Integrating Content Optimization Techniques With My SEO Blueprint

Nearly every successful bloggers talks about content optimization, website optimization and best SEO practices when it comes to the almighty SEO. And of course, you will be wondering what content optimization will to do with search engine optimization.

Welcome to the new era (after Google Penguin update). You have probably heard some websites got a huge Page Rank boost and I know one who had a superb boost, from a PR 0 to a PR 4!

Let's get back to topic on the relationship between content optimization and search engine optimization, shall we?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or also known as SEO, is regarded as the most important thing for a blogger or web developer when it comes to ranking.

In easier words, search engine optimization refers to the process in making blogs and websites selected as the best information provider by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

There could be one hundred million websites (I am just making up the numbers) now on the world wide web and search engines are not able to show all the results.

Therefore, blogs and websites which are highly optimized for search engines will be featured in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Make sense?

Higher and better search engine optimization = More visibility for search engines = More chances of ranking better on result pages = More traffic to blog = Better chance of making money through blogging

Focus keyword plays an important role when it comes content optimization

How do you optimize your website?

So, what is content optimization?

Now, some of you might have heard about content optimization and some doesn't. Don't worry as this was first an 'alien' to me as well. Content optimization is the process of us (bloggers) optimizing our website contents.

Guys, pay attention to this as content optimization one of the best search engine optimization techniques after Google Penguin Update.

Content optimization doesn't mean making your content as short as possible or reducing the number of words. Instead, it means that shifting your focus on several parts to make your article standout.

Sounds crazy? Sounds like lots of work? Definitely, if you want to have good ranking then it is worth your time. I used to write 3 to 5 articles a day. When I started doing content optimization, I only manage to write one article per day. So, give me a break ya?

Content optimization focuses on several important SEO practices (which I will explain in a minute or less):

  1. Focus keyword
  2. Density of keywords
  3. Using alt tags
  4. Using H1 to H3 headings
  5. Use both internal and external link building methods

p/s This video is an example of what a content optimization tool can do for you. Of course, NOT convincing you to buy but it gives you a great idea of what content optimization really means!

1. What is focus keyword? 

Content optimization: You want your content to be filled with your focus keyword. Period.

For bloggers who are using WordPress SEO by Yoast, this term will be very familiar for you. I always consider focus keyword as the main objective or title of the website.

When you are aware of the focus keyword, you would then be able to write and create better blog post. Trust me on this.

Basically focus keyword plays a huge role when it comes to search engine optimization is because it allows bloggers like you and me to be very focus in the topic we are writing. You can actually consider that as niche writing if that helps you to understand further.

Not to forget, focus keyword is usually short and very descriptive. The more precise your focus keywords are, the better the chances you are going to increase your blog rankings.

2. How keyword density affects content optimization and SEO ranking?

There's no denial in the advantages of using keywords when it comes to search engine optimization. It doesn't matter if you are writing an article based on 500 words or 1,500 words. Keyword density is much more than just plain important and it is a very important factor in content optimization.

Thinking of getting your content optimized? Get your hands dirty with keyword density and you will see your website or blog grow. When I say your website will grow, I mean growing in both traffic, SEO ranking and make more money online.  Seriously.

When we talk about keyword density, it usually means the amount of focus keywords used in that particular article. I heard many people saying that it is best to have focus keywords to be nothing more than 5% density.

For me, I prefer to have a 3% keyword density for my main keyword. Why? Self preference and no obvious reasons! Throughout my years in doing various research on optimization techniques, I concluded that I wanted my article to be a little different from the rest.  My SEO practices in my websites are slightly different especially when it comes to keyword density.

Basically, I try to have 3 keywords in all my blog posts. Here's how the 'layout' and my search engine optimization blueprint:

2% - main keyword

1% - secondary keyword

< 1% - secondary keyword

My main keyword is usually very focused, two to three letters keyword while the balance two keywords are usually slightly phrase keyword or general keyword (high competition keyword).

3. Using alt tags in content optimization techniques

Again and again, I see bloggers and many webmasters leaving this important optimization factor out and honestly, I have no freaking idea why!

Where you can find alt tags? You can find alt tags only in images (especially when you are uploading them). Screen shot as below:

Alt tags plays an important role when it comes to optimization

You can fill up your important keywords in the Alt Text column

So, why alt tags are important in terms of search engine optimization? Google and many search engines doesn't only look at your content description but also, alt tags.

Therefore, if you want to rank well on search engine result pages (SERPs), then you better get all images up with the right alt tags. When it comes to alt tags, there is basically just one rule for that.

The rule is...drum roll please...the important SEO rule in alt tags is to always insert your selected keywords into your alt tags.

Why amigo? Why?

Read the above again. Search engines such as Google do index these images and check on their alt tags. Make sense? Go figure!

