If you’re not happy in your current job, and you’ve been debating whether or not you should leave and do your own thing, you might want to think a little more seriously about self-employed life.

Creative Freedom

The first exciting reason as to why self-employment might be perfect for you, is because of the creative freedom that goes with it. When you’re your own boss, you create the work and come up with ideas - it’s all you until you hire someone else. There’s nobody telling you what to do.

Financial Freedom

Another huge plus of self-employment life is that you are also in control of your finances. You dictate what you earn and how much! Your earning potential is practically endless - if you want it to be. But at the same time, you’ll want to make sure that you are setting goals for yourself and actively working to grow and get your finances to where you want them to be.

Enjoyment & Satisfaction

Now, if you know that you’ve just not been happy in any of your jobs that you’ve had, there could be a number of reasons as to why. You only have to take a look at the infographic below to see that job satisfaction is a problem, but that it’s also crucial too.

Yet when you go into self-employment and you decide to be your own boss, you may also find that everything changes. And that you now feel as if you’re happier and more content than ever.

Infographic Design By University of Southern California