ConvertKit vs MailChimp: The Best Email Marketing Solution #60DaysBloggingChallenge Day 4

convertkit vs mailchimp

ConvertKit vs MailChimp. In today’s #60DaysBloggingChallenge, I’m going to compare two powerful email marketing services, ConvertKit and MailChimp. Before I start, I would like to highlight that I’ve been using MailChimp (paid account) for over three years before finally moving over to ConvertKit in September 2016. So, here’s the layout of this article. I’ll be … Read more

Does Mailing List Plugins Really Helps To Increase Conversion Rate?

How to increase conversion rate without spending money?

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice blogger or running a Fortune 500 company; You need a mailing list. When you talk about mailing list, it is all about the conversion rate so to speak. But, let’s not forget something very important. We need to find ways to save money too! Now, how does … Read more