Podcast: Basics of Live Streaming

Even with all the ruckus on vlogging, music streaming, and other forms of online content, people have been subscribing to live streaming via podcasts. This is the modern version of radio shows but instead of tuning in to a particular time, you can listen to it anytime using any devices you have. It has grown in popularity, and a number of people have been listening to them as part of a daily hobby or lifestyle. Since the content of a podcast can have a multitude of topics, a lot of people find a podcast of something they are interested in and learn this way. 

Podcasts also come in like series. Initially available in audio format only, many people now have made video podcasts as well. They are more than a repurposed radio in the sense that the topics you find with live streaming have educational and inspirational value. You would find a lot of popular leaders, writers, influencers, and even religious personalities have their own shows via live streaming and podcasts. It is true, people can now grow in influence by dedicating themselves in making podcasts for people to learn from and grow with. 

Who Can Do Podcasts?

In answering this question, you have to ask first, who can access different podcasts across the internet? The answer is, anyone can access most podcasts as most of them are free and easily downloadable. If you can listen to them, you can essentially create one yourself. As it arose due to the high demand for content that a lot of video-hosting platforms do not cover, people turn to podcasts to learn and know more about specialized topics. If you have valuable knowledge about any topic, you can start making your own live streaming show. You can start hosting one as a freelancer as you are building your own identity. Subscribers will follow suit if you make a noise loud enough to reach out to specific people in the community who can eventually become your niche.

If starting one is kind of intimidating for you, you can start downloading and listening to podcasts about any of your interests and see for yourself how it is done. You can then start making your own format on how your show is going to run, set a schedule of your live streaming, devise a strategy to promote your channel, and later on look for sponsors so your freelancing gig can earn you some money. 

What Can You Cover in Your Podcast?

Think of making content for your podcast like how someone would think of content for their blog, it has to be something you are very much willing to do and interested in. The key difference is, in vlogging, you have to make sure that your content is entertaining for it to have a value which will earn you subscriptions. In doing podcasts, the most important thing you have to consider is how informational and useful it is to your subscribers. This is understandable as vlogging should appeal to the eyes so people must be willing to watch it and podcasts are mainly audio files, so people who download it and listen to it are looking for something beyond entertaining. People should be able to find value in terms of the quality, the richness of information and substance of topics covered.  Also, you can have a full series that covers a single topic or a wide array of other related topics.

Thus, a lot of big companies and organizations have organized podcasts that cover topics relevant to their business in their attempt to add value to the everyday life of their customers and clients. It does good to their business as well when people value their brand over this thoughtful gesture. This is also a business strategy as a way of digital marketing that can reach out to more people online. You would also find a lot of storytellers use this platform to share stories with people who are inclined to audio novels. 

In Support of Personal Advocacies

If you are oriented in leadership and you want a way to spread your advocacies, be it in regards to the environment, people’s welfare, religion, or awareness, you can count on live streaming platforms to help you convey your message. As stated by the experts from Wired Clip, your own podcast can be monetized if you find the right platform for your show. You would be able to financially support whatever advocacy you have by doing this. It is not just a creative and valuable hobby but it can also be a productive way to inform a lot of people about what you are fighting for. 

If you are in support of advocacies, chances are, you must have gone online before. You might have gone to WordPress to create content that would help champion your cause so making content regarding it is also something you have already accomplished. The advantage of creating a podcast is that people can download it anytime and listen to it while doing other activities like running on a treadmill, cooking, and driving for hours. 

Get Connected to the People You Look Up To

The people you see on TV or read about in magazines and newspapers must have been in a podcast once or are hosting a podcast regularly. This is an opportunity for you to get connected to them more and learn about their expertise. You would find a lot of people who go to churches listen to the podcast hosted by their pastors and people who like to learn about topics on archaeology, technology, and even space subscribe to experts on the field. Even mundane and unpopular topics have special podcasts dedicated to them. 

Chances are high that the topics you want to read about can be further enriched by listening to live streams that discuss them. For some of the most popular podcasts, they have big names in the different industries and even well-known celebrities as hosts. If you are looking into the future of podcasts, you can be inspired to start now and work your way to that spotlight.

100+ Great Podcasts To Listen To In 2020

100+ Great Podcasts 2020

​100+ Great Podcasts To Listen To In 2020

​I started podcasting 6 years ago and ended up with only 20+ episodes before calling it off. ​Two weeks ago, I just started my daily podcast and now, hitting episode number 10. Ironic, isn't it?

