hybrid Connect which is a great way boost conversion rate.

What I truly love about Hybrid Connect are the automatic responsive designs to fit any browser or layouts and as well as the quick response from support team for any inquiries.

Hybrid Connect costs $49 for single site, $67 for multi site and $147 for a developer’s license. It comes with a full 30-days money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the plugin.

Download Hybrid Connect (now it is renaed to Thrive Leads) | Hybrid Connect Review

Best mailing list plugin for easy usage and integration – OptinSkin

OptinSkin plugin review
A plugin that does everything it is suppose to do; build a mailing list … fast

OptinSkin is probably the best mailing list plugin (alternative) for many bloggers. So, what makes OptinSkin so popular?

Personally, OptinSkin offers one of the best skins I have ever seen in a list building plugin. All the designs and layouts are perfectly done. This means that all you need to do is to integrate your mailing list provider code into OptinSkin and the rest is self-explanatory.

OptinSkin offers several features such as:

  • Fade out forms
  • Pop ups
  • In-text (content area)
  • Widget areas

While many other list building plugins are offering different packages, you can get OptinSkin with just one price for unlimited usage, $67. It also offers a full, 30-days money back guarantee.

Give OptinSkin a trial run today!

The revolutionary mailing list plugin – OptinMonster

OptinMonster plugin review
The latest, ground breaking and game changer mailing list plugin

When you have two of the best WordPress developers working together, you get probably the best mailing list plugin for 2014. Syed Balkhi from WP Beginner and Thomas Griffin from Soliloquy slider are the ones behind this game changer plugin.

I am not going to lie to you; OptinMonster offers around the same features Hybrid Connect, OptinSkin or probably a dozen more plugins.

So, what makes OptinMonster … such as monster when it comes to mailing list building?

Introducing ‘Exit Intent‘ from OptinMonster. For me, this is the groundbreaking, mind blowing and explosive feature every mailing list plugin should have.

Exit Intent is basically a feature which tracks the mouse speed and your visitors gestures. When OptinMonster detects they are about to leave your blog, it will automatically trigger a pop up to ‘lure’ you to stay longer and build a bigger subscriber’s list.

Personally, I call Exit Intent as ‘smart pop-up’.

Exit Intent is a feature because over 70% of your visitors will NEVER return and it allows you to capitalize on that with Exit Intent and extremely powerful targeting features.

While OptinMonster could probably be the best mailing list plugin for bloggers, and Internet Marketers, it costs $49 for a basic account, $99 for a plus account, $199 for a full year license and $349 for lifetime licence.

Now, if the price is driving you away, don’t be! OptinMonster offers 14-days money back guarantee for all packages and thus, you know your money is in good hands.

Test drive OptinMonster’s Exit Intent today.

The best ‘all-in-one’ mailing list plugin – Subscriber’s Magnet

What makes Subscriber's Magnet so popular?
Subscriber’s Magnet offers a full list building ‘package’ at a very affordable price

For those who are already building a list, Subscriber’s Magnet from MaxBlogPress is already a household name. Subscriber’s Magnet is probably one of the only ‘all-in-one’ plugin that offers everything you could ever wished for such as:

Optin form within post, embedded inside comment

  • Pop up
  • Facebook connect feature
  • Exit pop in
  • Header and footer bars
  • Form auto filler

What make me really attracted to Subscriber’s Magnet is that it offers a huge range of features which I could leverage especially when it comes to building a list.

You can try Subscriber’s Magnet for $1 for the first 14 days and after that, you can either choose the $37 for single site usage or $97 for multi site usage.

Download Subscriber’s Magnet.

The best value for money mailing list plugin –  WP Lead Magnet

WP Lead Magnet review
The newest and the only plugin that is smart enough to automatically enable and disable view

This is the latest plugin I came across and it really brings mailing list building process to the next level. Basically, WP Lead Magnet works in a very distinct way where each widget or sign up form will interact with each other to maximize the conversion rate.

For example, news visitors to your blog will see sign up forms on the sidebar, in the content area and after post. Once they have signed up using any of these forms, the rest of the forms will automatically disappear from their view.

This means that you utilize the spaces for banners, related post links and many more. At the moment, this is the only list building plugin which offers such feature.

While this is probably the newest plugins available, it is highly recommended by Neil Patel and it had proven to be useful by increase conversion rate by over 317%.

WP Lead Magnet costs $47 and as usual, it comes with a full 30-days money back guarantee.

See what WP Lead Magnet is all about here.

The most popular pop up plugin – Popup Domination

The most popular pop up plugin, Popup Domination
What makes Popup Domination so popular?

Popup Domination is already a key player in the mailing list industry. While it doesn’t offer features such as sidebar widgets, popup is highly effective in terms of list building.

