MailChimp Subscription: What is the MailChimp pricing?

Is MailChimp really free? If MailChimp is free, why is there MailChimp subscription?

MailChimp is free for 2,000 email subscribers and 12,000 emails delivery per month. After that threshold, you are required to subscribe to MailChimp to continue using it to deliver email.

How does the MailChimp subscription works?

MailChimp pricing is very simple and straightforward. You can register for a free account and you have unlimited access to all the features (except for MailChimp Pro) including the email autoresponder sequence.

mailchimp subscription pricing

MailChimp subscription works on a subscription model — you are billed based on number of email subscribers you have in your list or the number of emails you are sending out on a monthly basis.

MailChimp subscription model is divided into:

  • Monthly payment based on number of email subscribers
  • Credits based on number of emails you will be delivering

How much does MailChimp costs?

MailChimp paid email marketing costs $10 per month for 500 email subscribers and unlimited email delivery.

You can also opt for MailChimp Pro which priced at $99 per month for detailed analytics and reports. This option is best for companies, high traffic website and large enterprises who want to make use of the email marketing strategy.

Is MailChimp worth it?

This is a great question. MailChimp offers one of the best email delivery rates and it is used by bloggers around the world.

MailChimp is a great email marketing solution if you are not an affiliate marketer.

Should you get MailChimp subscription?

MailChimp is a good option if you are looking for excellent delivery rates and tons of features to enrich your email marketing strategy.

If you are affordable (or making enough from your website) and not using affiliate links, you should definitely get MailChimp subscription for better email marketing results.

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