6 Things You Need To Make Money From Blogging

The title is lame AF but there’s no pun intended. Every one can start a blog but it takes more than just ‘interest’ to make money from blogging.

Here, you will find the top 10 things you need to make money from blogging. That’s how I went from earning $1 a month from Google Adsense (when I started) to making over $1,000 a month from blogging.

1. Develop a blogging mission

Why do you start a blog? Do you want to make money from blogging? Or is it your passion to share information?

Either way, you need to develop a blogging mission. Blogging mission helps you to:

  • Create actionable targets
  • Create timelines to achieve your targets
  • Determine specific goals to achieve your goals (such as making money)

I got to admit that the above sounds similar but blogging mission goes a long way. You will be able to do way more in blogging (such as making money online) when you have a goal/target.

Copy Me!

My blogging mission is simple and it is divided into smaller parts. Here goes.

The daily goals are to generate at least 500 visits and generating at least $33 from each blog I manages.

The simple calculation is this: $33 x 30 days = $990 per month

2. Free WordPress theme is fine, but premium is better

So you are just starting out blogging. Going for a free WordPress theme is not a bad idea, really — but going with a premium WordPress theme is always a better option.

From features to security, premium WordPress themes knocks the free ones out from the park. Every. Single. Time.

Looking for the best WordPress themes?

When it comes to WordPress themes, I only recommend StudioPress, Thrive Themes and Divi Themes. These three offers the best theme customization, features, support, performance and security — all under one roof.

3. Focus on lead generation

Do you remember the blogging mission I said earlier? Lead generation is one of them.

Lead generation is important because it is your backup plan. When Google publishes a new ranking update, chances are many websites are going to get hit, especially when they count solely on Google traffic.

With lead generation, you are able to collect email and send weekly/monthly newsletters to ensure that readers are kept updated.

You are NOT only reduce depending on Google traffic, you are also able to communicate and engage with your loyal readers — keeping up them up to date with your blog content and even promoting your products.

4. Email list building

Having an email list is important — and bloggers should have heard about MailChimp. There is no denial that MailChimp is good but you also need to understand that free email marketing services only go that far.

In this case, MailChimp is a great email marketing provider for bloggers but it is lacking some important features especially when you need more ‘firepower’ in email marketing.

If you are just starting out, go with MailChimp as the free service is definitely going to be easy on your wallet.

Looking for an alternative to MailChimp? Try AWeber today (recommended for affordability, features and performance).

5. Quality over quantity

If you want to make money from blogging, make sure you focus on quality over quantity. The next time you are planning to publish a post on your blog, make sure you focus on quality.

Sure, the content can be thin and lesser than 1,000 words — but make sure it is sufficient to provide ‘answers’ for your website visitors.

Point forms, using various media materials or even use WordPress builder (such as Thrive Architect) to portray the right message to your audience. In other words, all of these methods are used to make your content go “wow” instead of just wall of text.

6. Aim to be the best

Last but not least, the only way you can make money from blogging is to be the best in your niche.

When you are constantly providing quality content on the Internet, you are building your fame and building reputation to grow yourself. When you build a following and trust, you are more likely to close sales.

As a blogger, always remember that becoming second best is not good enough. Focus on being the best — and that’s how you can make money from blogging.

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