​You see, podcast is a powerful marketing tool. It helps you to reach a wide range of audience and there are many great podcasts to listen to in 2020.

​In this article, I'm going to list down some of the best podcasts, including great podcast series that you should be listening to today!

​I need your help!

​Would you be kind enough to check out my podcast shows and give me a 5-stars rating? I would really appreciate it!

[Episode 5] How To Become An Online Entrepreneur In 2020?

The Ask Reginald Podcast

[Episode 5] How To Become An Online Entrepreneur In 2020?

​This year is the best year to become an online entrepreneur. With massive unemployment and retrenchment, this is the perfect opportunity for you to start something your heart truly wants!

Listen to this podcast and learn how you can become an online entrepreneur in 2020.

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[Episode 4] Cyberstalking And Why You Need To Protect Yourself

The Ask Reginald Podcast

​[Episode 4] Cyberstalking And Why You Need To Protect Yourself

[Episode 4] In this episode, I discuss what cyberstalking is all about and why it is important for you to understand the danger of it.

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What is cyberstalking?

Cyberstalking is defined as online stalking. It involves the repeated use of the internet or other electronic means to harass, intimidate or frighten a person or group. Common characteristics of cyberstalking may include false accusations or posting derogatory statements, monitoring someone’s online activity or physical location, threats, identity theft, and data destruction or manipulation by sending a virus to a victim’s devices.

Cyberstalkers may use email, instant messages, phone calls, and other communication modes to stalk you. Cyberstalking can take the form of sexual harassment, inappropriate contact, or unwelcome attention to your life and to your family’s activities.

  1. Privacy and security settings exist for a reason

  2. Keep personal info personal

  3. Know and manage your friends

  4. Be honest if you’re uncomfortable

  5. Know what action to take

  6. Own your online presence

  7. Post only about others as you have them post about you

Action Steps

Please take sometime to go through your social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok etc.) and do the needed changes to protect yourself. Share this information with your peers, family members and loved ones today—together, we can avoid and stop cyberstalking on social media.

10 Predictions For The Future Of Podcasting 2020

Future Of Podcasting 2020

​The Future Of Podcasting In 2020 (And Beyond)

"The future of podcasting will be highly personalised" — This is one of the most popular quote I have heard about podcasting. Podcast is an audio version in content marketing. Instead of spending thousands of dollars in creating backlinks on blog posts and generating views on YouTube, podcast allows you to reach to a wider audience faster and more efficiently.

​The future of podcasting 2020 is huge and by far, this is the most effective online marketing strategy for 2020. In this post, I'll share not one but 10 major predictions for podcast growth in 2020 a.k.a. the future of pocast in 2020.

1. Podcast Growth Will Skyrocket

The outlook of podcast in 2020 is simple—the number of podcasts will increase substantially.

Year over year, the stats had proved that the podcast numbers have increased with every coming year. Here are two facts about podcasting:

  • ​2018: 550,000 podcasts shows were ​launch.
  • ​2019: 750,000 podcast shows were ​launched.

That's literally 36% increase in 2019 as compared to 2018.

With podcasts gaining popularity every year, we can predict that the numbers are going to increase substantially in 2020.

2. Big Investments in The Podcast Industry

In 2019, Spotify quoted to invest a sum of $400 million $500 million in the podcast industry. This huge investment signifies their belief in a bright future in the podcast industry.

Investment In Podcasting 2020

Based on this we predict that more and more businesses will follow this lead and invest in Podcasts.

​More importantly, podcasters can now submit their podcasts to Spotify in just a few clicks and at no cost.

3. More Money on Podcast Advertisements

With the ever-growing costs in CPC, podcast had ​became a more affordable advertisement as compared to Google Ads or social media ads.

​There is no denial that online marketing (advertisement) is an important step for business owners to tap into the market. With the right advertisement strategy, one can easly penerate the market under 6 months and without a strong brand name.

​Fact Check On Podcasting

​As per reports, 69% of the people said that podcast ads made them aware regarding certain brands along with their products and services. Another report stated that 54% of podcast listeners consider purchasing the products & services marketed via podcast ads.

​An important takeway is that podcasts are capable of making their listeners trust the host and the brands advertised on their platform. Big brands such as GoDaddy, BlueHost and Click Funnels had all used podcast advertisement to promote their products/services.

​The future of podcast in 2020 is clear. Podcast advertisement certainly makes more conversions and generating better ROI for the businesses around the world.

4. Rapid Increase in Podcasting Events

In 2019, we saw a lot of podcast events happening like the Podfest, Podcasters Paradise and​ Podcast Movement.

