Build Incredible Landing Pages Using Thrive Architect Templates

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Do you agree that building incredible landing pages is tough?

Hours and hours spend, crazy coding stuffs or even worst, trying to explain your concept to a website developer.

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If that's what you are going through right now, you are in luck. In this article, I'm going to show you exactly how you can simplify the process of creating incredible landing pages in minutes and not hours.

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Here's a quick preview on what you will get today.

I'll show you the EXACT steps to take to build an incredible landing page fast, hassle-free and most importantly, keeping you saint during the entire process ... without spending a thousand dollar or more on a web developer.

Let. Gets. Started.

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What makes an incredible landing page?

Conversions, conversions and more conversions.

And apart from that, the landing page needs to look pixel-perfect and loads in a fraction of a second.

Take a moment to understand this quote:

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According to Unbounce, a 12% conversion rate is pretty good for lead generation landing pages. And by "pretty good," we mean you'll be better than about 90% of your competitors.

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Now, that's quite a lot to ask ...

First, you need to have a damn good landing page design but you are in a super tight on budget and working with a website developer is out of the question.

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Now, enough of the bad news.

Here's the good news.

There's a solution to this and as a matter of fact, this is exactly what coming up next.

Introducing, landing page builders for people like you and me.

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A Quick Introduction to Landing Page Builders

In online marketing, a landing page, sometimes known as a "lead capture page", "static page" or a "lander", or a "destination page", is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. Wikipedia.

A landing page builder, on the other hand, is a form of software that allows you to create landing pages fast and efficiently. Some landing page builders such as Thrive Architect landing pages, allow you to build landing pages without coding skill.

Yes, you hear me right. But more on this as you carry on reading.

By the way, do you know how a landing page looks like?

See the image below.

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Landing Page Templates

Do you know how to create a landing page with just a fraction of the time? 

The answer is using landing page templates.

Landing page templates are pre-made or pre-installed website designs which are already optimized for conversion.

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Landing page templates + Incredible landing page design = Higher conversion

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Now, how do you find the best landing page templates that are easy to use?

The answer is simple. Thrive Architect.

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I've used many landing page builders and most of them are bulky (which affects website loading speed), a high learning curve and expensive.

Thrive Architect is different.

Affordability and rich in features, I was instantly impressed with Thrive Architect when I first install it on my WordPress blog. You can read my review on Thrive Architect here.

Here's how you can use Thrive Architect templates to build high converting landing pages within minutes.

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The first step involves installing Thrive Architect. If you have not purchased a copy of this landing page builder plugin, you can use this link for the latest Thrive Architect discount.

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After registering for your plugin, the next step is to create a blank page. Before you are able to use Thrive Architect templates, you need to have the page on draft or published mode.

And finally, proceed with the 'Edit with Thrive Architect' button to start editing your landing page design. Here's the button that you will see on the WordPress backend.

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Now, the next step is to click on 'cloud' button which is marked as change template. 

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Clicking on this button/icon will open up a large inventory of Thrive Architect templates.

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Selecting any of these landing page templates (apart from the blank page) will open up another set of landing pages for different requirements.

This is what I mean.

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As you can see above, most landing page builder plugins do not offer set designs but Thrive Architect does. With the set of standard landing page designs, you can rest assured that all your landing pages contain similar layout and designs.

The above sample, FitBrand comes with five different Thrive Architect templates including homepage, lead generation page, email confirmation page, download page and content playground.

Click on any of the Thrive Architect templates to start working on your project (see below)

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src="" _builder_version="3.17.3" /][et_pb_text _builder_version="3.17.3"]

Click on the right sidebar will open up more elements that you can work on your chosen Thrive Architect template.

Lastly, adding some content to the landing page and your landing page will be ready for publishing in the next 30 minutes or so!


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How much Thrive Architect costs?

Thrive Architect comes with several pricing plans. For only $67 for a single WordPress site, you will have immediate access to all Thrive Themes templates to build high converting landing pages.