Why should you consider Popup Domination?

It is simple to use and lightweight. For those who are looking for a very simple solution to build a mailing list using popups, this is certainly one plugin you need to consider.

Popup Domination offers:

  • A/B testing
  • Full analytic reports
  • Page specific popups
  • Display frequency
  • Force subscribe
  • Entry and exit pop up

Popup Domination cost $77 and 60-days money back guarantee (plus refund after 60 days on a case-to-case basis).

Try Popup Domination and tell me what you think!

The best low budget mailing list plugin – Ninja Popups

Ninja Popup is Popup Domination alternative
Ninja Popup is cheap and does its job perfectly

Is Popup Domination is too expensive for you? Don’t worry! There’s where Ninja Popups comes into play.

It is used by thousands of blogger and is in fact, one of the most popular product sold on CodeCanyon with over 4,000 sales.

Ninja Popups offers:

  • Opt-in locker
  • Multiple themes and skins to choose from
  • Social locker feature
  • Mobile responsive and suitable for all layouts
  • Quick 24/7 support

If you are looking for a simple plugin to start off with mailing list building, this is one tool you must not miss out.

Ninja Popup – Simplicity at its best!

And if simplicity doesn’t make the cut, you probably won’t go wrong with this plugin. It costs only $18 and is in fact, one of the cheapest plugins that offers great returns.

Download Ninja Popup now!

The best web notification bar – Hello Bar

Hello Bar web notification tool
What makes Hello Bar such as an important tool when it comes to building a mailing list?

Hello Bar is not a mailing list plugin but with it’s features, credibility and support, I believe it deserves to be in this top 12 spot. Hello Bar is a notification bar that could boost your conversion rate multiple times.

While the success of using a notification bar is highly dependable to your blog, report and studies had shown that it is indeed a great move to build a mailing list.

To name a few, here are some authority sites which are using Hello Bar:

  • QuickSprout
  • KISSmetrics
  • Kikolani

For me, Hello Bar is a great tool to increase subscribers as that little small bar at the top can literally fetch thousands of subscribers without you knowing.

And yes, currently it is free for all and therefore, I see no reasons why you shouldn’t use it.

Download Hello Bar and try it yourself today.

The best Hello Bar alternative – FooBar

Hello Bar alternative, FooBar from codecanyon
Foo Bar allows you to customize your notification bar to places you have never imagine before

I came across FooBar when I was trying to find a more custom notification bar. As much as HelloBar is a great tool to start with, I always wish to have a better control over my site. For example, I wanted to remove the ‘H’ brand and make it more unique.

FooBar offers:

  • Unlimited usage
  • Conditional logic
  • Rebrandable
  • 100% customizable
  • Top or bottom bars
  • Twitter and RSS feed integration

FooBar only cost you $14 for lifetime license and if you ask me, this could possibly be one of the best and cheapest investment I ever done in my entire life.

With the right CTA, FooBar could easily beat any list building plugins out there.

Download FooBar now!

The best and affordable mailing list provider (not plugin) – GetResponse

Build a mailing list with GetResponse
GetResponse offers many inbuilt signup forms if you are tight in budget

Don’t get me wrong; GetResponse is not a mailing list plugin and I am sorry for the confusion.

But wait! Why did I even include GetResponse in this roundup?

When I published this article (Hybrid Connect vs OptinSkin review), some of my readers asked if there are other alternatives if they are tight in budget and do not want to invest in any form of plugin.

I totally get it and I actually tested running popups using my email marketing provider, GetResponse (and a few others). As far as I can tell you, it works pretty well and you certainly do not need to use a mailing list plugin just to build a list of subscribers.

So, how do you possibly leverage this from your email marketing provider?

If you are using GetResponse, you could easily build popup forms using the web builder as seen below:

GetResponse drag and drop form builder
Build stunning sign up forms using GetResponse Drag and Drop editor

This doesn’t only applies to GetResponse but also to over a dozen email marketing providers out there. Well, all you ever need is possibly time and patience.

While it is not pretty out-of-the-box, take sometime designing it and you would probably get the best and most complete signup form you ever need. Period.

Try GetResponse today and get extra $30 discount! | GetResponse vs AWeber

Over to you

Did I miss out anything or you have some other mailing list plugins (and tools) that you believe it should be included in? Use the comment form below and tell me what you think.

18 thoughts on “The 10 Best Of The Best Mailing List Tools And Plugins For 2014”

  1. Great list, I’m a big fan of hybrid connect.However I really don’t rate PUD any more, and it was the first pop up I ever purchased. Whatever one you use, it has to be mobile responsive, or it will annoy mobile users.

    I’m hoping 2014 will bring a new range of exciting user-friendly pop-ups that are easy to customise, mobile;e responsive and innovative in their design.

