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Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, social media plays a huge role for both bloggers and businesses alike. With proper social media strategies, you will be able to improve and increase blog traffic and even build a more profitable website.

Here are a list of actionable social media marketing plans and resources.

Social Media marketing resources

7 Most Influential Social Media Platforms For Bloggers – There more than a dozen social media platforms for bloggers nowadays but how do you find the best site for your social media marketing plans? Here are 7 of the most important platforms for bloggers which could provide excellent ROI.

3 Easy Ways To Add Twitter Cards To WordPress Blogs – Twitter cards is not your usual business card and it doesn’t increase your blog traffic either. However, do you know why it is so important for all of us and do you know how to enable Twitter Cards on WordPress blogs successfully?

3 Easy Steps To Kick Start Social Media Automation – Do you know that smart bloggers uses social media automation to run their campaigns? Here are easy ways to create and run a social media campaign on autopilot legally!

Social Media Scheduling Done Easy With Buffer App – Buffer is one of the most popular social media tool in today’s world. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create and schedule social media updates successfully using Buffer.

What Is Google+ Custom URL And How To Enable It? – Some call it Google Plus vanity URL and others call it custom URL. Learn what they are all about and how to enable them on your Google+ account.

How I Accidentally Increased Google+ Traffic By Over 700% – Google Plus is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and do you know what is the proper way of using it? In this article, I will share you tips to increase your Google Plus traffic in less than 7 days!

Recommended social media marketing tools

Socialoomph – An excellent social media marketing tool thanks to its ‘set and forget’ features. Socialoomph helps bloggers, content marketers and social media enthusiasts schedule posts and updates over a dozen platforms. At the moment, this is the most advanced social media marketing tool ever known to mankind.

HootSuite – This social media marketing tool makes scheduling posts on social media as easy as A, B and C while at the same time, provide a great platform for multitasking. This is probably the most popular social media tool for many. Try HootSuite Pro for free today just by clicking on the link!

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