You can also see the image below for more information.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src="" _builder_version="3.17.3" url="" /][et_pb_text _builder_version="3.17.3"]

Is Thrive Architect templates really good?

Yes! Currently, there are over 270 Thrive Architect templates that you can choose from to build a landing page from scratch. 

Plus, there are also a support forum and email support to help out with any challenge you may face when using Thrive Architect.

Want to learn more about using Thrive Architect templates to build incredible landing pages?

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Do you want to build a highly converting landing page in just minutes? If the answer is "yes", you should try Thrive Architect today!


Top 2 Tools To Create Best Squeeze Pages For Real Estate Consultants

Are you a realtor looking for the best real estate landing pages?

In this post, you will find:

  • check
    High converting squeeze page templates
  • check
    The best landing page builder for realtors
  • check
    Real estate lead capture system

Realtors are always in a rush because time is money. Therefore, this article will be short and precise to help you create great real estate landing pages that generate more qualified leads, sales and don't burn a massive hole in your pocket.

Why is landing page important?

Have you ever why top realtors such as Grant Cardone makes ton of money? Apart from having a lot of qualified leads, they have something in common — they have real estate lead capture system that consists of high converting squeeze page templates and great sales pitch.

I'll leave the sales pitch aside as you probably have a few working ones (by now). 

Landing pages are important because they help you to:

  • check
    Differentiating normal leads with qualified leads
  • check
    Collecting details such as email address and names
  • check
    Gives the leads a quick walk-through on what you are offering
  • check
    Provides irresistible offerings to make then leave their contact details

Best Tools To Build Real Estate Landing Pages

If you are looking for the best tools, look no further— these are the top two tools any realtors need to use in order to create powerful landing pages that convert.



ClickFunnels does many things for realtors. It is an integrated system for landing pages, sales pages, webinars, billing and more. Here's what exactly ClickFunnels does: It is a landing page and sales page designer/editor with a long list of templates. More importantly, ClickFunnels is an all-in-one marketing automation for realtors from lead generation to closing a sale.


Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is the best landing page builder for realtors. It is a robust drag and drop WordPress editor that allows you to create high converting landing pages in minutes with over 200 ready made templates. Here's exactly what Thrive Architect does: It is a WordPress plugin that can be installed and integrated to any WordPress themes. You can use Thrive Architect to create unlimited landing pages, download pages, lead generation pages and many more. Click here to read more or head over to the demo page here.

ClickFunnels for Realtors

ClickFunnels is a powerful, all-in-one marketing solution for realtors who wants it all — from creating real estate landing pages to sending automated emails, ClickFunnels is your Swiss Army knife to generating more qualified leads and closing the sale.

The ONE problem faced by realtors is that they have no idea how to generate quality leads from the Internet.

The solution to this is rather simple. You need to have a real estate lead capture system that saves you time and help you make MORE money.

Let's face it. Do you want to spend hours trying to create the highly complicated real estate lead capture website or spending quality time making phone calls to your prospects and closing the sale?

I know a few realtors who are constantly finding high converting squeeze page templates when they should not. I think they should leave it to the pros and do the things they do best — close more sales (no offence).

Introducing, ClickFunnels.

clickfunnels for real estate landing pages

What is ClickFunnels?

In short, it is the best when it comes to complete real estate lead capture system. Hit the play button below and see what ClickFunnels is all about.

How do you use ClickFunnels?

Disclaimer: You need to have an account with ClickFunnels before you can start using it. You can register for a 14-days free trial by clicking here.

Step 1: Choose your sales funnel

The first step involves choosing the type of sales funnel you want to create (you should know what is a sales funnel if you are a realtor). 

You don't have to crack your brain for this. All you need is to scroll through the selections and choose the one that most appropriate for you. 

clickfunnels landing pages setup

Note: You can create as many sales funnels as you wished with ClickFunnels.

Step 2: Choose a landing page design

ClickFunnels offers some of the best squeeze pages (some call it landing pages) I've ever seen. By default, there are both free and paid landing page designs. 

