Written by Reginald Chan on July 10, 2021

6 Important Things To Consider When Implementing Your Website

Running a business in this contemporary world requires that you have a solid online presence. As a matter of fact, a solid business plan must include strategies for branding your product or services to reach more potential customers. 

Having a website is part of business branding. The entire web portal informs potential customers about your business and how to buy your products or hire you to render the advertised services. After you have decided that your company or industry requires a website, here is a highlight of some important things you need to consider when bringing your website to life. 

Have Target Audience

The deciding factor on how to structure your website is your target audience. So, it would be best to answer some important questions relating to your customers before or while implementing the website. 

What product or service are you offering? 

Who are your customers? 

What is the age bracket for your target audience? 

What do your customers want to see when they click on the URL link to your website? 

What will be their first impression when they get to your landing page? 

What do they want to see when they navigate through your website? 

What type of content interests your target audience?

Will they want to come back again after their first experience on your website?

You can create an online poll targeting your preferred customer for feedback. The responses will help you put your website into perspective, and you can work with it to make a sitemap or wireframe for the proposed website.

Build A Sitemap and Plan Your Design

User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) makes an excellent website and achieves a relatable UI for your target audience. You start with a detailed site mapping. Everyone has an idea of what they want their website to look like or what they think their target audience would like to see when they get to the landing page, all you have to do is map out all the pages you want your website to contain, the categories and header titles.

When you have named all your categories, you can proceed to wireframe, where you detail what each category represents on the page. You can use an online simulator program to achieve this, as it will make designing your website easy. Website design has many intricacies to wade through, considering that you want your web portal to mirror your business branding strategies and communicate to your target audience in a way they will understand.

You want to make sure that your website design & development are top-notch. This is why you should take the long road by doing a target audience poll, gathering materials with similar websites, doing site mapping and wireframes. If it happens that you have to hire a professional for the job, you will have a well-structured plan for the web designer to work with. 

Also, you must prioritize mobile-friendliness features for your website when it is still at the implementation stage, as a large percentage of traffic that will make it to your website will be from smartphone users.

Have A Plan For Valuable SEO Driven Content

Content is the heartbeat of a website. The contents on a website complement the design and work in sync to attract potential customers. When planning your website, you have to make a good case for the type of content that will fill up each category.

When you have a perfect idea of who your target audience is, it narrows down the contents that will fill your website because that will help you with customer retention. If you are into the fashion business and building a website for your brand, know that your blog content must be steeped towards fashion trends but with fewer words and more pictures and videos, as that is what your target audience can relate to. Be double sure that your content aligns with your business brand and the medium used in communicating is satisfactory to your target audience.

Find a Suitable Web Hosting Platform

This is a major deal-breaker for your website as it will determine the functionality of your website and user retention. Website hosting will decide if your website survives when it has massive traffic coming its way, so you need to make conscientious decisions on the hosting domains you will be patronizing.

Hosting providers determines the speed of your website. Slow loading time, frequent non-availability, and server errors will downgrade your site ranking on search engine results, so you need a good hosting provider to help you achieve user retention for your website. Not only that, your hosting provider has a considerable effect on your domain authority. Hence, do your research on the best ones that offer excellent services suitable for your branding journey.

Be Conscious of Cyber Security

As a business owner, you need to consider the security of the potential users that will visit your website. In a situation where you want your website to be a one-stop-shop for potential customers, then you should make sure that the security of your website is top-notch. The personal information provided by customers, such as email, credit card information, and other biodata, is it safe?

When you are implementing your website, ensure that you add an SSL certificate to your budget scope and other security measures to prevent data leaks from your end. You can have an idea of how your website firewall is when you do a bug or split testing and plug any loopholes before the official rollout.

Have A Budget

Businesses are hinged on financial transparency and accountability. This is why you have a budget for everything. Hence, it would help if you had a budget for business branding and building a website. During the implementation stage, you should have a list of professional web designers or hosting sites and narrow down which one fits your budget and achieve your preferred business website.

Implementing a user-friendly website that will help promote your business brand is essential, so consider the points mentioned above when building your website.

Article written by Reginald Chan
A meticulous entrepreneur by nature and a serial entrepreneur. Founded a few awesome startups including Marketing Lancers, WP Maven and TheMarketingHuddle.com. Reginald is a sought-after success coach, digital marketing consultant and TEDx speaker from Asia. Currently, he teaches others how to make money online for free.

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