4. The H1 to H3 roles in search engine optimization

Before you read what I have to say about the famous H1 to H3 heading tags, this is what Pearson had to say. If you are wondering who Pearson is, he is the one of the important figures behind the famous WordPress theme, Thesis Theme from DIYThemes.

Optimize your website using the right heading tags

Pearson's idea on the different headings for a blog or website

Yup you see and read them correctly! Here are three things you learn from the image above:

  1. You should only focus using H1 to H3 heading tags in your blog or website
  2. You should use H1 to H3 heading tags to boost your SEO ranking
  3. You could use H4 to H6 but they doesn't really matter much in terms of SEO

Don't believe? Take a moment to scroll through this blog post. Do you noticed that I uses H1 heading for my main blog title followed by H2 and H3 headings for different sub headings?

For me, the reason behind this is rather easy. Google loves the fact that we (bloggers and writers) are trying to make website navigation easier. With these different heading tags, readers (especially skimmers) are able to browse through the whole blog post and searching for the right headline or subject to read instead of reading the whole article itself.

Using the different heading tags actually makes your article or blog post more organized and in terms of SEO, it means optimized. Yes, you got it right now! Hello content optimization.

Wait! Alt tags doesn't only help in SEO but it also makes reading more fun and at the same time, reduces the bounce rate for the website.

Whoa! Isn't that one hell of an advantage with just one optimization techniques? You bet.

5. External and internal link building strategy

This is what Google says about link building on Ranking Help Article:

In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share.

From the above, it is clear that Google prefer to see websites being promoted and shared around. So, what does this do with link building?

When it comes to search engine optimization, everyone talk about building external links and that's where everyone is so wrong! Link building is not about building external links but as well as building internal links.

Honestly, I didn't noticed the importance of building internal links until I came across this SEO content optimization tool. At first, I was wondering why my page score wasn't that high as what I expected. After some digging, I realized that linking at least one internal link on my blog post could easily increase the page score.

And that was huge!

That wasn't enough and I did extra homework. After finding reviews and several opinions from larger SEO websites, I realized that the correct link building strategy is a healthy combination of internal and external links.

So, the moral of the story is pretty simple. If you want to perform good content optimization or you are searching for a good search engine optimization technique, make sure you practice building both internal and external links to your websites.

That is the bottom line when it comes to optimize your website correctly.

What do you understand about content optimization now?

With the latest Google Penguin Update, content optimization had become more important than ever. Do you practice any other content optimization? I am looking forward to hear from you and feel free to contact me or reply to me using the comment form.

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How Do You Do Smart Content Optimization Techniques And Boost SEO?

When I started up this WordPress website, I knew I was competing in a very challenging niche ... you know ... blogging, search engine optimization, WordPress and Internet marketing. In fact, the blogging niche is super competitive especially with so many professional bloggers such as Darren Rowse, Ana Hoffman, Adam Cornell and even Jane.

Brian Clark wrote, "Scribe 4 Integrates with Raven Tools for Smart Content Optimization"

They have good traffic, followers and on top of all, their websites are pretty '˜state-of-the-art' if you ask me. I knew I got to be better (not against them) but to be at least right behind them. And yes I am well aware that I am competing with maybe 50,000 or even 500,000 serious bloggers who are thinking of making money blogging.

Therefore, I knew that I need to do more than just content optimization ... I need to do smart content optimization and the right search engine optimization techniques to boost my website ranking. Basically, I need to bring SEO to the next level.

I recently invested in a SEO content optimization called Scribe which is created by the CopyBlogger Media team. Yup you got it right! They are also the creators of the famous StudioPress Genesis framework and child themes! These are what important figures say about Scribe:

Scribe 4.0 is way beyond SEO - Brian Clark (co-founder of Genesis Framework)

Scribe is my personal writing assistant. I create content the way I want, and then Scribe steps in to help me optimize it for the social media and search engine audiences I'm after - Jon Henshaw (Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Raven Internet Marketing Tools)

Scribe allows for creative content marketing that gets attention, while keeping content creators focused on business goals. It just works - Greg Boser (President, BlueGlass Interactive)

Scribe allows for quick and easy optimization, and your content still performs well in social media channels. Scribe seriously rocks - Rae Hoffman-Dolan (CEO, Pushfire)

One bad habit about me is even before I read and understand what a product is, I always head to the testimonials. When I saw the above testimonials, I knew Scribe is my type of content optimization.

I read about Scribe and it's content optimization ability. I was thinking to myself if that is a worthy investment and honestly the service isn't cheap. Scribe is a paid search engine optimization or content optimization product which is chargeable monthly. Since it offers a 30 days money back guarantee, I thought it was one worthwhile investment. I could easily as for a refund though. And of course, the reviews above were more than enough to moved me out of my seat ... so to say.

While reading, you can also grab this free SEO report to help you rank better on search engines!

