Bad Web Host: The What, Why and How

How do you know if your web host sucks? How do you check if you are using a bad web host for your website? Or even worst, are you struggling to keep your server uptime on a positive side?

In today's web hosting market, there are just too many web hosting services that are under performing. Searching  for the term "cheap WordPress hosting" on Google will gives you an approximately 1,010,000 search results.

The truth is, there are many (and I mean M-A-N-Y) web hosting companies that offer super cheap hosting services but comes with subpar performance. Downtimes, inaccessible websites and above all, unsecured ports that leads to website hacks are just a few to name.

I'm sure you get the point and even heard about them!

How do you determine a web host is bad?

The million dollar question, if you ask me.

I used a fair share of shared web hosting services and this often comes lingerring in my head.

How do I know the web host I'm using is a bad web host?
How do I determine if the web hosting service I use is not ideal?

Carry on reading below on some of the ways you can determine if the website is good (or bad) for your website.

1. Bad web host makes your website slow (slow website loading speed)

slow loading speed

How fast does your website loads? Does it takes over 5 seconds to load or under 1.5 seconds?

Here's what Google says.

“2 seconds is the threshold for ecommerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half second.” Maile Ohye, from Google.

2 seconds or less — that's how fast your website should load if you want to retain the happiness of your website visitors and getting love from Google.

And here's a BIG, BIG fact to take note.

You don't need to use premium WordPress hosting like WP Engine (click here to see its latest pricing review) to make your website loads under 1.5 seconds. You can achieve that simply by using a shared web hosting like I do in the test below.

fast website loading speed

As you can see above, my homepage is massively 2 MB and it takes 1.37 seconds to load completely. So, how do I achieve such results?

  • check
    I used an optimized web hosting build specially for me and my tribe (click here for more information)
  • check
    Servers are based on LiteSpeed servers for better speed
  • check
    LiteSpeed Cache plugin (that works extremely well with the server)
  • check
    Autoptimize plugin
  • check
    Optimized images
  • check
    Removal of unwanted plugins (I use Thrive plugins heavily as they are 100% optimized for speed)
  • check
    StudioPress theme which offers super fast website loading and inbuilt SEO features

It is important to understand that the above combination is required to achieve the fastest loading speed for your website. Of course, a good web host will outdo the bad web host at anytime of the day!

If you want to dive more into website loading speed, here's a quick video for you.

How to check for website loading speed?

My favorite go to tool would be Pingdom Website Speed Test. It is free to use and works like charm. It also comes with a good reporting feature that allows you to understand which part is slowing down your website and how you can solve the issue for a faster website.

test for website speed

Diving through the reports will give you an idea especially if you are using a bad web host. The response time (in milliseconds or ms) will help you to easily weed out the bad web hosting services.

More ways to test for website speed

There are some concerns in the market space where users are saying that Pingdom may not be the best tool to test for website speed.

While I often use Pingdom to test for website speed, I also use alternative ones such as the free tool provided by WP Engine to compare the reports. Commonly, each tool will use several different metrics to measure your website loading speed.

Having a second view on the speed is always a good (and safe) move. Test your website speed here!

WordPress Speed Test

2. Bad web host gives you a lot of errors on Google Search Console

Another way to check if you are using a bad web host is through Google Search Console.

Head over to Google Search Console and select your account/website of choice.

This is what you will see on the dashboard.

errors on google search console

A bad website hosting company will often lead to many errors including server errors and 404's. At some cases, you will also get server connectivity issues which means website visitors will have problem trying to access your site.

If you are a freelance website developer, freelance writer or affiliate marketer who uses website to generate leads, you are going to literally cry because you are not getting sales!

no sales

I'm using a bad web host! What should I do now?

You are at the cross road and I totally get it. We all make mistakes and the pain is real. You might also feel sad and disappointed with the current web host because they are making you lose business.

If you are looking for a good web hosting service that doesn't burn a hole in your wallet, Host With me (web hosting for beginners) is a great option to start with. At only $6.99 per month, you are going to get a way much better shared web hosting performance and experience — and I can guarantee you that or 60 days money back guarantee no matter what your reason!

