Written by Reginald Chan on July 8, 2021

Top Tips That Every Uber Driver Must Know About

If you have a passion for driving and more than a few hours on hand to spare every day, becoming an Uber driver is a great career option. You would get to meet new people every day, drive around the town, and get paid for it. Globally, the ridesharing business has around 3.5 million drivers, and the company is sure that the driver network will continue to grow. If you are part of the Uber drivers team or wish to join them, make sure you know these useful tips. These will make your life as an Uber driver safe, easy, and rewarding.

Understand the Taxes

When you drive for Uber, you fall under the category of self-employed professionals. This means you will have to file your taxes for self-employment and pay for your Social Security and Medicare, which comes to 15.3 percent of your income. If you have received more than 600 dollars in the form of promotions, referrals, and other non-ride income in a year, you might get the Form 1099-NEC form on your Uber app. The tax summary and form are available in your Uber app as Uber 1099 taxes forms under the accounts tab. If you earn less than 600 dollars, you might claim an exemption under the self-employment clause. However, you might still have to pay taxes for your earnings from the previous year. 

The IRS website has all the information you will need, including the important dates for paying your taxes. Other information like the mileage deduction, breakdown of the expenses, actual taxable income of the driver, etc., can be found using the tax calculator on the Uber website. You can also find a useful tax calculator online as well. Use these tools to ensure you understand and pay your taxes on time. Else you might face an IRS action and lose your driving privileges.

Focus on The Service

While this might seem elementary, it could go a long way in helping you secure more rides. If you are considerate to your passengers, engage them in small talk, have a clean car, take the route that your passenger prefers, and engage in music, it creates a positive experience. All this will ensure you get a good tip from the passenger. Besides that, they are more likely to give you a five-star rating, which assures the app and Uber that you give your riders the best possible experience. 

Therefore, the algorithm is more likely to assign you rides when you have consistent five-star ratings. Getting those five-star ratings are easier than you think. Smile, treat the passengers nice and make sure you ask them to review the ride at the end of the trip. You are driving with Uber to make a living. Being nice to your passengers and earning five-star ratings will increase the probability of making good money every day.

Explore the City

If you are new to the city or driving to a new town, it would help explore the city. You could do this by driving around the city multiple times, talking to your rides, reading about the city, and exploring through Google Maps. This will give you a perspective on the traffic bottlenecks, alternative routes, interesting destinations for tourists, popular dining places, public restrooms, etc. If your ride is for a long-distance trip, prepare a list of restaurants and local restrooms beforehand. Inform your ride every 30 minutes to one hour about an oncoming break spot. 

The last thing that your ride wants is to be asked to relieve themselves in the bushes and abandoned lot. So, engage them in a conversation and inform them about the places where you could stop if they need a break. This will save them embarrassment and make their ride comfortable. If you are traveling to regions where you are not sure about the availability of public restrooms, always drive to a Starbucks. Your passengers can relieve themselves, use the Wi-Fi and get something to eat or drink at the same time and thus earn you brownie points.

Make the Most Of the App

Spend some time on the Uber App. Explore Uber app features like the driver destination, find rides in places with surge pricing, and get assistance on whether you need to keep driving or take a different route during traffic congestions. Besides that, you can track your earnings in real-time and use the app even when there is no network. Exploring these features and trying to understand them will make your life on the road easy and increase your earnings, as you will know how to find a ride every time you are working. You will find better routes, understand the city well, and stay safe on the move. While understanding the app might take some time, it would be worth it because this time would be an investment in your future earnings. 

Use Uber Accessories

Accessorize your car with a phone cradle, in-car chargers, and AUX cable to let your riders connect their phone, charge, and use it on the go. These will help you build a great rapport with the rider and earn you a five-star rating, which will increase your earnings in the future. Besides that, you could also have a few books, magazines, and movies available for them to watch if the rides are long-distance. As most of these accessories are a one-time investment, you will not have to spend money on them often for them to yield results. 

These are just a few handy tips that every Uber driver should know to increase their earnings, make a living, and have a safe life while riding. If you are going to a new city for a ride, make sure you know the local laws. Carry your documents and permits with you at all times as an additional safety precaution. Besides that, make sure you sanitize your vehicle often, keep a sanitizer and a box of tissues and masks handy for your passengers. Stay masked at all times, even if you are vaccinated. This will keep you and your riders healthy, which is paramount.

Article written by Reginald Chan
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