How To Upload WordPress Theme To Website?

How To Upload A WordPress Theme?

Today's article is going to be a short one.

In this article, I'm going to show you how you can ​WordPress theme to your website.

But before that, let's talk about WordPress themes.

What is a WordPress theme?

What Is A WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme is like the clothing you wear.

The clothing you wear will give the first great impression towards your website visitors.

Having a professional WordPress theme will create a lasting impact on the way your web visitors perceive you.

Take a look at this (homepage of WPBeginner).

Professional WordPress Theme

How does the website looks like to you?

Freaking awesome, right?

What makes a WordPress theme great?

WordPress Website Layout

A great WordPress theme comes with awesome layout.

Not just beautiful layout, but layout which will encourage clicks and visitors to stay longer.

To give you an idea, here are some of the recommended WordPress themes website owners should be using today:

How to choose a good WordPress theme to upload?

Choosing WordPress Theme

This is a good question. 

Finding a good WordPress theme is pretty tough.

You would need to find the theme that fits your needs and skill level.

That's why many web owners opt for drag and drop website builders that don't require coding skills.

How to upload a WordPress theme to your website?

Now that we are pretty clear on the topic, let's get down to business and learn how to upload a theme to your website.

Step 1: Find a WordPress theme

There are many WordPress themes that you can choose from.

If you had purchased third party themes, you should download it to your local device and use the upload button as below.

Upload WordPress Theme To Blog

If you are planning to go with the free WordPress themes instead, you can choose from the gallery as seen above.

Step 2: Upload WordPress themes

Uploading a WordPress theme to a blog is easy. 

Here's the common screen you will see.

How To Upload WordPress Theme

Select the file of your choice, and click the upload button to WordPress.

3. Activate the uploaded WordPress theme

The next step is to click on the activate WordPress theme and you should be all good to go.

Uploading a WordPress theme is an easy job, but finding the right theme for your website is the toughest. Take your time to find the best WordPress theme for your website branding purposes.


The process of uploading WordPress theme is an easy one. Instead, choosing the right WordPress theme is a much tougher and challenging task which you should not overlook on.

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