If you are looking for an enterprise web hosting or web hosting for high traffic sites, WP Engine is an excellent choice. The performance, security and support levels provided by WP Engine is best to none that I have tested.

Zyma Web Hosting Review

When it comes to choosing the best web hosting, we are really lucky as we are spoil with choices. I was lucky enough to even perform several reviews such as the most affordable web hosting, the best managed WordPress hosting and even professional web hosting services.

Recently, I was contact by Khuram who is the Marketing Director of Zyma web hosting in the UK. Since all my web hosting reviews were mostly based in the States, I took up the challenge and decided to try Zyma instead.

As for the record, Zyma (and Khuram) were very patience enough to wait for this review since I am currently having one of the busiest period (work wise) in this year!

In this review, I will be going through what Zyma Technologies can offer and ultimately, could it possibly be the best web hosting in the UK?

My first impression of Zyma Web Hosting

I am a huge fan of the first impression and being in a marketing/sales industry for sometime now, I believe that you need to provide the 'killer blow' within the first 15 seconds.

Zyma landing page is pretty straight forward and I love the green colour. Seriously, that is a great combination for a home page. Just like any other web hosting companies, Zyma offers more than 300+ scripts and is able to support nearly all the major players such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento.

The benefits using Zyma web hosting

Zyma offers a very simple and straight forward dashboard for users

This is what Zyma web hosting dashboard looks like

Zyma really attracted me (from the point of view of an user) because they are offering too many freebies. Don't get me wrong as I am not complaining. In fact, I am really astonished by this!

Moving a domain from one web host to another could seriously be a tough job. Therefore, Zyma offers free website transfer service that includes:

For those who have no idea what these are all about, it is actually the basics information that is required to transfer your current website to a new hosting company (without destroying your website).

The main features for Zyma compared to the rest are probably unlimited:

Again, I got to stress that you won't usually see other web hosting companies offering free setup and transfer in their hosting packages.

Zyma web hosting for serious users and eCommerce

What I really love about Zyma Technologies is that it caters for corporate or business websites. For example, having shared SSL features, PayPal integration and accepting credit cards on your site are free and available for use.

This is definitely a great plus point if you are planning to operate a business.

Besides that, Zyma Technologies has also bonus features such as Fantastico De Luxe, courtesy backups and custom .htaccess file.

For those installing a new WordPress website, Zyma web hosting offers several additional services such as limiting the login attempts and automatic backups. And all of these can be done easily with just a click of a button!

Zyma web hosting is one of the best hosting companies in the UK

Zyma dashboard offers a quick server status and even the server load stats

How much does Zyma web hosting cost?

Currently, a web hosting package cost £1.79 per month and unlike any other web hosting services, Zyma offers the same price for all packages such as 12, 24 and 36 months.

After converting to US Dollars, Zyma web hosting is really worth it since it only cost $2.90 per month!

That is probably cheaper than any shared web hosting in the United States right?

What I really love about Zyma web hosting and why should you use it?

Zyma Technologies is an award winning web hosting services in the UK and it is known for two things; service and security.

Now let me be really honest with you. If I would compare Zyma to HostGator, DreamHost or GoDaddy, I would personally say that Zyma has an upper hand advantage.

Here are some reasons why:

  1. Zyma Technologies doesn't allow pornography stored or hosted on its server. This means that your sites hosted over at Zyma has zero chance of being blocked or penalized by Google.
  2. Integrated with all time famous, cPanel.
  3. Lovely and easy to navigate dashboard.
  4. Tons of eCommerce features which is good for business websites.
  5. Excellent customer support and service provided.

When it comes to web hosting, gone were the days where uptime plays a huge role in choices. Nowadays, nearly all web hosting are already practising 99.9% uptime.

What matters most now are quality of service and the web hosting features.

Zyma web hosting is a great hosting company if you want to host over at the UK, good hosting feature and of course, affordable hosting prices. And to be very honest, this is probably the cheapest web hosting which provides excellent service ... something that we don't always find out there.

Will you give Zyma a 30-days trial?

With all the rich features and affordable web hosting price, I believe there is no reason why you shouldn't give Zyma a spin. Don't forget that Zyma is also offering several free features such as free domain, transfer and website builder which are totally ... a no-brainer if you don't try it today!