For this example, I'm going with the free version. Here's what it looks like.

clickfunnels squeeze pages

Step 3: Modify your landing pages

ClickFunnel's landing page software allows you to drag and drop elements on the page. This allows you to tweak the pages based on your needs.

And yes, you can go crazy with different designs, call-to-actions etc. here.

landing page software

Once that is done, the last step is to put the funnel to live and you are all good to go.

How much does ClickFunnels costs?

The full ClickFunnels Suite costs $297 per month which allows you to create unlimited landing pages and email automation under one roof.

There is also a smaller plan which is ClickFunnels squeeze pages software that costs $97 per month if you just want to feel the hang of the software.

Note: Looking for ClickFunnels discount? Sign up annual payment and get up to 16% discount!

Is ClickFunnels worth it?

The answer is yes!

You wouldn't want to waste a single second doing things you are not good in (such as creating real estate landing pages and making sure the web page works well on different devices). With ClickFunnels, you can save up more time and use it to convert more leads instead.

Take a look at this video from one of the ClickFunnels customer (and judge for yourself).

Thrive Architect for Realtors

If you are a geeky realtor, Thrive Architect is your best option to create real estate landing pages.

Unlike ClickFunnels, Thrive Architects helps you build any WordPress from scratch without a single line of code. In short, Thrive Architect is more than just a landing page software — it is also a drag and drop WordPress builder for your site.

Now, if you are using WordPress, there is no reason why you shouldn't even consider using Thrive Architect.

Finding the BEST and high converting squeeze page templates takes time

You don't mind spending money to bring in the traffic but you want them to convert into leads. This means that you need a high converting page that is setup perfectly well to grab all the details you need.

Unless you are a certified conversion expert, chances are you are tring 'luck' and see what works.

With Thrive Architect, there is no more guessing game. You have access to over hundreds of landing page templates and all you need to do is to choose the right one for your squeeze page.

As simple as it sounds, that's how Thrive Architect works. You don't need coding skills to build a landing page and you can spend more time on your work!

What is Thrive Architect?

In short, it is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to create unlimited landing pages with just a few clicks of the mouse.

This plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes and able to integrate with major email marketing solution such as AWeber.

How do you use Thrive Architect?

The below is the step by step guide on using Thrive Architect to build a real estate landing page for your site.

Step 1: Create a page

You should have Thrive Architect installed (and if you don't, click here to see the Thrive Architect's pricing page).

Next, create a new WordPress page and click on 'Save Draft.' After that, click on 'Edit with Thrive Architect.'

thrive architect landing pages

Step 2: Choose a landing page

Click on the 3rd button on the bottom left of the screen (looks like a file icon) and select 'Choose a Landing Page Template.'

thrive architect for realtors

You will then see the following.

choose real estate landing pages demo

What you will get here is pretty straight forward. A huge set of ready made templates that you can choose from. 

Each of these sets consists of several read-made templates for you. Here's what I mean. For example, I click on 'Icons' set.

landing pages for real estate agents

See the samples of landing pages above? You can click on anyone of them and import directly to your WordPress page. All under 5 seconds!

Step 3: Drag and drop to customize the landing page

Finally, you can drag and drop the elements to customize your page. The elements are on the left while the page is on the right side.

create landing pages using Thrive Architect

How much does Thrive Architect costs?

A single license costs $67 per year and it comes with 12 months of unlimited support/updates.

The pricing is very straightforward and therefore, there is no hidden costs you have to be worried about. 

Is Thrive Architect worth it?

Absolutely! If you have a WordPress site, I see no reason why you wouldn't want to use the best drag and drop website builder to create powerful real estate landing pages in minutes.

Plus, the support is super awesome to say the very least!

Want to create real estate landing pages fast?

I bet you do! Both ClickFunnels and Thrive Architect are great landing page software for realtors

If you are looking for an all-in-one marketing tool, ClickFunnels is the best in the market.

If you are geeky and have some time to spend customizing landing pages, Thrive Architect is the best drag and drop WordPress builder.