Start A Web Design Business With No Experience: How To Find Your First Client?

Are you interested in starting a web design business with no experience?

If the answer is "YES", you are definitely at the right place. In this article, you will discover the exact steps you can start a web design business with no experience at all.

I recommend you to bookmark this article because I'm going to share some important facts and tips not shared on anywhere else — and more importantly, I don't see anyone is talking about this because it will affect their business!

How To Start A Web Design Business With No Experience?

The most important keyword here is not "web design business" but it is "no experience."

How can anyone start a web design business successfully, let alone without experience?

The answer is "it's 100% doable." With proper strategy and framework, you can achieve a lot of fame within a short time period.

Important note: The goal is to start a web design business with the shortest time possible without experience. As your business grows, you need to start focusing and growing your company (hiring web designers for more advanced features etc.)

Question: Can I really make money as a web designer without experience?

Absolutely! You will not get tons of business when you just start, probably just one or two for the first month. From there on, you will need to sharpen your skills in lead generation and converting leads to paying customers.

Ultimately, the goal is to convert the home-based web designer business into a full-fledge, thriving business. This can only be achieve when you have the right strategy and the right team member to support your work.

Getting Started As A Fresh Web Designer

You have zero testimonial and you are desperate for a client.

What should you do? Freelancing is your best way because it instantly expose you to thousands of potential clients. More importantly, you can start for free.

The first step is to sign up for a freelancer account. Make sure you create a new account to enjoy the free upgrade to Professional for 30 days. Again, click here to sign up.

Verify your account and make your profile as complete as possible. Be descriptive of what you can offer — always remember that clients hire you because of what you can offer them.

Here's a sample profile for you to refer to. Of course, I only offer copywriting and marketing on Freelancer.

freelance web designer

Why choose Freelancer?

It is professional and prominent platform where clients are often looking for freelancers. And at one given time, there are thousands of web designing projects up for bidding.

web design freelancing
freelance web design gigs

Take a look at the image above. 2,231 web design projects are up for bidding at this point of time! 

Do you know that the average web design project is approximately $300?

Imagine you have one project per week. That's $1,200 for you per month, even without you leaving your day job!

Crazy right?

Cold Calling/Email To The Local Businesses

You should be bold and be daring to reach out the local businesses to help them create an online identity.

The easiest way to start this is rather simple. Randomly search on Google for joints or businesses in your area.

If the Google search results show only Facebook or Twitter account, I'm pretty confident that they do not have a website.

What you do next is to reach out to them and focus in speaking or emailing directly to the person in charge.


Note: Most businesses that don't have a website are often rather small. Thus, they might transfer your call or email to the wrong person. Ultimately, the goal here is to practise patience and try your best to reach out directly to the person in charge.

While cold calling is one of the best ways to make get clients for your web designing services, be prepared as this is one of the toughest ways as a sales person.

Nonetheless, if you are desperate to get for sales, you should use cold calling (with a template) to ensure that you are using the right words and convincing the potential clients on your services.

Get web designing clients using the Internet

There are over a billion questions asked every day on Google and it makes all the sense for you to rank on Google.

After all, organic traffic from Google is one of the best ways to get sales and clients for your web designing business.

But, how how to start a web design business with no experience?

Solution #1: Start by creating a website

A blog serves as your online branding machine and I love to consider my blog as my PR Manager.

You don't have to create 500 pages WordPress blog to talk about your experience and skills in web designing.

You can start with only under 5 pages website that showcase your skills. 

My favorite go-to website builder is Thrive Architect and it allows me to create simple, beautiful and high converting single page website designs in minutes (see below).

single page website design

Did you know?

Thrive Architect (previously known as Thrive Content Builder) is one of the best website builder for website developers. Its intuitive drag and drop WordPress builder is one of the best in the market and is highly used by many developers. Click here to read the review or head straight to the demo page!

By having an online presence, you will stand a better chance to get more clients directly from Google when you are targeting on the right search terms. 

With proper strategy, you can easily increase your Google ranking by multiple folds.

Looking for alternatives to Thrive Architect? Here's a complete comparison between Thrive Architect vs Divi vs WP Beaver Builder.

Solution #2: Social media advertising to the rescue

The second solution to starting a web design business with no experience is through social media advertising.

After creation of a website, you should create ads to drive traffic back to your site.

Social media advertising can be costly if you have messed up the targeting. Therefore, be really specific on who your target audience are and the interest groups that most likely to convert.

Generally, you should have a complete persona which includes:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • check-circle
    Work experience
  • check-circle
    Work title
  • check-circle
  • check-circle
    Company size

With proper targeting, you can reduce the cost of advertising by multiple folds at the very least!

Summary: How to start a web design business with no experience?

There are many ways you can start a web design business with little to no experience. While the start is often rocky, there shouldn't be any reason stopping you to achieve your dream!

Want To Start A Home Based Web Design Business: Read This Post!

Are you looking to build a secondary income stream through web designing business

With today's economy getting tough and harder, having secondary income stream is the best way to stay afload and put food on the table.

Today's post is all about how to start a home based web design business (yes, in the comfort of your own home) and without actually ditching your day job.

The Skills Needed To Start A Home Based Web Design Business

start a home based web design business

Having the passion is one thing — having the right skills to get the job done is another.

Want to start a home based web design business as a side hustle? Here are some skills you need to be really good at it (and make money from it):

  • Some coding skills
  • check-circle
    Good with numbers (money, baby!)
  • Bold and dare to show off
  • Marketing mindset
  • check-circle
    Sales mindset

I know some of you might be turned off when reading this but hear me out. You don't entirely need coding skills to become a web designer. 

Yes, you can become a web designer without coding skills!

And there are specific steps you need to take to beat your competitors. Read this post if you are dead serious in becoming a web designer without coding skills.

Knowing Your Numbers




Fixed cost.

Clean profit.

Gross profit.

Most web designers I know hate numbers and so do I. However, knowing your numbers is going to help you more than you can imagine.

As a matter of fact, you need to know your commitment monthly to stay afload. And by knowing your numbers, you know exactly how much you can/should/must charge your client.

Dare To Be Bold

how to maintain a business from home

If you are new in web designing, you will probably be worried about your design and I get it.

However, if you are bold to speak up and show to the world, you will tend to get more constructive feedbacks. Feedbacks will help you grow further and it goes a long way when it comes to maintaining a home based web design business.

By now, you should understand that web designing services can be a very competitive business. You are not only a graphic artist, but a graphic designer. An artist has no boundaries, but a designer must abide by technological standards like user interface, color theory, typography, grids and layouts. Finding a balance between the two will prove you to be successful.

Marketing Mindset

what is marketing mindset

Here's a problem with home based business — you are the only employee in the company!

If you want to start a home based web design, you need to have the marketing mindset because your business counts on it.

How should you market your home based web design business?

Facebook marketing for sure and here are some reason why:

  • Highly affordable
  • Able to reach a wide range of audience
  • Easy to setup
  • check-circle
    Everyone uses Facebook (at least once a day)

Sales Mindset

why is sales mindset important

Last but not least, having the right sales mindset is important if you want success in starting a home based web design business. 

Remember that you are the only one in the company?

You need to sharpen the sales pitch and close as many clients as possible. You need to be confident and excitedly (etically) brags about every aspect of your work.

Of course, being humble is still an important factor in any business.

I totally understand if sales is not your cup of tea, but if you want to be successful, having the right strategy is critical for your business.

Ready to start a home based web design business?

Start now! It is never too late ... even when you do not have coding skills.

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