Top 5 Zoom Alternatives for Video Conferencing

Are you looking for a free video-conferencing app similar to Zoom due to the limited 40-minute timeframe of the app? Then we have got some good news for you! 

We have brought you the top 5 Zoom alternatives for video conferencing that include all the essential features for an enhanced user experience.

With many people opting for remote jobs, virtual meetings have become exceedingly crucial and require high-quality, feature-rich apps to conduct online conferences smoothly. Although Zoom provides enhanced security and encryption, several other video calling apps have enhanced functionalities.

The Top 5 Zoom Alternative Video Conferencing Apps

There are many alternative apps currently available in the market for video calling with features on par with Zoom. You can also get an extended time limit with many of these apps.

So, check out the top 5 Zoom alternative apps for video conferencing below.


Missed is an all-inclusive video conferencing app that does more than just video calling. The app is highly functional and comes with various features, including an online meeting with screen sharing, appointment scheduling, and payment processing. 

The app also has a fully automated calendar where you can book, reschedule, or cancel appointments with just a few clicks. In addition, the digital whiteboard feature of the app that you can use during video calls will make your presentations more interactive and engaging. 

The app is compatible with almost all devices, including iOS and Android platforms.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers several features, including video conferencing, file sharing, and chatting. It is an integrated business app that provides something similar to an in-office experience. 

Although it is only functional on Chrome or Edge, the video conferencing tools include screen sharing, background customization, chat functions, shareable recordings, live captions, and participant lists.

Cisco WebEx

WebEx is a well-known video conferencing app that provides crisp and clear video calls and instant messaging services with plenty of additional features. You can use the app for free and benefit from the high-demand features like presentations, background noise removal, instant translation, and emojis. 

The app also offers high-grade security, and you can hold a meeting with up to 100 participants in a 50-minute timeframe. If you want more features and extend the time limit, you can upgrade the app.

Google Meet

Google Meet is one of the popular Zoom alternatives for video conferencing and offers free and paid options for its users. The free version of the app can have video meetings with up to 250 participants and 300 participants for the paid version. 

In addition, you can record meetings and conduct conferences with the app. It also comes with features like filters and custom backgrounds. You can easily access the Google Meet app as it is integrated with your Gmail account.


Before Zoom, Skype was the go-to video calling app and is still widely used by people all over the globe. You can conduct meetings with 50 participants without an account. In addition, you can send links to join your meeting. 

The app also comes with a chat option during meetings. The app is compatible with almost all devices, and you can access it without installation through the Skype web interface. It also has end-to-end encryption, so the chances of breaching it are less.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed the top 5 Zoom alternatives for video conferencing. It will help you get the best video calling app with essential features for an enhanced user experience. All the apps mentioned here are free to use; however, you might get limited features. 

So, if you want to have more participants and additional features, you can go for upgraded versions of these apps.