These podcast events had gathered podcasters around the world and more importantly, creating a good connection with all podcast listeners.

Podcasting Events 2020

Now as the podcast industry gains more popularity, the number of podcast focused events will increase.

With the increase in competition, this will also create more value for podcast listeners during the informative panels and breakout sessions.

5. Live Podcasting Will Grow

Facebook Live, Instagram Live Videos, TikTok, YouTube Live and Twitter Live had all played a significant role in creating live podcasting in 2020.

With the rapid advances in technology, combined with podcasts gaining more popularity, live podcasting is easier than ever. Plus, it doesn't require much or expensive podcast equipments to launch one!

Live Podcast Postcast On Air 2020

The increase in the number of live podcasts will deliver more unique live experiences such as ​Q&A sessios, fun events and real-time interaction that no other online marketing strategy could replicate. At least, for now.

Plus, it is important to remember that all these events will help the host to secure a strong connection with their audience and increase their fan base.

6. New Niches Will Appear

Do you know what are the most trending topics in 2019?

  • ​Climate change
  • ​No-plastic
  • ​Ocean cleaning
  • Entrepreneurship

​Here's the fact.

​You can start a podcast show with the most boring topic or niche—and there will still be listeners.

​Take a look at iTunes or Spotify. You will be able to find funny and crazy podcast shows out there that are super popular!

​As for the future of podcast 2020, I believe that we will start seeing more “Lifestyle”, “Life-changing” or “How-to” podcasts guiding you to make useful transitions in your life. Especially unemployment and retrenchment.

Also, there would be a surge of podcasts focusing on debates or discussions for creating awareness on the latest topics.

7. Video Podcasts Will Gain More Popularity

Now, here's a little addon which you will find useful. 

​Video podcast is taking place right now as we speak and this is a growing trend in podcasting in 2020 and beyond.

I​n other words, the traditional audio-based podcasts will be accompanied by video podcasts to complement the audio show.

​As a matter of fact, there are quite a few happening in 2019 and I believe that this trend is going to continue.

“​Creating and sharing video content across all social media platforms will help all the hosts to increase their reach & get more listeners.”

- ​Reginald Chan -

​The visual part of the content will generate additional views especially for those who prefer to watch, rather than listening to an audio show.

8. Podcasts Will Join Mainstream Entertainment

​You are reading this because you know how powerful podcasting is. For me, the most promising prediction ​is that podcasts can move into mainstream entertainment.

Do you ​remember how successfully Netflix created scripted podcasts for hit show Daybreak?

Here's the prediction: ​This trend is going to continue, where scripted podcasts will be produced and will be streamed online.

However, ​it is also important to take note that if the above takes place nicely, production houses will make efforts to convert successful podcasts into series and have the copyrights with them.

9. More Celebrities Will Join The Podcasting World

We predict that there will be more celebrities joining podcasts. This year we saw a lot of celebs, Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver Hudson joined Sibling Revelry.

Celebrities On Podcast 2020

Actress Roselyn Sánchez along with her husband Eric Winter joined He Said, Ella Dijo.

Sue Perkins from The Great British Bake-off joined Sue Perkins: An Hour or So with….

All of them are interested in starting their podcasts. We predict that this will continue to ​grow in 2020, as it allows them to do promotions, interact with their fans all over the world.

​10. ​Podcast As A Form Of Entrepreneurship Or Occupation

​Podcasting will soon take place as a real occupation and especially with the Covid-19 pandemic that led to unemployment and retrenchment, ​people will use podcast as a form of monetization (even more than the previous year).

​Let's take John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast. He works as a full time podcaster and that had earned him more than one can imagine (at least, more than what a day job can pay).

​Summary: The Future For Podcasting In 2020 (And Beyond)

​The future for podcasting in 2020 is bright. With the current pandemic, lockdowns, unemployment and retrenchment, there is absolutely no better time ​to start a podcast.

​You don't need fancy equipment to start a podcast—you can start light (here's exactly what you need).

​Plus, it is really cheap to start a podcast too (guide).

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[Episode 3] How To Get In The MOOD When Working From Home

The Ask Reginald Podcast

[Episode 3] Staying home is always good but it has its downsides too. For example, lower productivity level especially for those working from home. In today's show, I share some of the best tips I use for myself to ensure I have better output and productivity at home.

Some of the tips are:

  1. Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals

  2. Schedule and plan the day out

  3. Rearrange schedules (easiest to the hardest tasks)

  4. Allocate time for myself

  5. Get some sun in the morning

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