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How To Make Animations With GoAnimate [Review]

Do you want to make professional animated videos? I’m not talking about the $5 Fiverr gig or those low quality animation. I’m talking about high quality ones and I’m sure you want that as well. When Lilach from CommsAxis reached out to me about GoAnimate, I knew it was something I seriously need to dig […]

How To Spy On Competitors Keywords With SEMrush?

You stare blankly on your WordPress blog for over 30 minutes and you have absolutely no idea which keyword you should be using to crush your competitors. They are making tons of money (and traffic) and you are dying for that. Yes, I have been there before one too many times. I tried to use […]

Top 5 SEO Trends To Follow In 2014

SEO i.e. Search engine optimization it’s a term which has people crying and many a webmasters losing their hair as they lose all of their traffic overnight. The future of SEO is something which can’t be predicted just by looking at the major search engines or the people who are ranking well these days. With […]

ReginaldChan.net Is One Year Old!

Today, 12th June 2014, marked my first year anniversary for ReginaldChan.net. And I’m pumped. It has been a long road; probably a very tough one but I’m glad I made it through. Phew! Of course, I met with many friends down the road in blogging and thank you all for being there. In this article, […]