    • Hey Sarah,

      Oh wow, you are fast! Haha!

      I am also a huge fan of Hybrid Connect. Lovely tool but it is a bit heavy on database. Popup Domination would always be my second choice if there isn’t HC 🙂 About mobile responsive, hell yeah … you nailed it.

      Also, I am seeing so many sites using OptinMonster. Guess the Exit Intent really a game changer huh?

      I (too) can’t wait to see what 2014 has for us all.

      Thanks for commenting and appreciate it!

  2. Super list Reginald. I was big on GetResponse before switching to my cash gifting club autoresponder. After doing that my list needs were taken care of. I like the tools you shared; time to do some research. If I do not speak to you before then, Happy New Year!

    • Hey Ryan,

      How are you? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      Yes, these are some crazy tools that definitely worth the time (and money) if you are serious of building a mailing list. At the moment, I am using Hybrid Connect and GetResponse. The ROI is insane and off the charts.

      Thanks for commenting and take care ya!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Welcome to my humble blog 🙂

      Glad you find this useful. Well, I don’t think you will ever go wrong with any of those. However, if budget is an issue, you can utilize your email marketing provider first for a start. I uses GetResponse and totally in love with it.

      Hit me up if you need help and will try my best to help.

      Talk to you soon.

  3. Hello Reginald,
    Subscriber magnet is one of the best which every blogger should use.It really help me to increase my subscriber without any freebie .:).. Most of users sign up to my newsletter without any bribe. if you have decent budget you can also go for optinmonster…

    • Hi Himanshu,

      How are you? Long time no see and Happy New Year!

      SUbscriber’s magnet is also very decent in price which is a good bang for your buck. Optinmonster is okay and probably, could work better than any other but the price is crazy right? If they would ditch the yearly plan, then that would be much better on our pockets.

      Take care!

      • Hi there.. Very good article and one i enjoyed reading but i was wondering if you might be able to help me. I’m just a humble BnB owner, not a internet marketing content guru..
        I have a blog but no newsletter. Tried newsletters but never had time in the end and something in my work schedule had to go and that was it. “which hour of my day do you want, 33 34 or 35”

        I haven’t blogged in 18months, yeah i know but i’m about ready to start back in there and will be using my blog about goings on and developments at my B&B but also about things to do/go/see/eat in the area, I also write for Googles new app Fieldtrip and i want to work my blog in conjunction with the articles i write for Fieldtrip. I have my author and publisher tags in place and am getting about more on social media.
        I’m possibly looking at starting the newsletter again later this year too

        So thats the background, i’m looking for something thats going to give me a nice easy sign up for blog and newsletter, a squeeze page possibly and , thats also not intrusive to look at when people are on your blog (like following you where ever you go) and that is reasonably priced

        And needs to be good for responsive design websites as my new website will be out late spring as responsive design

        Do any of them also help feed your blog post to your facebook and Gplus business pages?

        Whats good for a little bloke like me?

        Any help much appreciated

        Thank you


        • Hi Mark,

          Thanks for your comment. Let me see, I could think of GetResponse as it has many features and pretty good with your wallet (if you get what I mean).

          While there are plugins to help you publish your posts on social media, I usually go with social media management tools for a better control. Those have more features to be honest.

          I am guessing this would be a long discussion and will hit you on email instead.

          Talk to you soon.

  4. Hey Reginald,

    You compiled a great list of mail list plugins here. The only one that I use us Optin Skin and it has worked quite well for me. I’ve also installed another called Magic Action Box which has a free version and a paid version. So far I’ve been using the free version and so far no complaints here. This post will definitely be a great reference for me just in case i want to look into other mailing list plugins! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Sherman,

      Thanks for your reply mate! I have yet to hear about it but guess I got to start hunting. Haha!

      I uses most of the plugins listed above and they work pretty well. Don’t think there is any of the best as each and everyone has their own advantages. Haha. So, yes … I am undecided 😀

      Glad you enjoyed the write up.

  5. Hi,
    I really love this list. I found mail list plugins to be useful if you have a proper mail list service like Mailchimp, Aweber or GetResponse. Regarding the plugins, do they offer any affiliate programs so we can also earn some money? Can you also list some free mail list plugins useful for small-time bloggers like me?

    • Hi Palla,

      You can still use email marketing services without any plugins. All you need is to take time arranging and creating a web form.

      This is great when AWeber and GetResponse can offer. You won’t go wrong with either one of them.

      Also, my personal advice? It doesn’t matter if you are a small time or big time blogger. Small time bloggers will always be small time blogger if they don’t spend a dime in blogging 🙂

      You can easily monetize Hybrid Connect using this link to register:

      Good luck.

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