Optimize your blog content and improve your traffic with Scribe SEO

Scribe make SEO and content optimization looks so easy even for novice

Getting Scribe SEO installed and running on WordPress

Pretty easy and just a few clicks, Scribe is ready to kick ass! All you need to do are:

  1. Download the plugin after the purchase
  2. Upload it to your WordPress blog
  3. Head into Settings and put in your Scribe SEO license key
  4. And walaa~ You are all set to go to rock SEO!

Pretty easy right? In fact it is and I can't just deny it. In the paragraphs below, I am going to tell you how Scribe SEO is going to change the face of search engine optimization and how you can use it to boost your search engine optimization rating.

What Scribe SEO is NOT offering

I like to consider Scribe as an excellent SEO tool like Market Samurai, SEMRush and Long Tail Pro. These premium SEO tools will not make you popular, will not make your blog hit #1 spot on search engines and will definitely not tell you which keyword is best used on your blog instantly.

In short, Scribe DO NOT spoon feed you with keywords and SEO gold mine. Period.

So yes, if you think that Scribe is SEO godness, then CopyBlogger would have sold it for thousands instead. Right, you get the point and yup, I am glad that we are on the same page!

Scribe SEO is a world class content optimization which will help bloggers rank better on search engines

Scribe does a great job in analyzing content optimizations, SEO, keywords, tags and titles 

What Scribe SEO WILL offer

Okay this is where things get juicy. Scribe can give you detailed ranking analysis on what your posts and whole website are all about in terms of SEO keywords and chances of getting rank on search engines. On top of everything, Scribe offers excellent content optimization. For example, I am blogging about ways to make money online. Scribe will compare my articles, keywords, tags, title and all those meta and finally, giving a detailed report on how I will actually rank using these keywords.

Scribe SEO will also provide detailed SEO analysis such as what are current Google and Twitter trends for such keywords. It will show you a list of what others are tweeting and sharing on social media so that you can either rank equally with them or even higher than the rest.

If you think that is all, you are wrong! Scribe SEO will also give you another analysis on how the Google Trend for that specific keyword currently. And the for the record, I classify Scribe SEO as a healthy mix of Google Keyword Tools, SEO tools (Market Samurai or SEMRush) and basic SEO analysis skills all under one roof.

Best part of all, all this can be done within 10 minutes (or less) of your time! Yes, you can save pretty a lot of time if you use Scribe SEO to help you with your website optimization works.

What is required for Scribe to work properly?

As what I said above, Scribe content optimization is not going to spoon feed you with Content Optimization. Instead, you need to have your Title Tag, Meta Description and Content ready. Yes, plan your SEO tactics first before using Scribe Content.

Once you have these three important things prepared, then you can get Scribe SEO to analysis the content quality, website ranking and even the competitions you are going to face. It also gives you a quick forecast on the chances of you hitting the top search engine result pages.

And if you are worry about Scribe SEO messing around with other SEO plugins, you are in very safe hands as it will work hand in hand with most SEO plugins available for WordPress bloggers. It even have the capability to work together with WordPress themes and frameworks like Genesis, Thesis and Headway as well.

Content optimization by Scribe helps make content rich in SEO and quality keywords

Content SEO is more than just important when you talk about blog ranking 

What I really think about Scribe for content optimization and SEO?

Scribe blows my mind away

I know there are many debates on how efficient on how Scribe SEO does to content optimization and SEO techniques. There are bloggers and webmasters who believe that Scribe SEO is not worth the money. I have tested it and trust me, Scribe content optimization will worth all your money invested.

I personally use WordPress SEO by Yoast to have a rough draft and to ensure that I am getting as high score as possible with WordPress SEO checker.

After that, I will run between one to three SEO analysis using Scribe content optimization to check on my contents and fine tuning my keywords.

Can I live without WordPress SEO? Probably yes and I will still rank on search engines.

Can I live without Scribe SEO? Yes as well but I am going to have a hard time ranking my blog.

As you can see, Scribe content optimization is one of the kind SEO tool which can make your blogging life easier, your blogs or websites rank better on search engines and on top of all, increase your traffic.

Personally, I am running more than one blog and Scribe SEO really save me a lot of time when it comes to content optimization. I would highly recommend this lovely SEO plugin for everyone who is serious in making money through blogging and who want to rank extremely well on search engines.

This is a superb easy SEO tool which anyone of any age could basically use it. No PhD required!

I hope you find this article interesting and mind opening. If you are interested to have a look at what Scribe content optimization has to offer, you can head over to my affiliate link, Take Scribe On A Risk-Free Test Drive . I want to stress that if Scribe is not what you want, you can easily request for a 30 days money back guarantee.

For developers and bloggers who have needs a better and bigger Scribe package, there are also corporate packages which you can take up according to your needs.

You can also check out their official website, Scribe: More Traffic and Leads, Less Time and Hassle for more details!

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